Groundnut Oil vs Olive Oil || Which is Best Cooking Oil in India?

Groundnut Oil vs Olive Oil – Cooking oils are an essential ingredient in every kitchen. With the numerous types of oils available in the market, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Two of the most popular oils are groundnut oil and olive oil.While groundnut oil is widely used in Asian cuisine, olive oil is a staple in Mediterranean cuisine. Both oils have their unique flavor, texture, and nutritional benefits, making them suitable for different cooking styles and dishes. In this blog, we will compare groundnut oil vs olive oil, discussing their differences, benefits, and which oil is better for specific types of cooking. So, let’s dive in and explore these two popular cooking oils.

Groundnut {PEANUT} Oil vs Olive Oil

Hi guys Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS. It’s your Venkat, Celebrity Fitness Trainer and your Lifestyle Coach So, is Groundnut Oil good or Olive Oil? Groundnut Oil vs Olive Oil This doubt is common among many people. Many people from the fitness industry say that Olive Oil is the best oil as it reduces fat loss and cholesterol levels Like this not only one individual from dietitians and many people who exercise will follow olive oil and they had experienced it.

To be fit you should consume healthy foods and good oilslike this most of the people will tell us. Good oils are called Olive Oils That’s why Olive Oil is so famous not only in India but worldwide Why is it worldwide famous? Because it is an internationally produced oil. Olive Oil is used as the main base in many countries, we consume different oils in India. Many people have a misconception that is Foreigners consume Olive Oil to be fit, muscular, vascular and healthy.

Differences between Groundnut Oil vs Olive Oil

So we also consume it to be fit and healthy and many people are shifting to Olive Oil. It’s not a mistake, Olive Oil is the best oil but Olive Oil is not the only best oil. There is another best oil equivalent to olive oil and that is Groundnut Oil which is close to our culture. Since 1950, 1960 from ancient times from the time of Ayurveda. We have been using Groundnut Oil in India, Groundnut Oil has the same benefits as Olive Oil additionally, there is no difference between the two

But in 1950s, in US propaganda, Refined oils were promoted a lot Indian oils are not good oils, they are waste oils. The oils used in India do not work for cooking. The oils and factories we have are very good. So Canadian oils, Sunflower oils, refined oils like this they promoted a lot about Olive Oil. Many people are not able to understand the greatness of Indian oils but Groundnut Oil is equivalent to Olive Oil there is no doubt about it.

Nutritional Benefits of Groundnut Oil vs Olive Oil

In Ayurveda times we used Mustard Oil, Cold Press Oil, and Groundnut Oil, but if we look at it in detail Omega 6 fatty acids in Olive Oil which are mono unsaturated fats. In Groundnut oil’s also Omega 6 fatty acids are there and they are in the same amount Mono unsaturated fats are also the same. There are no difference’s The benefits of both groundnut & olive oil are the sameWe will discuss the differences between Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids in a separate video.

So, Groundnut Oil is equivalent to Olive Oil. To control lipid profiles, cholesterol levels in the human body. Olive Oil is as helpful & beneficial as Groundnut Oil you may have a doubt why I am talking about Groundnut Oil. There is no difference between the two for me but if we look at the price variant. Comparatively to Groundnut Oil, Olive Oil is very expensive. Groundnut Oil is the oil that suits our environment and soil. The oil that we are using since childhood

From our ancestors, When we prepare Indian style foods. We get more taste and nutrition benefits from Groundnut Oil than Olive Oil. So, why not promote our own culture? No matter what positive changes come in our body. You can give preference to Groundnut Oil as much as you prefer Olive Oil. You will get the same benefits from it

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