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Today we are going to talk about Testosterone

Most of the people were asking what Testosterone is?  Many people asking what is the relationship between testosterone and the Muscle building

What to do to increase testosterone? What to do if you have low testosterone?

So, Today we are going to discuss Testosterone. Where the Testosterone produce

How it help’s to body functioning If testosterone is good How will be the Muscle? Growth If it was less what were the disadvantages If testosterone is low what type of food should take!

What type of Exercise should do ?

If the person is 35+ If testosterone is less and muscle building is Difficult Why it was difficult and it was True or not We are going to see now. Basically, Testosterone is a Primarily It’s a Males Hormone It will be in Males and Females as well. This Testosterone This Testosterone helps Our body with every function.

How many systems are there in our body to help with every function?

There are different kind of Systems like Digestive System cardiovascular system, Immune System Skeletal muscle system and android crane system. So This android crane system there is close relation for muscle building If you want to build this muscle build From where this Testosterone is produced If you know the Basic means you will feel It’s so easy to build testosterone And you will get an Idea In Brain, there are glands like Hypothalamus, Pituitary

This Pituitary gland works like It stimulates the Zing RH hormone From tactical to Leydig cells and Release the Testosterone That means Leydig cells will produce the Testosterone

In the same way, FSH will release the sperm In Body Testosterone will convert to DHT that means in engage it will convert into DHT.

For Example 14-15 years Hair Growth, voice changes Beard and Mustache will come as well as acne will be seen These will happen with Testosterone and DHT So This DHT Testosterone in our body have a connection to each and every muscle and organ It will attach to the Skelton’s muscle as well as to hair and scalp bones and kidneys And for the Muscle DNA also will attach Because this muscle attaches to DNA what will happen means Myofilament is what it is though It will increase.

Myofilament means protein synthesis actin, myosin all these will increase along with that Testosterone production will increase Automatically creatine also will increase If Creatine and testosterone is increasing Muscle hardness, Muscle Building all these will become easy If these both in good condition means Benefits are sexual function will be good Happy deep sleep 7-8 Hours along with this Skelton’s muscle and skin and hair. Muscle Building, Good Positive mood Without depression For all these Testosterone will help That’s why Testosterone is a very important Hormone. If This Testosterone is high means

How to Build the Muscle We have seen How will the body Functioning and all. Then if the testosterone is fewer means what are the disadvantages you have to learn If you have less testosterone weight will increase faster There are chances of getting obesity Actually when will get obesity suddenly lifestyle without physical activity you may loss positive mood. Getting Irritation for a small thing and going into depression for small things Too much suffering and thinking no proper sleep Lean Muscle Mass Falling Water attention is becoming more In the same way, lactogen production will be high.

What does lactogen production mean ?

You may be seen in the Gym While doing the treadmill there will be less count so they can not do heavy repetitions. due to pain in the  muscles, These will happen Just due to lactogen production at a high level Along with this Bone Density will get the decrease, Hair loss will be high Mood swings, Muscles unable to build faster Muscle will not get harder fast Sexual function will be very less Activeness is complete Zero Lazy always all These will happen when the Testosterone was less along with this metabolic disorders also will be there

What should we need to do to increase?

In a simple, we can increase the testosterone First concentrate on your sleep Daily at least 7 Hours deep sleep or 8 Hours sleep or else try to overcome that sleep 7hrs sleep is very important

If you sleep is 7hrs you can create a positive mood if positive mood created you can see peak performance at your workout when you can see the peak performance automatic the metabolic rate will be increases If the metabolic rate is increased then the appetite will increase You can take time to meal If you take time to time meal what will happen means Vitamins and minerals The body will receive fast Due to this muscle build will be faster have you seen if Testosterone increases Muscle build will be faster if you want to increase Testosterone mean you need proper sleep, exercise, increase the metabolism This is the cycle, So many peoples were asking what are the supplementary to increase the testosterone This testosterone in our body it will produce continually how much for men it will produce how much for women it will produce.


If it produces less what type of exercise, diets to increase 35+ person how to build/maintain Testosterone will see in the next series So guys If you like this Topic please comment In that comments what I need is what are the topics you need please mention in the comments See you guys and see you soon.