How Much Food Should We Eat is Clearly Explained by Certified Fitness Trainer Venkat Madamala. Hi Guys Welcome to Venkat Fitness. This is Your Venkat. So today’s topic is about  Many People are asking about the diet  How much protein or how much food we should eat Daily How much food we need to eat. Rich food or quality food how much we need to eat.

So my answer is. It’s not matter of what type of food you take Without any use if you are taking quality food rich food or high protein food any food which you are taking it converts into body fat. For Example : Simply i will tell you in understandable way. So many will Eat grill chicken entire bird Usually our body how much protein will be received by our body in one meal. How much it will absorb. If any one recommends they will recommend 30 to 35 grams of protein. Enroll For Online Fitness Training With Me.

But eating entire chicken is it correct?? What happens to this it will convert into adipose tissue. So it is not matter of what type food you are taking. How many calories you have intake is important. Example I am 70 Kgs I am having workload so much And i am doing some regular activity as well If I am taking 3000 Calories. It will not convert into fat. Likewise same 70 kgs person.Without having much exercise and not having much work load if they take 3000 calories what will happen.

It converts into body fat Slowly slowly he will get fat  So I think you understand the concept right. So don’t take food unnecessarily So monitor your activities. 100 Percent you must monitor your calorie intake. Rich food or high protein food eating heavy is unnecessary. So guys I hope you like this topic. Please like it, share it and subscribe to my YouTube channel guys. And Click on Bell Icon. See You Guys See You Soon.