How to Improve Endurance

Hi Guys in the last video we had discussed about ENDURANCE. So Today we will discuss about ENDURANCE Part -2. To improve or increase ENDURANCE these 5 things are very important Neurons, Muscles, Blood, Heart & Lungs. If we can properly maintain these 5 things healthly 100% your ENDURANCE will be in a proper way.

So if we can’t maintain these 5 things properly, not only your ENDURANCE your functoning also will not be in a proper way. There are chances of getting disorders so if we can properly maintain these 5 things in a systematic way your over all functioning & regular life style will be in a healthy way. Now we are going to discuss about the 4 types of ENDURANCE so in this 4 types of ENDURANCE.

Firstly why ENDURANCE required means what ever work you do ENDURANCE is very important. For Example if you are playing cricket made running or you are doing body or muscle building ENDURANCE is very important you should know the ENDURANCE Technique. { What is Endurance? }

How to Improve Endurance Stamina

So ENDURANCE is manadatory what ever you do the techniqueis mandatory if we utilize it in a correct way your body & brain will work in a proper way.So for the proper working of your body & brain proper utilization system is necessary because of this your consistency you will be very healthy in the long run.

For the sake of ENDURANCE dont lift heavy weights by doing daily 20 -30 minutes of exercise, your ENDURANCE will be improved. In addition this try to balance the triglycerides & lipids in your body so if you balance the imbalance with exercises you can avoid the heart issues. So coming to the point 1st style is Muscular ENDURANCE, so we will discuss about the Muscular ENDURANCE Now.

So Basically Muscular ENDURANCE means for example if we are doing any variation or exercise. Doing repeatedly for more than 15 repetition’s is called as Muscular ENDURANCE.So we discussed in the last videos of muscle building.

While doing exercises muscle fatigue or muscle fail should be done while doing exercises failing of the set very fast. In 8-10 Reps muscle fatigue or muscle fail must be done .In ecentric mode do the controlling drop while doing muscle contraction lift it fast & then squeeze it while dropping the muscle damage will be fast we will tell do the controlling drop very slowly.

Here in the endurance exercises we can’t maintain that tempo so if we take a regular variation like push ups we will do it repeatedly. In that muscle fail & muscle fatigue will be done but here ribs will fail Do how many you can do and take rest taking rest in case you cannot do any longer is called MUSCLE ENDURANCE. By doing this your muscle volume, fat loss & heart rate will increase Over all body fat will be reduce so these are the differences between Muscle Endurance & hypotrophy.

So the 2nd style is Long Distance Running you all know about the Long Distance Running,Running, Jogging, Cycling, Swimming these kind of activities are called as Long Distance Running or Long Distance Endurance Exercises.So here the doubt for so many is how long we should do this Long Distance Running or Long Distance Endurance Exercises? 12-45 Minutes Maximum is enough,Weekly 1 time with 45 minutes is enough.So if you are willing to do 2-3 times then you must compromise your muscle hypotrophy.

If you observe lot of people will do treadmill for 1-1.5 Hours after finishing it they will do weight training. While doing the weight training muscle pump will not be created because when you did the treadmill for a hour your glycosine will be completly utilised that’s why muscle pump or muscle hypotrophy will not create so if you want to create it reduce the cardio exercises So these cardio if you want to do weekly once do it for 12-45 minutes, If you want to make twice 12-20 Minutes is enough.

The third style is HIT. In HIT 2 Types will be there, first one is Aerobic Endurance. So in this Aerobic Endurance Basically you can do minimum 3 to maximum 10 sets in 3:1 Ratio.For Example if we take cycling exercises 3:1 Ratio means for the first 30 seconds you must put complete potential You must put your full potential and next you must take 10 seconds break like this you can do around 10 Sets this is called as Aerobic Endurance in HIT Training.

By doing this your heart health will be improved and also your over all body endurance also will be increased .The second type is Anaerobic Endurance, So Anaerobic Endurance means kettlebell swings and Barbell complex movements these type of things. So we can’t do these in 30 seconds on & 10 seconds off because Barbell complex movements are very tough to do if we do it in 3:1 Ratio there are chances to be injured because We cant sustain the same weights, form & execution will be missed and there are chances to be injured Keep it up to 15-20 Seconds on and keep it 10-15 seconds off.

By doing this Anaerobic exercises your muscle strength & muscular endurance will increase keep it 10-15 seconds on to avoid the injuries. This will be the best but if you are an advanced person keep it on for 20 seconds and keep it off for 10-15 second and also Last type of Endurance in the ratio of 1:1 or 3:1 is RUN these are performed by them who are practicing marathon run & long distance running 1:1 Ratio means 1 Killometer’s Running & 1 Killometer’s walking. Like this they will do 2-3 sets 3:1 Ratio means 3 Killometer’s Running & 3 Killometer’s walk Like this they will do 2-3 times.

