How to Design a PERFECT Workout Pattern

Hi guys welcome to Venkat fitness!! This is your Venkat .In last Fitness Blog Post we discussed about immune system and how it will be while we are doing exercise how many types it will respond, how much time we need to do exercise. Today, who need to do exercise? Can any age group can do exercise? like 45+ and 55+? If they do how they should design their program? How a normal individual need to design his exercise sequence? That’s todays topic of our Fitness & Health Blog.

So guys, Designing exercise in a systematic way is a simple sequence Firstly, whenever you enter into the gym you need to be mentally prepared. In this phase you need to focus on, why we came to gym and what we’re going to do and what’s our target, if you don’t remember these three points, you end up doing light weights or heavy weights just by seeing around. or mimicking your friend by doing add-ons this adds up your stress. You need not to create additional stress for yourself. { Top Fitness Trainer in Hyderabad }

How to Design a PERFECT Workout Pattern Plan with No Mistakes

For example, you go to gym for being physically fit and stress reveal you need to have clarity on what to do and prerequisites for your goal. Instead doing 2-3 hours exercise daily will only adds up your stress which don’t give you any benefit this may result in dehydration, fatigue, makes you exhausted and loosing all your glycogen. By the evening you feel weak but you don’t have any benefits. So, 45 mins exercise is enough, if you feel that’s bit more do it for 30 mins only 30 mins is high do it for 20mins, no problem at all.

So, point number 2 you need to do dynamic stretches before exercise you need to do dynamic stretches and dynamic warmups .After dynamic warmup program, how to start exercise. Our body will be in relation with nature which means our body depends on air, light. In the mornings we have high cortisol. By the night we have very low cortisol, that’s why we get more sleep in relation with nature. By keeping this in the mind, knowing bodies requirements like rest or sleep after exercise if you know this you can control your body. Other wise if you push beyond by taking stimulants, pre workout drinks, junk or high calories foods is useless this adds your adipose tissue nothing else. So, coming to the point hoe to design program it may be lats or legs or chest. If I say chest first you have to choose a compound moment like plain barbell chest press or inclined barbell chest press.

What should be next variation single joint moment, like inclined fly or plain fly’s. Third variation any machine exercise I’m explaining you the basic sequence if you follow this you can do any transformation with this so, third variation is machine exercise. Like pet fly’s or table cross over or seated chest press. Fourth one is body weight exercise like push ups or parallel bar dips for chest The conclusion 10-15 mins doing thread mill, or sit cycle or cross trainer if you target two muscle parts you can follow the same sequence. This give you great benefits.

In this sequence make sure that you complete the exercise in 35-55 mins this increases your VO2 max, thermosynisus, fat burning system, lean muscle mass and boosts your immunity after completing cardio vascular exercise for 10-15 mins, last you need to do static stretches with this your exercise was over. Make sure that all these gets completed in 55 mins Point no 2…can any age person can do this? yes any one can do.what to do? that your wish. if you like jogging, walking, or weight training you can do any kind of activity of your choice. For people like 50 years or 55+ or 45+ can do exercise?

My suggestion is that they need to do compulsorily. Its very important for 50+ age people what ever it may be like brisk walk or regular walking, cycling, swimming weight training or what ever they need to have a better blood circulation, which improves anti-inflammatory effect moreover, they can maintain health weight. Normally, for older people who have more weight may go to diabetic state. To avoid this condition they need to maintain healthy weight to stop putting on weight you need to choose activity.. This increases VO2 max
thermosynisus, this increases efficiency of your white blood cells thus more VO2 max.

What ever the chain is activity has a major part in it, so don’t miss exercise so guys, final summary is to boost or strengthen your immune system you need to maintain social distancing good food and hand wash in along with moderate amount of exercise, protein intake and sleep. For age groups above 50 or 60, sleep is very crucial if its more than 8 hours we can see high recovery other wise they may face inflammation due to exercise.

8-9 hours of sleep do help a lot so guys, for this there is no age limit or restrictions unless you are having any underlying health conditions. All ages can do exercise. if you have any doubts about it ask your coach he will guide you properly So guys, if you haven’t subscribed our channel yet do it immediately Please comment your interested topics for upcoming videos in comment section. I hope you like this video, see you guys… see you soon…