How to Boost your Immune System

How to Boost your Immune System is clearly explained by fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA in this fitness blog post. Hi Guys Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS So Today’s Topic is How to Boost or Increase your Immune System? How to Avoid Infections & Bacterias to our body? So now a days if any person gets flu or fever all of them are assuming that he/she is infected with bacteria.

The most search topic on google is IMMUNE SYSTEM for example if a persion freuently suffering from cold you are frequently affecting with cold because your immune system is weak you are frequently suffering with motions because your immune system is weak.

You are suffering from food allergies because your gut health is weak reasons behind it because your immunity is weak & some others will say in a way which is quite contrast & opposite i will go to himalayas for trecking shirtless in winter season & they will say i will not be any affected with any type of flu so what ever it may be What is Immune System? so there are different types of immune systems in human body How it will work for our body is the topic for today.

How to Boost your Immune System || How to get rid off Bacterial Infections

From infections, bacteria , virus or from parasites How our body will be protected by not attacking to any of them. How the immunity will be helpful? How many types of defense mechanisms are there in our body is the major topic in today’s video. So guys before talking about the immune system we should discuss about the basic principles those principles are ancestary habits why the ancestor people are strong in immune & fitness? Their workout performance or their daily activity timing, Recovery & food habits if we adapt thoose habits in our regular lifestyle. What will be the benefits will be discussed now

Firstly if you want to boost or increase your immune system you should do a major work & that is SLEEP – You should sleep very well. To sleep well you should not sleep 10 hours in morning & night your mind will tell to your body that how many hours sleep is required for you immunity is what not only helps you to get affected .There is a relationship beteween brain & immune system. For your body & lifestyle to work in a systematic way sleep will play a major role.If we can’t fix this sleep if you can’t fix your sleep timings your biological clocks & workout routine will be disturbed.

So if you sleep late & woke up late in the morning what problems you will face is you will miss all the activities in the morning your breakfast will also be missed. So when ever sleep is reduced there are chances of getting harmonal problems or issues. It may be obesity or in may be thyroid or PCOD. In addition to this so in the case of men for the testosterone deficiency the major reason is insufficient sleep.

So Keep sleep as your major priority How many hours you should sleep? It will depend on your stress levels If you have moderate amount of stress 7 hours is enougIf you have heavy stress 7-8 hours sleep is necesseary & in additional to this The next main thing is While sleeping what are the things you must avoid?

Blue Light Elimination Try to avoid using phones in the night time.Blue Light means not bulbs & tube lights, Blue light reffers to the light which is coming from phones & laptops.Due to ths your cortisol levels will be increased Melatonin and Serotonin levels wil be increased. You mind will properly remind if you are getting sleep so you should not stop when it is coming.

Try to sleep immediately if you are getting a good sleep. When you started sleeping if you notice that time for 2-3 days & if you fix it. From that time to which time in the morning you should wake up? If you fix your sleep for 7-8 hours you will be in a systematic way.

Because as we are having differnt types of immune systems and we are also having the adaptable immune system you should get that adaptability. To achieve it first you should start from sleep. So the next point is after waking up in the morning the first activity we do is to take the shower. Try to take cold water shower so many of the people dont take shower & go to the gym.

Due to this there thermosenesis & fat burning system will not be fast because after waking up you will be in a sleepy & in a drowsy mode. Due to this sleepy mode your time will be killed for 1 to 1.5 hours. So to use this 1 and half hour productively. Try to take the cold shower unless. If you are having any sinus & migrane, & headache problem try to take a hot water or normal water shower.

Due to this your workout performance will increase scientifically it is called as contraction thearpy. If you observe big big body buiders & fitness athlethes they will do this contraction thearpy in the bath tub for 1-2 minutes. By taking this type of bath in that situation our body will go to the fight & fight mode.

Fight & Fight mode means when ever you take cold shower observe you will shiver & to come to the normal mode your body should keep additional efforts & then your body will be in the fat loss state. Due to this you will get additional benefits. So no negative effects will be there

The 3rd point is sun exposure Dont forget to be in the sunshine. So now a days the common problem for many is vitamin d deficiency due to vitamin D deficiency your muscle growth will be low muscle pump & hardness will be lowered Joint & hormonal problems will arise.

So like this lot of dis advantages are there. Take vitamin d in the additional food sources like wall nuts, eggs, fish, almonds, chia seeds. If you take all of these but Natural source of vitamin d will come from the sun light Sun Exposure should be compulsiory , In the cities the sun light will come in between 7 to 8 In the villages it will be in between 7 to 9

This season is winter season and there will be more fog in that areas it will take more time for the sun to come & you can do u pto 9 am. If You are unable to do it out in the morning session if you are doing a night shift you can do it in the sunset time you can do it in the evening sessions.By doing like this the required amount of viramin d will be available when ever the sun rays touches our skin.

