How to Boost Testosterone Naturally

How to Boost Testosterone Naturally & The best and natural ways to boost testosterone is clearly explained in this fitness blog post by certified fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA. So let’s discuss How to boost testosterone naturally in all the best ways.

HI GUYS WELCOME TO VENKAT FITNESS. So while doing exercises most of them muscle hardness will not be created or else. No muscle pump will be created and they will not undergo fat loss after doing exercises they will feel about their muscle loss and muscle weakness. For some people hair loss will be there like this there are different problems the reason behind it is Low testosterone in males. So what are the symptoms of this low testosterone? How to Boost Testosterone Naturally?

How to Boost Testosterone Naturally {The Best Ways}

These are the symptoms- While doing exercises your muscles will not be responded or else Poor memory, mood swings are else your sexual drive will not be so good are else sexual disinfection or erectile dysfunction and in addition to this potbelly that means how much amount of exercise and diet you do the belly fat will not be reduced. So for some people hair loss will be more decrease of bone and muscle mass and in addition to this Heavy depression.

Weight gain or fat gain these are the basic symptoms of low testosterone. What are the causes of this low testosterone in that the first one is if we overcome this causes we can boost your testosterone naturally with right exercise and nutrition. So first one is BPA that means Bisphenol A, Bisphenol A is a chemical. This chemical is mostly found in plastic items. For example we will consume water in plastic bottle and we take food in plastic plates and eat with plastic spoons.

If we Use plastics more slowly slowly in our body bpa will be accumulated try to avoid the usage of plastics and plastic items. Most of them will drink water in a water bottle which is used for 3 to 4 years that to a plastic bottle. So in addition to it try to use Copper bottle or else drink pot water. Try to avoid plastic and drink water in copper bottle. If you eat the hot food which is put in a plastic boxers, The bpa in the plastics will be slowly accumulated into your body.

How to Boost Testosterone Naturally & Best ways to Increase it

So 80% decrease of the natural testosterone & aldosterone levels is due to this BPA. So try to avoid plastic in all the possible ways. So the next reason is overweight and obesity Obese persons will have low testosterone because. In them testosterone will be low and in addition to this estrogen will dominate testosterone in addition to this It’s obvious that their DHT levels will also be very low. If testosterone is low estrogen will be high there are chances for low DHT levels.

So what these people should do immediately is they must follow proper nutrition with professional guidance and also they must hire a fitness trainer and they should do exercise with proper nutrition. In addition to nutrition if they create regular activity natural testosterone will be increased so if you are unable to increase the natural testosterone. In your body post issue will be there in the adipose tissue aromatase enzyme will be increased it will decrease the levels of testosterone and increase the levels of estrogen which was produced by your body, so balancing of aromatase enzyme is mandatory.

To balance the aromatase enzyme you must follow proper nutrition and exercise the next one is sleep. Sleep is essential for everyone. For an adult 7 to 9 hours of sleep is mandatory, Depending upon their lifestyle 7 to 9 hours of sleep is compulsory. If you maintain a good sleep you can focus on your physical activity are else their functioning will be disturbed 100% you should plan 7 to 9 hours of sleep because based on your sleep only your metabolism ability and immunity will be depended.

To improve your immunity, ability, metabolism, digestive system or not to get affected with any hormonal issues, Sleep is mandatory because if we observe lot of people will give more priority to exercise rather than sleep and also they will give priority to the diet. They will give less priority to recovery and sleep. So how many hours of exercise you do or if you are consuming low amount of food. Is there is no proper sleep 100% hormonal issues will be raised. Sleep is a natural gift don’t ignore this natural gift and it is not all correct.

Don’t ignore this because sleep is a mandatory thing for good progressive results. The next one is dietary foods so there is no need to eat more of these foods and there is no need to eat less of these foods No reason to ignore any foods. So take foods in a required amount and some of them. They will consider some foods as very good and they will take in large amounts due to this also estrogen levels will be increased so for example if you consume Soya or soya products in larger amounts.

In addition to this if you are eating pastrie cakes & sweets by consuming execess amount of proteins & fats also there are chances of decrease in levels of testosterone because it will be conveted into obesity and also Testosterone & DHT levels will be decreased and estorogen levels will be increased so try to avoid food with high quantity of sugars and desserts also try to include essential fatty acids in your diet avoid Trans fats, by taking essential fatty acids, your brain functioning, nervous system, muscular strength will be improved.

Conclusion for How to Boost Testosterone Naturally

In addition to essential fatty acids, if you add poly unsaturated fats in your diet by doing this you can overcome your low testosterone by bringing them to a moderate level. So guys last one is tobacco and alcohol try to avoid tobacco and alcohol consumption. So due to tobacco and alcohol consumption also testosterone will be decreased for a male healthy human being 3000 to 10000 nanograms per deci litre and also 10 to 35 nanomoles per litre.

These are the testosterone levels of a male healthy human being coming to females, 15 to 20 nanograms per deci litre and also 0.5 to 2.4 nanomoles per litre. After 30’s testerosterone levels will be slowly slowly decreased you must bring the lifestyle changes, due to this lifestyle changes testosterone levels will not be decreased. So the 1st one is exercise and in addition to this avoid fatty foods and proper sleep must be there try to avoid BPA Chemical and also in addition to exercise, recovery is mandatory for your body.

Compulsorily consume Essential fatty acids. If you do all this, even if you are obese or over weight 100% you will come to normal weight and your testosterone levels will be moderate. So guys i hope this information on How to Boost Testosterone Naturally will be helpful for you If you like this topic, please like it and comment and also comment on the topics which are to be done in the coming days and we will discuss on thatIf you forget to subscribe our channel, please subscribe now. See you Guys…. See you Soon….