{How to do abdominal exercises } Hello Guys its your Venkat, Welcome to Venkat Fitness. Today we are going to talk about if you are doing regular exercise also unable to lose the fat in abdominal or else don’t know how to do the abnormal exercise and how to do in the range of motion , unable to get an idea how to do it and want to know about the muscle origin  or else while doing the abdominal exercise getting lower back pain ? or else getting the neck pain so today we are going to discuss all about this. { Reduce Side Fat }

what is the reason if doing the exercise also not losing the fat? why injuries occurred while doing the exercise what is the reason for this means our abdominal will be structured with 9 layers. so, these 9 layers is associate with the abdominal so while doing we will get the sourness so that’s why while doing the abdominal the soreness pain cannot bare  reason is at that place adipose tissue will be high so how to reduce that adipose tissue in this reduce process what will be the side effects will see now, and What to do to avoid injuries you have to do warm up before doing the work out warm up is important and before doing the abdominal exercise also warm up is important so because of this you can avoid the back injuries, and increase the flexibility  blood flow and each and every system will work properly and that abdominal contraction you will get an idea so these warm up exercise and how need to do and how to do will see now. {Reduce Belly fat }

1sr variation 1 leg bend and 1 leg Straight 1 hand behind your hip just like crunch and by coming up breathing out you need to concentrate on muscle contraction  So, guys you have seen right so if you do these warm up before doing the abdominal means flexibility and stability will increase and hit prevent to injuries in the coming videos i will show you the complete abdominal exercise how to do and what is the range of the motion we will discuss until then be fit and like this video and subscribe my Venkat Fitness Trainer You Tube channel.