How many Times a Day you Should Breastfeed a Baby?

Hi Guys Welcome to Venkat Fitness – Todays Topic is How many Times a Day you Should Breastfeed a Baby ? i.e.  Growth & Development in Infants In the Last Blog Post we Discussed how much Protein should a baby take? Today we will Discuss about how much essential fats required for a Healthy Infant . Why these Fats & Essential Fats are Required? and we will know about the benefits of these fats & Essential Fats Today.

So Guys Whether it is an Infant or an adult the essential fatty acids are the need other than Fats & Essential Fatty acids to our body Calcium , Magnesium, Sodium , Iodine, Phosphorus & Zinc Vitamin B , K , C & D like these essential fatty acids also have same importance to our body not only For Adults or an healthy living animal or human being the one who has respiratory system & digestive system these essential fatty acids are important to them.

With these Essential Fatty Acids In Infants Skeletal Muscle Growth will be Good & also the brain cells will be fastly developed & immune system will be build fastly & strongly these essential fatty acids and proteins are the reasons for the changes of the body preposition in 1 year for infants How will these essential fatty acids will be produced?

These Essential fatty acids will be produced from mothers milk in these times mothers should take proper nutrition in this way the baby will consume the proper Proteins & Essential fatty acids. So an Infant diet Nutrients means Calcium , Magnesium , Sodium , Iodine & not only these Vitamins ,Proteins & Minerals. Essential Fats & Fatty Acids & also Important because of these Essential Fatty Acids the baby growth will be dependent.

If required amount of essential fatty acids are not supplied to the infants for their body the problems will be diarrhea or it will be skin lesions proper Growth will not take place & the muscles will not develop properly ,no proper increase of the weight & proper height will also be not increased, So if we take proper essential acids we can avoid all these discussed problems So as we discussed essential fatty acids will be produced from the mothers milk So how much will come from the Intake?

If the Mother had done breast feeding once on an average at least 3% of essential fats will be supplied to the baby If the breast feeding is done daily 4 to 5 times. Approximately 20% of the essential fats will be supplied to the baby by this the immunity will be increased & also growth will be increased the immune system is strongly developed in a way to fight against any infections.

Remember with all these like sodium , magnesium, vitamins & minerals , phosphorous zinc etc. fats and essential fatty acids are also equally important .To Supply these Proteins & Essential Fats to the baby it will be only through the mothers milk. To maintain this breast feeding healthy Mothers Nutrition is also very important & they should concentrate very well on their nutrition. Good Proteins , Carbs & Fats they must design & intake systematically with a proper nutrition plan then the baby growth will be good & So Guys I Hope You Like this Video For videos of any topic don’t forget to comment your suggestions in the comment section Subscribe Our YouTube Channel Guys See you Guys…. See You Soon….