How to Fix Golfers Elbow with Simple Exercises & Stretches is clearly explained by certified fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA In this Fitness Blog Post & explained the best Possible Ways to get rid of GOLFER’S ELBOW.

Medial Epicondylitis means Golfer’s elbow. If it Occurs Most of the People will be Panic How to Reduce This? So many people feel that they can’t do Weight Training Exercises we cannot lift the weights & Compound Moments.

Namaste I am Doctor Dasaradha Rami Reddy Senior Orthopedic surgeon with 30 Years Experience. Today I will explain you about Golfer’s Elbow. In the earlier days it is mostly observed in the people playing Golf that’s why it is named as Golfer’s Elbow Now we can see it is also affected to the ordinary people because of doing exercises and lifting the weights in an improper way. This Golfer’s Elbow is nothing but Medial Epicondylitis.

The Tendon which is in the medial epicondylitis got ruptured in that position this golfer’s elbow will be developed. Basically It is a very pain full condition & even if we touch it will hurts you a lot. Some Times Golfers elbow is not only caused due to injuries but also in the early stages of diabetes mellitus , Hypothyroidism , Vitamin Deficiency. This is not an worrying pain it can be cured with simple exercises , ice applications & usage of some pain killers changing our life style and doing the exercises explained by Fitness Expert Venkat we can completely cure this Golfer’s Elbow.

Thank You Doctor Dasaradha Rami Reddy Sir for clearly explaining about Golfers Elbow { Medial Epicondylitis } .So Guys basically this Tennis Elbow or Golfers Elbow is caused when we heavily use the elbow ,when ever the stiffness of fore arms muscle increases or any injuries occurred there is chance of getting these pain. So now we will see how to overcome these injuries with simple stretches.

In these Simple Stretches the First One is isometric holding stretches these are gentle stretches which we can do without apply resistance or with resistance and also with resistance that means with the help of resistance bands and light weight dumbbells if not having dumbbells’ in home you can do with the water bottle So with the help of these we can do simple exercises.

The First Exercises in these simple exercises to reduce golfers elbow is supination stretch So in supination stretch like This, So Targeted Muscles are Flexor Muscles slowly stretch these If you are feeling pain try to do the stretches with out resistance if not you can lightly apply So if you do the stretches for at least 20-30 seconds with three sets the inflammation will be slowly decreased.

So when you are doing this stretch your targeted muscle Flexor carpi radialis & flexor carpi ulnaris when ever you stretch these two muscles the inflammation will be slowly reduced the same stretch in the opposite direction Close the Finger’s and thee third stretch supination stretch Hold it like a free weight try to stretch it to your convenience. So the muscles which are trying to create the tension are squeezed to the maximum Slowly Breathe Out

The Next One It’s like a fore arm curls & Try to stretch the fingers to maximum while Dropping down in the eccentric mode try to stretch the fingers and squeeze the flexor muscles as you saw like this 10 Repetitions & 3 sets. Stretch your Fingers same stretches with resistance. For Example in this stretch in the fore arms stretch resistance means lightly applying the pressure and slowly lift in the concentric mode and slowly stretch in the eccentric mode fingers all the way down gentle stretch Each Stretch 10 Seconds into 3 Sets. So the same stretch can be done with the Weight Example i am doing with the water bottle

Next One as we discussed supination stretch means the stretch with weight So maximum squeeze is done try to do towards the outward stretch with Out Disturbing the Shoulder Blades just with the elbow. So the Same Stretch we can do with the resistance .Like while Stretching slowly apply the pressure & slowly down. So while we are doing the internal rotation lightly apply the resistance. To avoid the Internal rotation we are applying the pressure against to it So while we are doing the external rotation. To avoid the External Rotation apply the pressure in the opposite direction apply moderate pressure & activate these muscles

So Next Variation Flexor Stretch with Light Weight & take the support of Elbow otherwise you can do on the bench so this stretch you can do 12 repetitions into 3 Sets .Finally after finishing these stretches to reduce the inflammation of the muscle as we do the static stretches after the exercise. So after finishing these Stretches a gentle stretch compulsorily you should do this and make sure it must be a 20 – 30 seconds long stretch by applying the light pressure gradually pre close it and again and again eccentric stretch supination stretch.

So after completing these stretches you had finished your exercise So guys we had discussed how to over come this golfers elbow with simple stretches at home with out weights & equipment so these stretches are done with 5 – 10 minutes So if you do regularly 10 minutes with in 5 days for a week you can overcome this golfers elbow problem with in a short time. Guys if you like this video share it & subscribe to VENKAT FITNESS TRAINER YouTube Channel Comment now & I will try to reply back to you for sure Than You Guys….. See You Soon..