HIIT VS STEADY STATE CARDIO || Which Cardio is Best for Fat Loss ?

Hi Viewers Welcome to Venkat Fitness It’s Your Venkat. Today Our Topic is If a Person wants to loose fat he should do HIIT Workout or he should do Steady State Cardio. This is the Most Common Doubt for all. Steady State Cardio Means to Jog for around 15 – 30 Minutes or to do cycling or to do a brisk walk. HIIT Workout Means High Intensity Interval Training to create an intensity in body which is good? which will have more benefits ? is the topic for today.

Basically HIIT Workout Means High Intensity Interval Training if you had done exercise for 1 Minute or you had run faster for 2 minutes and had taken rest for 20 Seconds and again run for 2 minutes and taking again 20 Second rest { Less rest } .When ever we are creating the high intensity through workouts our metabolic rate will increase our fat burning system will be faster our heart rate will increase the lung capacity & VO2 Max Capacity will Increase excess post exercise oxygen consumption (epoc) will also increase.  { Best Fitness trainer in Hyderabad }

So what about Steady State Cardio if we do this the calories will only burn in the time when ever we are doing this cardio exercises. For Example when you do 20 minutes treadmill on an Average you will burn around 170 -190 Calories but on the rest of day there will be no burn in the calories but the HIIT Workout, if yo do for a very less time. Especially who can do this HIIT Workout means who have less time and how had no time to do the exercises they can choose this HIIT Workout by doing this not only fat loss & weight loss you can gain lean muscle mass

In your 15 Minutes of time if you can adjust your time 10 -15 minutes for HIIT Workout you can decrease your time & you can fixt it for 10 – 15 Minutes by doing like this calories will burn and you can finish your activity and you can gain lean muscle mass. But in the Case of doing Steady State Cardio for 10 – 15 Minutes only muscle loss will be there & no muscle gains because while doing these exercises epoc felling will not be created.

When Ever EPOC effect takes place in the rest of day also the calories will burn in this way the fat loss will be easy & also so in this less time there will be low chances of missing it and also another benefit is while doing the exercise there is no requirement for heavy equipment you can do running or rowing cycling, sprint , spot jogging , inch worm or burpees functional training or any kind of activity 10 – 20 Seconds and taking interval between 1 to 2 Variations by creating the short bursts intensity will increase fat loss vo2 max will also increase. So Vo2 max means heart & lung capacity will be increased

In addition to this there will be decrease in the fat loss & another benefit is you can choose any kind of combination in the HIIT Workout. For Example we are doing Inch Worm alternate to this isometric variations like crunches or leg raises abdominal or obliques like this we can create any kind of combination or else we can choose weight training. For Example Bicep Curls but compared to the mountain climbers where heart rate is increased { BPM} so we cant maintain that BPM When ever we are doing this Bicep Curls & it BPM will be decreased fat loss will be low because of the lactic acid formation here the lactic acid system will work.

So In the Case Of HIIT Workouts when ever we are doing high intensity exercises heart rate increases so we can Perform any type of combination exercise in HIIT Workout .In case of Steady State Cardio when you are running outside you cannot do any type of combination you can only perform running In HIIT Workout you can choose any type of combination for example if you are doing jumping jacks in the alternate combination we can do pushups chest, shoulder, triceps muscle will get stimulated at the same time muscle formation will be done.

So in One Place & in a very low time we can target & hit each and every muscle in different angles & variations in these HIIT Workouts there are lot of benefits in these HIIT Workouts .So in addition to this the major benefit is compared to steady steady cardio fat loss will be more in HIIT Workouts lean muscle mass will be gained & your body epoc effect will be increased fat loss will be high thermos nisus will be increased.

If you want to start these exercises you must know the harder of these exercises and you must have the idea to design it .For Example some people will have lower back pain , knee & ligaments problem will have ACL Tear Problems & some other will have wrist & obesity { over weight } problems all these people .When doing burpees, inch worm & function training exercises un necessarily disturbing that ligaments choosing a combination with help of professional is very very important & don’t forget it .

In HIIT Workout discussed the benefits of it over Steady State cardio If you are in any activity you can happily include this 1 0r 2 days in a week in your workout if you can’t do for 2 days in a week at least do 1 time in a week for 20 -25 minutes your Vo2 max will be increased & fat loss will be there. So Guys I Hope you like this Topic If you like this video comment , share and subscribe to our Venkat Fitness Trainer YouTube Channel.