Fitness Myths vs Facts: The Ultimate Guide to Debunking Common Misconceptions

Fitness Myths vs Facts – In today’s world, there are many myths surrounding fitness and health. These myths can be misleading and prevent individuals from achieving their fitness goals. Some of these myths are so ingrained in our minds that we often accept them as facts without questioning their validity.

That’s why it’s essential to distinguish between fitness myths and facts. In this blog post, we will examine some of the most common fitness myths and separate them from the truth. By understanding the truth behind these myths, you’ll be able to make better decisions about your health and fitness, and avoid unnecessary frustration and disappointment. So, let’s dive in and explore the real facts about fitness!

Fitness Myths vs Facts

Hi Bunty, Why did you come to the gym? Yeah brother, i have seen your video in the last week. After watching your video i had started going to the gym and from the last week i am going to the gym regularly without missing. Oh, Very Good Are you doing good? I have just started and i am doing well brother. What is that in your hand? It’s banana and bread, If we eat before exercising, energy will come is said by many so that’s why i am eating banana and bread before exercise.

Hello guys welcome to Venkat fitness it’s your Venkat. So guys I guess you understand today’s topic . These small small mistakes are being done by beginners and intermediate persons because every human being, before adopting any activity in that mistakes will be common whether it is you are me in the initial stages we all do mistakes after that we will rectify our bad experience and we will achieve our goal.

Fitness Myths vs Facts 01 – Which food we should eat before exercise?

So guys in Bunty’s hand there is bread and banana like this so many times you saw your friends eating in the gym or else drinking the black tea & eating the boiled potatoes in the gym or else you too have done it in the gym so let’s discuss that now. So most of them will say by taking carbs we can do exercise productively Of course it is correct. When you are consuming carbs also matters here.

So before doing exercise if you are taking black coffee or eating something and after doing exercise by eating banana your energy will not be increased because whatever food you take that food will go from esophagus it will go to digestive system and from small intestine and to reach into our blood it takes at least 30 – 45 minutes of time. So during this 30 – 45 minutes of time if you take the food immediately it is very difficult to convert into energy.

So to correct this mistake if you can consume your pre workout meal before 30 to 45 minutes of your workout. There will be different type of foods and depending on the foods you choose that means. For some people they prefer intra workout they will eat or drink during the exercise, So intra workout means during the workout.

So pre workout refers to taking the food prior to 30-45 minutes of your workout pre workout refers to taking the food after the workout. You all know these things but in this you should do a small correction & that is if you can maintain atleast 30-45 minutes of time before a workout your energy will be boosted and you can do exercise productively and you can do it with full potential.

Fitness Myths vs Facts 02 – With how much weights we should start muscle building?

Hi Bunty, you are doing your workout with good weights, Yes brother I am doing dead lift’s yeah you are doing with good weight. As i started it recently some one told me muscle’s will increase if we do with heavy weight’s that’s why I am doing maximum heavyweight Oh how many repetitions you have done? In the first set three repetitions and in the 2nd set two repetitionsHow many sets you are doing?

For every variation with two sets and 2 to 3 repetitions if you are doing like this you should feel wrong because if you are in muscle building stage or if you want to transform your body you should focus on lifting your maximum weight of course in addition to this if you want to under muscle hypertrophy and strength gain at least you need to maintain 6 to 12 repetitions with your approximately 70-80% of your maximum weight.

If you lift with this weight while doing exercise and if you are maintaining proper tempo 100% muscle contraction will be properly done and if you control the muscle in the ecentric mode you can easily achieve your goal ok, not only that. Most of them do a common mistake that is they will only focus on weights, sets and reps and they execute it but they will not measure how properly they are doing how is their form up to?

Whenever they are going to create and feel the deep involvement with muscle contraction 100% your muscular strength and in addition to this muscular damage and mechanical tension will be created. If you involve these 3 thing’s in your exercise 100% you can achieve your goal.

Fitness Myths vs Facts 03 – Can we do SIDE BENDS with heavy weights?

Bunty, what are you doing with dumbbell?with such a heavy weight? I am doing side bends brother. So if we do side bends with heavy weight dumbbell it is said that fat in the love handles will be lost very fastly. So if we do it with the heavy weight the intra muscular fat in that muscle will be lost fastly that’s why i am doing side bends with heavy weight dumbbell’s this is the common word which you heard and also you too had done it many times.

So what i am saying is there is no need to do side bends with heavy weights. To reduce the fat in your love handle’s you should focus on trunk rotation’s. If not trunk rotatiion’s, if you do side bends with heavy weights i don’t know whether side fat will be reduced or not but there will be 100% stress on your spine, So don’t do these mistakes If your goal is fat loss firstly you should focus on whether you are in calorie deficiet or not? Whether you are involving minimum amount of cardio in your regular activity or not? Whether you are doing intense workouts or not? Proper rest and proper sleep must be there

You should monitor all these things because spot reduction is not possible without doing the diet if you do heavy weight’s with side bends lower back injuries will occurred and side effect will not be reduced. So guys these type of mistakes are repeatedly done by many This type of mistakes{Fitness Myths vs Facts} will be discussed in our YouTube channel every week and also in the next coming days

We will discuss the common mistakes done by many and how to rectify thoose mistakes because of this minor mistake’s you may get injured. Once you got injured it takes a lot of time for you to rehab and to come in the proper track so to prevent the injuries firstly you should correct your mistakes and to reach your goal in a systematic way these type of informative videos will be very helpful for you.

In these series of videos on Fitness Myths vs Facts – i want you give the clear information of your myths. So guys make sure these kind of videos on Fitness Myths vs Facts are very helpful to you and make sure to follow me and subscribe to my youtube channel. Thank You So much, Your Venkat, Signing of! If You are looking for the best gym in hyderabad then VENKAT FITNESS Personal training fitness studio got you covered to achieve your fitness goals!