HEIGHT GROWTH Myths That You shouldn’t Believe in 2023

HEIGHT GROWTH Myths – Height is an important factor that plays a significant role in determining one’s physical appearance and confidence. Due to its significance, there are numerous myths surrounding height growth that have been circulating for years. However, not all of these beliefs are true, and some may even be harmful. Now we will discuss some common height growth myths and provide accurate information to help you make informed decisions about your height. So, if you are someone who is curious about height growth, keep reading to find out the truth behind some of the most common height growth myths.


Hi guys welcome to Venkat fitness. Do you want to become number one in your respective field or are you willing to attract others Of course many would say that the height should increase. Some of them will say with good phsique and height you can impress your boss or your girlfriend or else you can lead the team with good leadership quality, like this you may heard different different dialouge’s.

So now we are going to discuss about these things I will tell you some names now. After hearing these names all dialogues in your mind will be deleted. First one is Bruce Lee, Genghis Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, Ameer Khan, JetLi, Alexander the Great, Mark Zuckerberg saying like this there are lot of people in thousands and lakhs all these persons are legends in their respective fields.If we check the commonality among these people Height is the common thing.

All these people are below 5’3 feet in height, this persons are not at all above 6 feet. Height is just a number if you check whether it may be cinema field, sports, or else in business or entrepreneurship. The people which we have discussed earlier or number one legends in their respective fields. So height doesn’t matter at all so why I am discussing this point because so between 18-25 years people will mostly ask this question either in Facebook Instagram or YouTube

What to do to increase the height? Sir tell me the exercises to increase height? Sir, if we do these exercises after the height increases, will the height decrease? like this day will raised different different questions on Height Growth Myths. So because that age is an immature age so in that age if they see any video orif they here any words from other’s. So if they hear don’t do exercise, they will think it’s true & they don’t do it.

If you do exercises and yoga asanas, you will increase your height in you home, if you take 3-4 pull ups a day, you will gain height. They will believe all these things because all these persons needed a sweet lie rather than bitter truth. The truth they want is a lieand they want it. So guys what I am trying to say is your growth and DNA pattern and after completing & hitting your genetic potential your height will not increase.

For example you heignt may increase for 1-3 inches taller than your father. If you are maintaing & following good amount of nutrition & sleep and proper exercise if you given it to your body in the initial stages not going to gym and doing for hours & hours it may be any activity like swimming, playing games, football, running or any kind of sports, like kickboxing or what ever activity you do.

If you have taken proper nutrition with proper sleep nothing can stop your growth. You will see some videos like by doing Shoulder Press exercises your height will be decreased. If squats are done more Height decreases and growth stops or if you carry any weights on your head height will be decreased Like this you may watch some videos and also some YouTube videos. You will become like Baahubali if you do these exercises like this you may have watch some videos.

Height Growth Myths – Don’t believe in these things

Don’t believe in these things. So let me tell you the truth when you hit your genetic potential after that your height will not increase. So guys don’t believe in those wrong statements if you do running wrestling or any kind of sports exercises, shoulder Press or squats how much weight you carry your height will not be decreased. You will reach 100% of your genetic potential whenyou are maintaining proper sleep and good nutrition with a proper lifestyle.

If you eat garden curry stalks, you will become heavy or if you eat raw eggs better strength & better muscles will come and you will grow better height. If you drink camel’s milk, you can increase your height i think you have heard these type of statement if someone suggests any tip. on height growth, then they will hang for 3-4 times on the sunshade at home. not 3-4 times of a day.

If you are there all day long holding it by doing like this your height growth will not be increased and you don’t need to worry about right kind of genetics because Genetics are not in our hand. In India, a normal person average height ranges between 5-6 feet only Height is just a number.

So height will not increase your appearance or craze. With height only you will not get the fame and cinema offers You should only focus on your capability and abilities I hope you like this video guys on HEIGHT GROWTH MYTHS. See you soon. If you want more fitness and health tips Subscribe VENKAT FITNESS TRAINER YouTube Channel