How to Exercise After COVID-19 Recovery ||  IS Exercise Safe after COVID 19

How to Exercise After COVID-19 Recovery & IS Exercise Safe after COVID 19 and how to start the exercises or your workouts after the attack of covid 19 with precautions is clearly explained in this fitness blog post by HYDERABAD FITNESS TRAINER Venkat Madamala. So Let’s deep dive in to the topic.

So guys finally people are relaxed from COVID Slowly people have started their workouts & going to gym regularly. But most of the people have raised a doubt that is Can we do exercises in this time? Last 2 to 3 months back, i have been attacked with COVID. After attacking with the covid my doctor has given medication like Vitamin C, D Zinc & B Complex and some other medication which is related to covid.

How to Start Exercise After COVID-19 Recovery

Ater the covid attack for 2-3 months, i have been become normal Now i am not having any symptoms, but can i do exercise or not is the doubt for many? Some people are trying to do some exercises like Jogging, walking & some kind of weight training. While doing weight training, they are unable to do 10 minutes of cardio even they are unable to do weight training They are unable to do it for 10 minutes, what are the reasons for it?

Why their sustainibility is missing? Why the body fatigue is done, is the doubt for many? After 2-3 months of covid attack. If you have the same feel & inflammation while doing the exercises which you had felt in the past. While doing exercises, walking or jogging if your performance is not boosted or increased You should recollect it about are there are any changes undergoing in your body? Check whether you are completly recovered fromn covid or not?

Is exercise safe after COVID-19 Recovery?

If you have any doubts please do the blood work immediately what you must notice through blood work is after attack & recovery of covid firstly what you should focus on is in your bodywhat is the number of lymphocyte cells up to?If these are high in number it reffers to the indication for inflammation so if these cells are high in number it means inflammation is there immediately you should consult your doctor or physician.

So when ever our body gets affected with any virus or infection, these cells count or its range will be increased immediately. So if the number increases, it means inflammation is created in our body. In our body different systems are there, in that one of the system is immune system.In the immune system, lymphatic system will be there in this lymphatic system, the main cells are lymphocytes.

So these lymphocytes as we discussed when this lymphocytes count increased, infection’s & inflammation will be created. For not to create this infections when ever you are infected with any virus, the count of these lymphocytes will be changed & it is commonSo after increasing, when you started taking medication it will come to the normal range after 4-5 weeks like in one half month you will be into normal condition.

If they don’t come into the normal state for  2-3 months that means there is inflammation so in our body when ever these Inflammation, infections, bacteria, virus, cancer cells are produced in your body. Immediately, against with all of these lymphocytes will fight these lymphocytes are the main cells in the white blood cells. The main cells in these white blood cells are lymphocytes & T cells.

So these lymphocytes & T cells – The main role of these lymphocytes & T cells is to attack directly. These lymphocytes & T cells will acts as a direct attackers to fight aganist the infection’s, virus or cancer cells. So in our body, B cells are there, these B cells will help to create antibodies & increase immunity in our body which are helpful to fight aganist the bacteria. So when these lymphocytes range is between 20-50, it is very good When ever it exceeds, it is a sign of inflammation.

When ever you are having a doubt regarding inflammation immediately consult your doctor.Some of them having a doubt, that isDuring this pandemic, for regular gym goers & big big body builders are affected with heart attacks because after the attack of covid, due to the non observation of these lymphocytes is one of the reason. So many of the researches, it is stated that If these lymphocytes count are in the high level due to this also health issues & heart problems will arise.

After attack & recovery of covid, when you are having any doubts before starting the exercises undergo blood work check the count of the white blood cells, red blood cells, lymphocytes, t cells & b cells. These lymphocytes re also as of the same size of the red blood cells check the range of these cells.whether these are in normal or high.Consult your doctor or physician, if the levels are more take proper medication & antibotic suggestions from your doctor.

Conclusion for How to Exercise After COVID-19 Recovery ||  IS Exercise Safe after COVID 19

Properly follow your doctor medication after consultation only, start doing high intense exercises. If not like this, without caring any thing and started doing intense exercises without any limitation there is no need to do beyond the limitations. So if you are having any doubts move on with your doctor’s suggestion Doctor’s will suggest to take good nutrition. Here what you need to communicate is my doctor suggested me to take good nutrition he has suggested right but he didnot tell to eat heavily.

My doctor suggested me to take good food he suggested me to take protein foods in my meals. He suggested to take the protein foods in a limited way I am using antibiotic tablets & i dont know my appetite has been increased. After eating mutton biryani in afternoon & chicken biryani in the night my hunger levels has not been decreased & my energy levels are also not increasing ,my workout performance is also not increasing due to this they will take all the unwanted stuff.

You will not gain or boost your immunity by doing these things your body will utilize the required amount nutrients correctly & additional amount will be converted into fats.By taking additional amount of nutrients, proper utilisation will not br done take nutrition on point in a proper way include good protein sources in your meal &  fix your sleep.If you have any issues immediately do blood work & consult your doctor.

So no need to worry guys what ever goal you have or what ever protocol you are following. If you follow these basic steps you can achieve your goal happily. So you can become a role model for the upcoming persons. So Guys i hope you like this topic See you guys… See you Soon on the next fitness blog.