How Accurate Are Fitness Trackers?

How Accurate Are Fitness Trackers? Are fitness trackers accurate for calories burned ? Let’s discuss this topic in a most scientificfal way i hope will clear all your doubts on How Accurate Are Fitness Trackers? So Lets Get in to the topic and i will give you the right and utmost information on How Accurate Is the Fitbit Calorie Burn Counter?

Hi guys welcome to Venkat fitness. This is Venkat-  Your lifestyle coach So guys today we are discussing about the biggest mistake in their weight loss and fat loss journey and that is checking their calories burn in their digital watch {How Accurate Are Fitness Trackers?}. If you are also doing the same mistake please stop it immediately because digital watch is basically used to check the messages to attain the phone calls in emergency to create alaram alert and to calculate the steps or else it is used to monitor your sleep.

How Accurate Is Smartwatch Calorie-Burn Tracking?

It’s not used to track on how many calories were burned or how many calories need to be burned. If you are believing it strongly then you will behave as a slave to your digital watch. In some days if we do less exercise also it will show high amount of calories are burning and on some days if we do high intensity exercise’s and variations also it will show low amount of calories are burningand in this case so many of them will confuse and they will start as we burnt low calories today and they will do changes in the nutrition, lifestyle & eating pattern

After a period of time they will realize and after going into a dilemma that Why they are not undergoing weight loss? In this one month no changes have been there but I have been exercising regularly and i had daily burnt 600 Calories and it is shown in my digital watch after this they will feel depressed. Some people will behave in a smart way and what they will do is for example if they burnt 600 calories they will think that they had burnt more calories so we can intake more food like cheat meal

Whenever the digital watch shows that they had burnt low calories on particular days they will think in a way that that they had burnt less number of calories on the day and will intake less amount of food they will skip their meals or on that day they will be on liquid diet from morning to evening or they will do fasting. Like this they will do all these things and if the check after 1 month There will be no change in their body fat composition when compared to their previous months overall body fat loss, weight loss, fat loss, nothing goes forward.

How Accurate Is the Fitbit Calorie Burn Counter?

The reason behind it is You are behaving like a slave to that watch Immediately you need to change it because. To undergo weight loss, the first thing you need to track is CALORIE INTAKE and in addition to this. Firstly you should believe exercise strongly and you need to create a very good sleep and it should suit your lifestyle. Basically you can’t change your lifestyle it may be your office timing’s it is very difficult to you change these type of things

Firstly you should focus on monitoring the weight on a weekly basis How much weight was lost in 1 week? It is the first thing you need to track also, for every 3-4 weeks what are the changes happened in your BCA scan it needs to be tracked down and also you need to check measurments for every month. Depending up on the measurments of this month it may be your hip ratio, abdomen region muscles that means how is your overall muscle mass improvement? and in addition to this

How the fat loss is going around your hip or in abdomen region? What are the changes in your measurments? What are the changes in your body fat composition? By noticing all these details you can easily achieve your goal in a systematic way. If you are moving in the directions of your watch then you will go into a confusion state. If you observed it or not Once you do deadlifts, sumosquats or else intense exercises then also it may show low calories are burnt.

Conclusion for the Topic How Accurate Are Fitness Trackers?

Depending up on the values in the watch, you will take very less food and due to this your body will be dehyrated in the evening and in addition to this no proper sleep. So next day morning I skipped the workout like this so many client’s will tell me. So you don’t do this mistake basically you should focus on Calorie intake and sleep and you should strongly believe in exercise Exercise regularly and need to track your bca scan every month

Try to take the measurments of each muscle and also observe the changes in your hip and abdomen region. Then you will get wonderful results in your weight loss and fat loss journey in a very short period. For Online Training/ Offline Training please contact me the number is displaying on the screen and also check my website for more details. So guys if you like this videolike the video and comment your opinion. See you Guys… See you Soon