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Today’s topic is about push ups. Basically pushup is a very effective exercise and is like a basic variation of the chest This is called isolation variation. 

What is isolation variation?

Single joint movement is called isolation movement. And what about the multi joint movement is called compound movements. So there are two movements that are one is compound movement and isolation movements.So what is sebi compound movement what is isometric movement let’s discuss after sometime.

So today let’s discuss the isolation movement.

So most of the people think that they do push-ups for chest, to build chest, or else to reduce chest fat to increase the volume of chest. But it is wrong. Because while doing push ups

There are so many muscle groups involved. 

For example while you are doing push ups you need triceps support, anterior deltoid support, you need deltoid shoulder support scapula support, trap support Abdominal support, glute support and lower back support. Likewise all muscles groups will help Likewise all muscles groups will help you to do push ups. There is no spot or part reduction if you do any isolation movement. Particular muscle building or increase size of muscle or decrease size of muscle cannot happen. For example, there is water in the swimming pool. Is it possible to remove only one side of the water. It’s not possible likewise while bodybuilding or muscle building, fat loss or inch loss or if you do any exercise routine there is no way to increase particular part  gaining or part reduction is not possible.

So coming to the point for example you are lifting light weight with the help of a spoon you are willing to eat food.While lifting the spoon what will happen. In our body there are motor units. Motor units will only help how much we need. While we are lifting the spoon how many motor units you require CNS know about it, the central nervous system knows about it. It will help you to use required units only or else if you use more motor units. what will happen we will hit our head with a spoon.

The reason behind this was in our body there are two types of  muscle fibbers

Type 1 and Type 2 and in Type 2 we have two types. First let’s talk about type 1.

Type 1 muscle fibbers are called fast stitch muscle fibbers. So when the fast stitch will activate. When lifting the spoon. While Taking the pen whenever you are lifting light weights

then only a fast stitch will activate. Did you observe or not  when you doing exercise lifting light weight with heavy reputations muscles will react faster.Muscle will get harder fastly. That is called hypertrophy. It gets hypertrophy fastly. Now Type 1 muscles will only activate.With the help of type 1 muscle fibers only it gets hypertrophy. But if you want to lift heavy weights.Then with the type 1 muscle fibbers you can do ? no you can’t do.

When will the type 2 muscles will help us? Whenever you do 60 to 70 percent weight, 1 repetition per max when we will try to do.  Then type 2 a will be activated. What about type 2b? 70 to 80 percent weight, 1 repetition for max then type ab will be activated.Then with type 2 muscle fiber we will be doing workout. So this type 2 muscle fibers basically compare to type 1 muscle fibers they are very delicate and Slow active process. it will activate slowly but it will get damaged fastly and exhaust fastly. Fast Twitch muscle fibers that are type 1 muscle fibers will activate fastly and slowly it damages. Basically for your central nervous system, knows when to involve which nervous system. For Example when you are using type 1 muscle fiber to do light weight for heavy representational you are doing light weight heavy repetitions automatically type 1 muscle fiber will be active.With the help of type 1 muscle fibers exercise will start. So in this heavy reputation coming to one stage type 1 muscle fibbers will exhaust immediately type 2 involvement will take place.