How To Gain Weight For Skinny Guys In Telugu With Diet Plan

Hai Guys welcome to Venkat Fitness. Today’s topic is Actemra bodies we have spoken for the Last Time Actmra Bodies Introduction So today That Actmra Bodies.

For Skinny people Why is it difficult for someone to gain weight or why is it difficult to build a muscle-building? Because of that What precautions should be taken Last time we have discussed What are the reasons for being difficult? Today and coming to the point What kind of exercise should be done? What Kind of Food Should be taken Must be in a calorie surplus. What is the actual calorie surplus and how many calories should be kept How Many Calories Should a Moderate 60 kg Person Take? How to take in a vegetarian diet or Non-Vegetarian diet.

Proper Exercise Routine First How To Design A Beginner Basic Routine Exercises Today I am going to tell you Basic Exercise routine .The first Which is what you need to do first and foremost Totally in a week 7 days In these 7 Days first 3 days keep the target on Heavy Stimulate Exercise Once these 3 days is done next 2 days Keep the target on Endurance Training that is called VO2 Max Maximum Oxygen consumption. Because of this increase the Arabic Capacity, How much time you need to do 15 to 20 mints Study State  Cardio Like Thread mill Cross inner, Stationary cycle .or else

A brisk walk is enough 3 days Stimulate Exercise supposed to do How to design a stimulant exercise? In day one we take 2 parts of our body for Example Chest and trace up Next day is shoulder and bicep up Than 3rd day Lack and legs So the first-day Chest and Trace up Next day Shoulder and Bicep up and 3rd day Than Endurance day 2days done with the Heavy Stimulate body should get recover

For the Next day if you want to do with active energy means you need to take complete rest 15-20 Endurance we kept in 3rd day and in the 4th day Heavy Stimulate Exercises And the 5th day for We kept the target for Endurance So,2 days off 2days Endurance High Intensity or Heavy Stimulate Exercises For 3days so these 3 days

How to design, If we take Chest and tries up or shoulder and Bicep up Lack and Legs if you take any muscle group First, you need to concentrate On compounds moments and put a focus Isometric moments or Isolation Moments do not concentrate Use Energy Level to Move Compound Moments to Perform Compound Moments. So what are the compound momentsand How many repetitions do we need?

It’s Simple You’ve designed any exercise for Beginners initially Just plan for 6-10 repetitions Under what circumstances should 10th repetitions be failed Keep in the Mind On the 10th repetition, the muscle should be killed Muscle fat should be there once the muscle fanatic is done Muscle fibre will get enlarge Stretch Or else Muscle hypotrophy. Muscle volume will increase How many sets do we need to do Repetitions are 6- 10.How many sets we have discussed in the last video 4-6 sets in any variation How many variations for each muscle? 4-6 sets you are doing right to now 3 variations are enough

So, Today Chest and tries up Heavy Stimulate Exercises will see I will do it and show just observe it This variation is enough As well as In western diet calories surplus For Hard gainers Who is trying to gain the weight? building 60KG person wants to gain weight means What type of food should take in Vegtrain I am displaying the chat of Diet If you click on the link in the description it will show u the die sheet.Let us start our work out So Actima bodies Training Day one We Targeted Chest and Tries up Next videos, we will concentrate on Shoulder and Bicep up. In what variation should shoulderIn what variation should Bicep up Along with this

What is scapular squeeze?

How many calories are we going to put in a non-veg diet? What type of Food we are going to take. Will see in next Episode in this Episode Calories Surplus Vegetarian Diet I kept the link in the description box please click on that. So, Guys, I hope you like these Tips. See you Guys see you soon.