How to Gain Muscle Without Gaining Fat || Best tips to build MUSCLE MASS in Telugu

How to Gain Muscle Without Gaining Fat and best tips to build muscle mass in telugu is clearly explained by certified fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMLA in this fitness blog post. So lets get in to the topic of How to Gain Muscle Without Gaining Fat.

Hi guys this video is the continuation of how to gain muscle without gaining fat. In the last episode we have discussed about the basic information regarding this topic. To gain muscle we should be in calorie surplus to be in calorie surplus if we consume unwanted calories it will lead to fat accumulation & water retention. There will be no positive benefits of it .For the people who want to gain muscle or weight how much calories should be taken is discussed in the previous video, if you have missed it please watch my previous video.

The basic information in that is if you consume 3500 calories to that of your base calories, if you take it additionally approximately you will gain 1 pound weight. If you deficit 3500 calories, then you will lose 1 pound weight. To gain the purest muscle without gaining fat How many CALORIES we should take? is our core topic in today’s video For this the answer is no need to consume big amount of calories, fats & high proteins. The mandatory thumb rule which you should follow is EXERCISE.

BEST TIPS to Gain Muscle Without Gaining Fat

How much productively you are doing the exercises daily in the gym? While doing it productively, how is your muscle stimulation? How you are taking your body into anabolic state is the basic mandatory thing you must check. For this don’t need to take 2000 -3000 calories, simply If you are doing workouts 5 times in a week additionally you must take 500-600 calories to your base calories.

You must cleary define the Nutritient supply in that means how much proteins, carbs & fats and if your convert them into your regular life style then you can grow your muscle 100% How will it grow, it will grow without gaining fat So how much it will grow is the question for you?For any person or for a begineer purest muscle gain will be from 0.5 to 1%. For example if we want to tell in weight for a begineer.

For a beginner in one month there a chances of growing the muscles from 500 grams to 1 killogram because for a beginner body response will be fast.In the case of a regular gym goer he can put on 200-300 grams of muscle in a month.If you do with proper consistency.It will depend up on your gender, genetics, metabolic response & age. Some of them will say i am taking the required amount of calories but i am not able to put on muscle, it will be dependent up on exercises, perodization & scheduling

How much productively you are utilising thoose 5 days in a week? If you maintain proper scheduling of your workouts then 100%It may be regular gym goer or an advanced lifter 100% there are chances of gaining the muscles from 200-300 grams without gaining fat Additionally taking 500-600 calories is enough, what i mean additionally is 500-600 calories not per day You are doing 5 days workout in a week and in these 5 days.

You should add additionally 100-150 calories per day in addition to your maintenance calories and if you consume good amount of protein in that You can gain purest muscle without gaining fat As you are a begineer & you are gaining 0.5 kg per month if you add 1000-1500 calories in a week As we previously discussed it may leads to water retention, increase of fat or it may be water loading without knowing the cause after 2-3 months you will gain weight, not muscle because the fat accumulation is happened & if we enter into the cutting phase.

To get slim, rip or to increase the vascularity afer gaining the weight or else to develop shrugged body. Compulsorily you should increase your heart rate and improve your cardiovascular exercises you should apply high intensity exercises. Due to this over training you will your body will go to catabolic state due to this you will lose your gains and you will come to initial stage. So by not gaining weight and to increase muscle you should apply this formula.

By doing 5 days exercises in a week and taking 500 to 800 additional calories in a week to your maintenace calories is enough. There is no need to take more than this you should compulsorily focus on the nutrition supply and if you focus on the core point You will gain purest quality of muscle you should monitor it frequently.

For example if you are adding 600 calories to that of your maintenance calories you should check how muscle is growing or else it is fat accumulation or water retention should be checked with the body fat caliper’s. If you check your body fat composition or if you observe your body frequently without shirt. By taking images in different different angles you can observe changes in your body you may able to know whether muscle is gaining or water gain is happening If water retention is happening in the core area that means in the waist you should do a small mimic that is to decrease the calories.

If you deficit 100 to 150 calories daily then you will gain purest muscle without water retention for some people there will be a small misconception and it is.We should keep all these things aside and my friend said that. If we do or do not do exercise. Lightly do it for half an hour and if we eat food or not also If we can take some supplements or steroids we can gain muscle. In world there are no steroids to gain muscle.

The general purpose of the steroids is for the partition of the nutrition which we take & to supply to our muscles. Steroids will be used and due to this because while doing exercises muscle will be damaged. For the damaged muscles to recover 48 hours time is necessary. So to decrease this recovery for the fast recovery of the damaged muscles. For example if the recovery time is 48 hours for a normal individual.

For a person who take steroids it may take 24 to 30 hours for muscle recovery. In addition to this for a normal individual if he skips the meals or if he is in fasting or else if there is no food intake for 6 to 7 hours body will be dehydrated or it will go to catabolic state. Due to this there is a chance of muscle loss for the persons who take steroids muscle Loss will not happen immediately and body will not go into catabolic state That’s it that’s the difference.

But if we observe seriously for any person the recovery time is same. If you take steroids are eat junk foods if you want to do dirty bulk, what ever you want to do water retention is the only thing will be happened. Even if you take steroids after gaining 3-4 kg’s weight from their onwards only fat accumulation and water retention will be happened. For fat loss there will be no steroids to gain muscles with steroids is a myth. By taking steroids we can’t grow muscles proper nutrition supply to the damaged muscles will be only happened.

Tips to Gain Muscle Without Gaining Fat

By taking it there will be no muscle growth what you should strongly believe is regular consistency of exercises. You should strongly believe consistent exercise strongly believe in proper nutrition plan. Strongly believe in proper exercise schedule and in addition to this believe in recovery that means a proper sleep of 7 to 8 hours. So while doing exercises don’t do it with stress. There is no need to do exercise emotionally and aggressively while doing exercises your body should release happy hormones, that means endorphins must be released.

You should enjoy doing exercises and do it with listening to your favourite music. Due to this you will achieve positive results, not due to by using different different supplements and if you do vigorous training.You will not get positive results you will only get negative results. So guys the bottom line is If you are a beginner and in one month there are chances of gaining 0.5 to 1 kg of purest quality muscle. If you are a regular gym goer 200 grams to 300 grams of purest muscle you can gain.

When if you can parallely balance your nutrition sleep and exercise pattern It will be dependent upon your age genetic’s and gender and also on your metabolic response and consistency. Your quality muscle gains will be dependent on all these factorsSo guys I hope you like this video If you haven’t subscribed yet please immediately subscribe to our channel See you Guys… See you Soon.