Gym Body Vs Calisthenics Body

Gym Body Vs Calisthenics Body Which body is a permanent body is clearly discussed in the scientific way in this health & fitness blog by professional & certified fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA. So lets get into the topic on Gym Body Vs Calisthenics Body.

Gym Body Vs Calisthenics Body : Which body is Permanent?

Hi guys welcome to Venkat fitness. The topic is about Gym body versus Street workout body, Vyamasala body i.e Gym Body Vs Calisthenics Body. So if we do exercises in gym muscle will come fast but once we stop doing exercises in the gym we may losebut if we do exercises in Vyamasala will be permanent body. Vyamasala body is permanent body gym body is temporary body. Exercises on Machines or abs workout and when ever you stops doing that abdominal will be blotted.

Some people after doing exercises on chest machines they may feel that chest sagness will be increased like this there are lot of myths and statements are there. So I am going to clear all these statements & myths in this video. So what ever place you do exercise, exercise is an exercise whether you do it on road or else in parking garage, cellar in gym or else do it on the mountainsWhat ever place you do, Exercise is an exercise.

If you lift a 10 kg’s brick or if you lift 10 kg’s dumbbell, barbell or if you lift 10kg’s gada or else what ever you lift Stress will be created on the muscle & stress means stress. { Gym Body Vs Calisthenics Body} It’s not like lifting a brick is a high stress and lifting a dumbbell is low stress. Exercise means Exercise whetther you do it in vyamasala or in gym you can do it anywhere. It will depend up on your level of your affordability and on the method you choose but if we come in the case of the proper training methods. The frequency, volume and the intensity and also the peroidization

It’s a method of doing in a very professional way with the professional guidance and advice to achieve your goals. So you can do exercise any where so here the final point is Temporary body Vs Permanent Body { Gym Body Vs Calisthenics Body }. So the persons who spoke these dialouges or statements they don’t know the basic exercise science physiology or basic exercise science principles because the persons who knows basic exercise science principles they will believe one & only strong principle and that is called adaptability. { Gym Body Vs Calisthenics Body }

All your muscles will work on this principle only. For example if you are eating 2 idly’s in breakfast your body will adopt it and a week later if you 3 idly’s in breakfast, then it will be adapted by your body. At one time you ate one idly and ate 2 idlys your body will expect that hunger and you will feel hunger. Also, when you adapt your exercise and if you create progressive overload your body will adapt in the same way.

Whether you do exercise in your home or in gym even as long as you do the exercise. Your muscles will grow so you should have a valid reason to grow your muscles or you should have a valid reason to stay strong. Whatever place you do exercise same tension and stress will be created whether you do with a dumbell or a brick. If you do in gym or outside same stress will be created the motor units in your body will feel that if you stop doing exercises your body will go into natural state it is called atrophy state.

When you start doing exercises muscles will be in hypotrophy state so when ever you stop doing exercise your muscles and body will come into the atrophy state. Atrophy State means you are forgetting about your muscles and not creating any activity or work to your muscles and not creating nutrition plan no proper recovery, tension & no proper utilisation is termed as atrophy state. Hypotrophy state means doing exercise regularly & properly if you keep muscles in hypotrophy state muscle pump will be created

If you do exercise in posh gym body will come fast that is temporary body and if you do exercises in small gym or outside. If you do exercise with free weights that is permanent body, like this nothing is there if you do exercises and then you stop your body will go into Atrophy State and slowly muscle pump will be decreased. { Gym Body Vs Calisthenics Body}

So guys i hope you understand this clear information on Gym Body Vs Calisthenics Body  if you clearly understand this video you will get a clarity thay you should do exercise regularly. So guys wherever you do exercise. Don’t miss the consistency I hope you like this video Subscribe our YouTube channel { Best fitness Channel on YouTube} See you Guys… See You Soon….