How Long Does It Take To Gain Muscle? || #1 MUSCLE GAIN TIPS

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Hi guys the topic is about How Long Does It Take To Gain Muscle? How much muscle will grow in a week? or else in one month how much it will grow? When will muscle gain happen? To achieve our targeted end result or goal. How many weeks or months will take to achieve it is the query from a Beginner to a trainer Today we are going to break that question on How Long Does It Take To Gain Muscle?

How Long Does It Take To BUILD Muscle?

When will you gain the muscle? How much & why it will grow is the topic for today. Because the question is arised from the decades This is the common query for many In how many months my muscle size will be increased to achieve my end result or targeted goal or else how much time it will take to achieve my 16 inch arm These are the questions asked by many of them randomly.

So for this my answer is For example if we want to construct a building it will some position period or completion time. They wil fix the time. To complete it in the completion time they will build the structure. In the same way to achieve our muscle size & targeted end result.By applying some formulas we can achieve our goal. I am not telling this, these formulas are given by so many researchers & they are in the fitness books.

So before discussing that If you want to gain muscle and if you are in calorie deficit that means you are in a wrong way. You will not gain the muscle when you are in calorie deficit you must be in calorie surplus. To be in calorie surplus some of them will consume big number of calories. If we ask them further, they will tell us some quotes like Eat big / Gain Big / Get Big Due to this fat accumulation or Water retention will be happened.

For example if we consider a beginner For a beginner, to gain muscle Taking additional calories than that of daily intake calories For example, if he have taken the base calories When ever he started consumption, little gains will be started These gains consistency will be there for weeks or for 1 or 2 months. So after this, he will hit the plateau gains will be stopped To gain muscle you must be in calorie surplus. In how much calorie surplus we must be there, is the question for many?

So to tell it in a simple way, for you to gain the muscle 3500 calories will be enough. So to gain muscle, the bottom line is You must be in calorie surplus. If we talk about the next level If we keep an end result in one year to achive or gain muscles To achieve it further, you should put some short term goals Short term goals means micro goals.How Long Does It Take To Gain Muscle?  To achieve macro goals, micro & meso goals are mandatory.

If you don’t have these goals, your road map will not be so clear In the 1 year how much you want to gain and what are the end results that you should achieve. In one week how much you want to gain must be there in your workout schedule & you should mimic your nutrition. You will see many of them will take mass gainers 4-5 times in a day. While taking it, you may see the results of muscle & weight gain. After that when you had stopped doing exercises The weight which you had gained & in the cutting phase again steady state cardio or else high intensity training or over workout.

To reduce the fat they will lose their muscle gain and they will come to the intial state So firstly you should focus on how much you should gain in a week? To tell this in a simple way.How much you can gain in a week is For example if you are taking 3500 calories per week that means if you are taking additional 3500 calories to your maintenance calories You will gain 1 pound weight in a week. If you had done deficiet of 3500 calories that means you are in deficiet of 500 calories of a day in week you will lose 1 pound weight.

If you want to gain 2 pounds weight per week You should additionally take 700-800 calories extra to that of your maintenance calories Exactly how much calories per week means. If you are particularly want to grow certain amount of muscle How my weekly consumption should be there? If you ask how much calories should i take per day .For that you should apply some formulas You must check your BMR RATE BMR calculators will be available in google.

If we mention all the required details clearly You will get to know about the required amount of calories for body functoning .You will know clearly, that is about BMR. To gain muscle, you must be in calorie surplus 500 calories surplus must be maintained daily. If you are in 500 calorie surplus You will gain 1 pound weight or if you are in 1000 calorie surplus 2 pounds weight will be increased So about this 2 pounds, there is no gurantee that it is a purest muscle It will depend up on the foods you take.

CONCLUSION FOR How Long Does It Take To Gain Muscle?

For example if you are taking 2500 calories in a day and they will take high calorie dense foods. Due to this muscle voulume will not increase, water retention will be happened. So we cant immediately determine water loading or fat accumulation If you want to know whether it is fat accumulation or water retention We can apply some formulas to know it Body fat calibers will be available We should frequently check with these body fat calibers and if you monitor your images without shirt in the mirror frequently.

Depending up on your waist line, you may know that whether fat is increasing or it is water retention If the line thickness increases 100% you are consuming additional amount of calories that means you are taking more than the required amount of calories So due to this you will get negative results.

In one week how much weight will b e grown? How much purest muscle we can grow? In one month how much it will grow for a beginner How much weight can be gained by an advanced lifter in one month? All these things will be discussed in PART -2So guys i hope you like this video How Long Does It Take To Gain Muscle? See you guys … See you Soon. Click the link below & watch video on How Long Does It Take To Gain Muscle?