How to Detox Your Body Naturally in the best ways in 2022

How to Detox Your Body? What is the best way to detox your body? How to Dextox Naturally? All these topics will be covered in this fitness blog post. Lets get into a deep dive about the topic DETOXIFICATION. Who are willing to shift from unhealthy life style to a healthy life style, so who want to focus on their fitness to change from bad habits to good habits implementing good things & who want to fix their sleep.

Starting a healthy life style and introducing good foods to our body and who are willing to start their physical activity daily. Firstly they will google about the topic HOW TO DETOX Your Body? First of all what is detox? So how detoxification will help? Now we will discuss about the detox juices & foods.

How to Detox Your Body Naturally

So coming to the point what is detox? Basically from the last one year alcohol consumption is high or in the last 3 months due to vaccation we have taken ciggrates in a higher number or else we had consumed the bad foods had consumed fatty foods & our bowl movements are disturbed or else affected with constipation problem.In future we may get fatty liver or fat is accumulated, to clear all these things for 2-3 weeks they will concentrate on detoxification drinks.

So now a days detoxification drinks & foods are very popular it will be available in wellness shops & high end super markets and the price also will be in a higher standards . The persons who are having health issues, when they go to rehab centers doctors will suggest them to do detoxification. So they will google about detoxification and they will think detoxification means taking drinks and they will take it daily so avoiding foods from morning to night.

They will keep in a way that they should drink 5-7 drinks from morning to night so is it a correct way? So basically if you want to do detoxification major organ is liver.We should know about it so before knowing about the basic information regarding liver. Liver is situated in the right side of our body It will be in 7 to 10.5 cms of size and also it weights about 1400 – 1500 grams. {How to Detox Your Body}

So what ever food you take it may be tablet, Chocolate or rice or else a biscuit, what ever it may be the nutrients in it will be collected properly and it will send it to our body & blood and also creating the required proteins in our body. To boost immune system & it will hep in harmonal production different types of functions will start from the liver. Harmonal production will start from liver, that’s why it is a major organ so liver is a detoxifier.

What ever food you take, it will be detoxified by liver even if you drink water, it will be detoxified by liver that’s why if we consider liver as a factory what ever you eat it will come from the factory it will go into your blood & body and comes out from the small intestine of course small intestine & all these are attached.When ever you introduced different type of substances for example you have introduced foreign bodies to your liver example alcohol, if you introduced alcohol.

How your liver react means in 3 stages it will react, If you take alcohol ocasionally it will not be a problem.So, there will be no load on the liver some of them will say taking alcohol is good.Basically you have seen a lot of people if some one says eating chicken is good, then they will take chiken in all their meals.By eating like this they will tell they get muscles keeping aside the muscles, first constipation problem will arise.

How to detox your body naturally

In addition to this body will dehydrate & after 3-4 months piles will also come so what i am saying is, if we take things in small amount it is ok.If we take anything in huge, the load will be on the liver as we already discussedb it is a 3 stage process, firstly From acetate it will change into carbondioxide & water.For example if you have taken litres litres of alcohol heavy load will be on your small organ liver, It’s efficieny will be decreased in the long run & it will convert into fatty liver.

The food, nutrients & minerals which you take will not be collected properly & it cannot distribute to your body and its efficency decreases.It will become very weak & due to this life span will become low. So first to start detoxification, you must check your liver functoning How to improve your liver functoning? Firstly, is water intake correct or not? In addition to this, are you taking vegetable sources or not in your meal is mandatory.

Some of them will misguide, taking alcohol so much is not a problem when you take water intake in early morning for not to get that hangover feel & for the body not to dehydrate.Take 2 litres of water in the morning, in that mix lemon juice or ACV or else if you take ginger or garlic detox will be done.So due to this there will be no fat accumulation & no chances of getting fattty liver. So if you drink a glass of water with lemon in early morning after liver filitirization, water will be sent out in the form of urine

So excretion, urine functoning as we discussed liver is a major organ,So if you added ACV, it will be helpful for your digestion. It doesn’t mean that detoxification will be 100% done or else complete alcohol what you are taking will be flushed out another misconception about the detoxification is for 15 days continously, they will eat what ever foods they like when they are get together parties coming within 10 days they will say there will be no problem within 3 days.

If i do detoxificfation i will loose 3 kg’s Last time i had done detox for 7 days & i had lost 7-8 kg’s of weight, Like this they are stopping the intake of proteins, carbs & fiber and they are introducing new problems to them.From morning to night they will only take liquids 100% they will lose up to 6-7 kg’s but they dont or follow this for lifetime.Whenever they get back into their regular lifestyle obviously they will return back to their previous weight.

Another problem will rise for them, that is their bowl movements has been disturbed because of no proper intake of proteins, fibres & carbs.For some people they may be affected with electrolyte imbalance.Due to this their energy levels will be very low for the next 3-4 weeks so there is no need to do the cross diets.There is no special reason to do the detoxification, Liver itself is a detoxifier.

So, for you to be in the proper detox mode.Daily in your meal.Consume 50-80 grams of vegetables in your meal,It may be in your breakfast, lunch or dinner taking vegetables in your meals leads to detoxification daily.Not doing detoxification for 3 days in a year 1 day in 6 months is not required.Try to do detoxification daily, due to this you will get rid of constipation problems and also liver will be very healthy without fatty liver.

By avoiding all foods and taking your body into the rest mode, due to this glycosine stores & energy levelswill be dropped.For example if you have done detoxification for 3-5 days you can’t exercise properly you will not be active & you cant do anywork completly.Don’t do like this, try to take vegetables, & good vitamin’s and minerals in the food which you take when ever there is a proper vitamins and minerals supply you will not have any need.

Conclusion for the topic How to Detox Your Body

In addition to detoxification, you must focus on sleep in our nutrition take vegetables, and regularly do exercises and hydration. As we already discussed about hydration in our previous videos hydration means not drinking litres of water in a single attemptJust drink 200-250 ml of water due to this your body will collect the minerals from it and required benefits will be issued to you. So guys i hope i have given the detailed information about detoxification .If you like this video of How to Detox Your Body please like & comment about it and subscribe to our youtube channel See you guys… See you soon.