How to Cure Tennis Elbow

Namaste! I’m Doctor Dasarada Rami Reddy. Senior Orthopedic Surgeon With 30 years experience in orthopedic experience. Today, I’m talking about tennis elbow .Tennis elbow is nothing but getting pain in elbow area. In the back part of humorous bone in lateral epicondyle area you will get pain when ever muscle got tear This is may be hypo thyroid, vitamin D deficiency, early stages of diabetes rheumatoid arthritis, or because of handling weights in a wrong way.

Many think this was a dangerous disease and makes us unfit to do many things thinks they can’t do exercise any more and do get depressed for all these. This is not at all a dangerous decease. Simple lifestyle changes will eradicate this Firstly, we need to know the cause. Need to check do we have hypo thyroid, rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes are we doing things in an uncertain manner, like lifting heavy weights, playing tennis with out proper protection.

By identifying and avoiding root cause we can avoid this tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is lateral epicondylitis, lateral means outward join of the elbow Forward projected bone shape is epicondyle and itis means inflammation where ever this muscle is attaching in the form of tendon, when ever that area gets damaged tennis elbow will start. For this our fitness expert Venkat will explain few simple exercises.

Thank you doctor, you have explained how to get rid of tennis elbow clearly To overcome from this tennis elbow we can do simple stretches and resistance exercises like isometric hold exercises. As Doctor sir explained, what ever muscles were there near elbow fore arm muscles, when stiffness increases or when elbow got bang to hit, or if we use this elbow too much we may face this problem. { Personal Fitness Trainer in Hyderabad }

How to Cure Tennis Elbow with Simple Exercises & Stretches

Lets see how to reduce this with simple exercises with Arjun Ambati. First stretch extension stretch, when you do this upward. stretch targeted muscles your four arm muscles these muscles are called as extension carpi radialis and extensor carpi ulnaris. Stretch these muscles as much as possible that too a very gentle stretch…stretch for 15-20 secs and release slowly. Like this each stretch 3 sets into 15 seconds.

The next stretch flexor stretch, which means down wards targeted muscles flexor muscles. Tighten these muscles as much as possible and do a controlled drop next, applying resistance to flexor stretch to not come all the way up we put some resistance then these muscles activation increases a lot. Applying little pressure and a gradual breath out. So, the tension should be applied on these muscles. each stretches 15 secs into 3 sets then flexor stretch with resistance

So after these stretch if you want to do anything with light weights, take some light weight like a bottle or a glass and twist the wrist from pronated angle. do a pronated stretch. Lets see about it place your hand here and pronated stretch. stretch all the way down by placing a bottle in your hand So targeted muscles, Four arm muscles. Stretch fully and slowly in and out.. stretch again 10 rotations into 3 sets. This is very easy to do, the next variation is radial deviation which means doing neutral grip with any weight Smasher. Take you hand support, All the way down… All the way up… With out any wrist moment just flex and drop. This variation we target four arm muscles and activate them by stretching as much as possible 15 sec 3 sets Yes..!

So basically, for tennis elbow you have more pain here. So after this exercise, you need to relax these muscles to relax these muscles we need to do the same stretches we did for a prolongated time like 20-30 secs, This will speed up muscle recovery If you do this flexor stretch and bend your hand like this, those muscle wont get activate much. Instead, if you close your fingers and apply resistance slowly you will have good activation Yes, These muscles… Then same in the opposite direction.

Summary on How to Cure Tennis Elbow Simply by doing Stretches

So each stretch 20-30 secs into 3 sets, Last stretch is supinator stretch. Apply pressure gently and while applying slowly breath out… As you just saw, to reduce your tennis elbow with out any equipment, with simple glass and water bottle you can do these stretches and can have great results. Don’t get panic, and remember always do with less weights only. Remember this always these are just stretches some will call rehab exercises and isometric holding exercises What ever it is, because of doing with lighter weights creator inflammation will decrease a lot so guys, if you like this video please like and subscribe to our Venkat fitness channel Thank you sir Thank you so much.