How Much Protein is Required for Infants and how much protein intake must be their for infants is clearly explained by Certified Hyderabad Fitness Trainer Venkat Madamala.

Hello guys welcome to Venkat fitness it’s your Venkat We already discussed growth and developments for infants. In todays video, how much protein an infant need? How much essential fatty acids are required and why? Phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, vitamin C, B, D and K

How can we give all these to an infant? to feed all these to an infant what we need to do? This is today’s topic Basically, for a baby to be healthy 1.16 grams of protein for kg of body weight need to be given. This 1.16/kg of of body weight need to be reduced after 1 year slowly. If you observed an infant need 0.16/kg of more portent than an adult.

For skeleton muscle development and growth essential amino acids are very essential Where did an infant get all these? Brest Feeding or human feeding or mothers milk. The mother’s milk develops amino acids, portents, vitamins, Phosphorus, magnesium, calcium. Infant will get all these 100% from mother’s milk only We need to utilize mother’s milk properly. So many people will use out side distilled water or animal milk,.

My sincere request is that for infants at least up to 6 or 8 months do not introduce any other milk except mothers milk if the energy that come from protein haven’t been taken by body there may be a chance of protein energy malnutrition we call it clinical disorder. This is also called as Kwashiorkor. if infant got this disorder body can’t utilize proper amounts of protein.

So, high protein intake is also not advisable taking 1.16g of protein per kg of body weight is enough For feeding baby with enough proteins and amino acids mother need to take a high quality food with good amount of proteins and amino acids only consuming good food will results in a good breast feeding to baby. baby’s growth will be healthy and good.

For a baby less than 6 to 8 months introducing other foods like animal milk, anti bodies may gets created in the body to avoid this only human milk/ mothers milk only need to be given up to 6-8 months. By this infants will get great immune system and strength to fight against infections. For a healthy baby 1.16g of protein per kg of body weight is required. essential amino acids are important.

In the next episode, How much essential amino acids we need to take and why? What else infant’s body requires? What were the timing need to be followed? so guys, I hope you like this video What ever topic of your interest or doubts, let me know in comments if you like this video share, comment. subscribe to our YouTube channel… See you.. see you soon…