It will go to our liver & synthesis of vitamin d will happen so due to this your muscle pump you will be active with no hormonal problems. To be very healthy this vitamin d will be very helpful in the basic ancestry habits we have discussed about 3 tips.

So the fourth one is EATING What ever food you eat. Due to that your immunity must be boosted Immunity should not be Surprused What i am talking is Some of the people will concetrate or focus on liquid calories or else they will focus on junk foods. Due to this your immunity will be Surprused i will explain you why it is happening. For suppose if you are focussing on liquid calories i will only take juices.

Daily i will take one or two protein shakes I will not take a meal or else i will take a zero carb diet, I will drink oils in morning & evening sessions. Like this there is no need to follow fancy diets. Due to this your immunity will be surpressed your mind will tell you when you should intake the food & you should follow it Mainly focus on indian & good nutrient dense foods.

Due to this nutrient supply will be available to you in addition to it to boost your immunity you should focus on vitamins & Minerals Supply. If you want this Vitamins & Minerals Supply fully you should focus on taking vegetables. Some of the people will say to boost immunity we should take the zinc supplements vitamin c & calcium not Supplements firstly we should focus on FOOD.

They will say different differnt supplements should be included in your diet keep aside about the supplements. So firstly if you want to give proper vitamins & minerals to your body. For a proper supply of vitamins & minerals you should focus on the diet for a proper vitamin chain.

For the people who eats non veg if you want zinc you can consume it from mutton liver, you can consume calcium from mutton bone marrow {bone soup}. For example if you are having calcium deficiency and you are a vegeterian take ragi malt with curd or milk. Take all vegetables and drum sticks by taking this your calcium & testosterone levels will be incrased.

If you observe normal indian foods are more beneficiary when compared to the supplements So in ancestary habits the last one is EXERCISE The most common doubt for many if we exercise immunity will be increased Some of them will have doubt regarding how much time we should do If you observed it or not daily doing exercise for 2 hours. Morning i will do running & will do workout in the gym for 2 hours daily So if i take daily 2 meals that is enough for me.

My body will be stable and i will have enough energy I will take zero carbs only I will take high protein diet with fats What ever nutrition manipulations you make. By doing exercises for 3-4 hours your immunity will not be boosted or increased you will undergo immuno suppress means your body is comprimising the immunity.

While doing high intensity exercises for the next 24-48 hours inflammation will be created while you had done the marathon running so your muscles will be damaged, Recovery time will be 1-2 days depenending on your fitness status. To not to undergo inflammation & immuno suppress you should focus on Sleep & the next one hydration Water intake & electrolyte balance, Nutrition You should focus on all these things & if you do all these immunity will be boosted

If you only do exercises your immunity will be suppressed if you observe the studies. The reason behind for the covid attack for the persons who are doing exercises for 3-4 hours Immunity will be suppressed & in that time there immune system will be in a compromised state.So in that time there is chances of getting affected with the viruses so to increase or boost your immunity Do exercise for 180 – 200 minutes

You can do your favourite activity It may be weight training, steady state cardio, jogging or cycling aerobics or jumba what ever it may be do your favourite activity for 180-200 minutes. These are basic principles but What is immunity? We will discuss now You all know in our body there are bone marrow lymph nodes are there and these are organs.

These organs will help to increase the immunity in our body in the recent times you all heard about Antibodies & Cytokines. So now we will discuss about Antibodies & Cytokines. In our body mainly there are 3 types of defecnce mechanisms so the major defecnce mechanisms are they will not allow any paracites or foreign bodies to enter into our body & they will protect our body from all these.

In the 3 defecnce mechanisms the 1st one is SKIN. If you observed it or not when ever you had an injury in that area blood will be clotted very fast. After clotting we may think that there is fuss around it when ever blood clot happen fuss will be happened there will be accumlation of white blood cells this fuss will helped in a way for not letting any bacteria into our body.

So this is the reason The 1st protective layer in our body is SKIN, SKIN will acts as a major boundary. In 3 layers of defense mechanisms the first one is skin. Is there any way of entering bacteria, parasites in to our body? Yes, its obvious because there are some openings in our body.

Summary for How to Boost your Immune System

So there are chances for the viruses or bacteria to enter through that openings so to eradicate this bacteria & parasites to attack them & kill them 2nd and 3rd defence mechanisms will be helpful. So we will discuss about them in the next episode.The full information about how to increase immunity & about stem cells I will defnitely try for you to give the full information So guys stay tuned..See you Guys…See you Soon