Hai Guys welcome to Venkat Fitness. it’s yours, Venkat. Today we are going to talk about Why not build a muscle for 35 plus aged guys Does Muscle Have Real Possibility to become Hardness & Strong? Is there any possibility to increase the testosterone? So many peoples are in dynamic. So many peoples were complaint like DHT levels are high level. So, How to decrease the DHT levels? we can control the DHT levels. We have seen the videos on how to maintain the testosterone. In this video, we are going to learn about DHT. What is DHT?  it is Dihydrotestosterone and the DHT was increasing in all 35+ aged peoples why it was increasing due to the fewer testosterone levels. What are the basic reasons for low testosterone is an inactive lifestyle, Food diet, poor nutrition  sundry lifestyle, no physical activities, Stress, overweight like obesity, taking junk foods due to there only Becomes hormonal changes because of this sexual functioning was less. basically, In the age of 20 years they no need to worry about the testosterone it will be normal only for them Those who are cross 35 but have to concentrate on testosterone and they face DHT issues so in this we are going to learn about the DHT. This topic will help so many folks so please don’t forget to share 

Everyone knows that testosterone is converted to estrogen by Amratize in this process the person who is in 35+ estrogen levels are increasing due to metabolic rate in less. When Estrogen Levels Are High Estrogen Dominates The testosterone What Causes Hair Loss, Muscle Loss, Most Stress and Mood Swings.as well as unwanted hair growth for the person who crossed 35 on hands, chest, back of the body and effect to urinal infection. so many will think all this happen due to the testosterone falls.

The reason for this is that it is caused by alpha receptors enzyme How the testosterone in our body converts to estrogen when it attaches to the enzyme amortize Alpha receptors also attach to the enzyme that changes this DHT DHT is nothing but dihydrotestosterone This is a very potent hormone when compares to testosterone 2-3 Times Strongest Hormone. You may all doubt that DHT is the strongest hormone and why Muscle does not grow. So there is a reason for this too.

DHT has in our skin, scalp, hair and in the prostate. but it can not increase the muscle why means reasons are Due to the high levels of the enzyme alpha-reductase in the body, it does not increase muscle. if 5 alpha redactors enzyme is higher then automatically the estrogen levels also in high level. What is the basic reason that the DHT level in the body should not increase? Which of the three Hydra Alpha Receptors enzymes in our body is attached to our muscular tissue. When this muscle tissue is attache then the DHT also attached to the muscle and stop the muscle growth. This causes the problems to come in and the fat is accumulated in each and every muscle to the side poster and sleep disturbance hair loss, unwanted hair, prostate problem, urine problem, along with this muscle will not grow. The reason for no muscle growth is the high estrogen level and DHT  levels. So what to control means what to do you have to increase the testosterone. to increase the testosterone not only exercise the main supplement is sleep and the food diet agency

Natural Drug Testosterone Boosts First Drug is Sleep 7-8 Hrs Sleep 35+  Age peoples. It does not matter what kind of accessories you have done and what kind of food you will not eat Muscle Recover Muscle Drink. For brain recovery there are no supplements the best supplement for brain recovery is sleep if you sleep 8 hrs daily, the brain will go to recovery state. Suppose the brain function is correct. Even if you take that food and take that booster, the body will have the ability to receive the testosterone important rest minimum of eight hours and sleep and every very important so you sleep uh very important together memory recovery agency magnesium these could not magnesium the types of magnesium so magnesium give the first priority to foods which type of foods should take magnesium, zink, iron, to boost the Testosterone.

If You Are Unable to Take the Foods What Type Of Magnesium What Is The Best Magnesium glycinate. The body absorbs quickly when magnesium is added as well as zinc in zinc crates absorbs quickly in the body. Whatever the input is, it can be received quickly along with this fish oil and ashwagandha. When should you use these? If you do not have a test, what type of test you should check means SHBG( Sexual hormone-binding globalizing), DHEA, DHT (dihydrotestosterone). there are many benefits. what type of foods should take to increase the Testosterone in a simple way Regular source like honey, garlic, ginger, best green vegetables any leaves spinach woods cereals milk, curd, chicken fish, eggs, fruits pomegranate, banana all these are a booster for Testosterone no need to take all at once you take in daily wise depend on the quantity. I hope this video will help all of you if you like please do not forget to share the video for more notification please click on the bell icon. Venkat fitness trainer so guys I hope you like this topic see you guys see you soon