In this way they will increase their aerobic endurance so by doing this you will be habituated to long distance running & you can improve your lung capacity so if you do this 1:1 or 3:1 exercises after the anaerobic activity & It is not suggestable.

If you are willing to do then do it for 10-12 minutes that’s it, not more than that after doing the anaerobic activity you muscles may be damaged, Inflammation will be created. Your glycosine store may be dropped ,your cortisol levels also may be increasd.After all this if you are trying create the inflammation, it’s not a good thing Don’t do for 45 minutes, 10-12 minutes is enough & also Weekly 1 or 2 times is enough. If you are trying to followb the aerobic endurance after the anaerobic activity for 10-12 or 15 minutes After finishing it compulsoryDon’t forget to take the proper post workout meal.

If you take it there is chances of lowering the cortisol levels no chance for the inflammation & also Immediataley you can fulfill the glycosine stores and then your insulin levels will be spiked. So don’t forget this, by doing like this inflammation will not be created you can positively do the exercises from there after most of the people having the doubt is Is there any time gap should be maitained between the resistance training & endurance training? Can i do them on the alternative days?

Minimum 24 hours of gap should be maintained for the positive results if there is a minimum 24 hours gap between strength training & endurance training, Inflammation will not be created in your body Like this you can achieve the positive results.So after resistance or weight training? Can we do endurance exercises or not, if we can do which protocal we should follow means I will leave a link in the description If you click that link you can design your workout pattern with that protocol It will be helpfull if you need it you can check the link in the descrfiption.

So guys till now we had discussed about endurance, types of endurance now we will discuss about the breathing & technique while doing the endurance exercises. Basically breathing means capacity & capability,Breathing is thing which increases the endurance capacity & capability.So you must know about this breathing technique then only you can perform 100% in your exercises.So You need to know how to breathe at any given time. While breathing we will inhale oxygen & exhale carbondioxide.So if you know this breathing technique you will know which breathing technique must be used for the endurance exercises there will be no issues with it I will do a proper video on breathing but in this video i will give you a overview.

For Example if your body is a vehicle you had started slowly. In the 1st gear oxygen is being taken from the nose & also expelled from the nose when ever you had changed the gear to 2 second gear your Lungs needed more oxygen consumption & it will demand more you will inhale & exhale fastly from the nozzle. When you are in the 3rd gear yours lungs will demand more oxygen you will inhale through nose & exhale from the mouth. In the last stage that means 4th, or 4th gear our body will be in the default mode in a way it will inhale & exhale through the mouth only.

Like this it will be used in some cases of long distance running but there will be more benefits if we inhale from nose & exhale from the mouth & it is best thing because your nozzle infections & sinuses in your nose wll be cleared. Try to inhale from nose & exhale from the mouth by doing like this you will only have positive benefits we will discuss about the hydration & supplementation while doing the endurance exercises.

Basically not only endurance exercises Weight training, running, cricket any exercise or work Hydration is Mandatory. Most of the people while doing the endurance exercises. In a day they will drink liters liters of water, what will actually happen by doing like this is heart palpitations & shut down of the brain. The reason behind this is electrolyte imbalance when ever there is electrolyte imbalance it leads to shut down of brain & it may leads to death.So you should do hydration properly, you can ask me how to do the hydration in a proper way?

For this there is a galpin formula & what this galpin formula stating is by slowing consuming water in your body weight {pounds}/ 30 ounce during the exercises then there will be no problems some of them will say i dont have the need to drink water & some of them are completely in a opposite way, Some of them will drink more water & some of them will not at all drink and again they will saythere is no need for them to drink water and they will say their body will not heat my filitirization system is all good.

On the basis of the colour of urine we cannot define anything urine colour will also be changed on the basis of your stress & temperature.Urine comes from the kidneys after purifying and filtrating of the blood, Dont keep any misconceptions related to drink water or not on the basis of urine colour so urine is not only water. For your neural functoning, brain functoning & for endurance the basic & mandatory supplement is Omega 3. So this Omega 3 wil improve your neural, brain, heart functioning ,So Omega 3 fish oil capsules or syrups.

By using these, triglycerides in your body will be decreased ,No lipids imbalance will be there.In addition to this there will be no heart issues try to take foods which contain omega 3. Take avocado or wall nuts. by taking these type of foods there wil be bo heart issues there will be no inflammation in your body when you are doing the endurance exercises. So guys the final summary is while doing the endurance exercises take essential fatty acids compulsorily because your brain is also made up of fats.

Essential fatty acids are compulsorily & also to improve heart health & brain functioning. For the proper functoning of over all body. Good Nutrition is very important i had clearly explained about the complete information on ENDURANCE.So if you have and doubts regarding that protocol i will leave a link in the description please check it try to utilize it according to your goals and target. So Guys i hope you like this video SEE YOU GUYS…. SEE YOU SOON.