Exercises to Lose Abdominal Fat is clearly explained by Certified Celebrity Fitness Trainer Venkat Fitness Trainer.

Hi guys welcome to Venkat fitness!! It’s your Venkat Today’s topic, most required, Main consent for everyone, Every one’s thought in mind, how to reduce Abdominal Fat or how to get flat stomach, Six packs, This is small target for everyone.

To achieve this everyone try different exercises and diet plans In addition with this takes a lot of detoxification drinks. Hope you watched, Some random drink will burn all your stomach fat just in a week or this food reduce abdominal fat or elevates abdominal muscles quickly Drink this juice for higher fat burn near stomach. Do this variation you will get six pack just in a week

You already know a lot of these, I won’t believe all these I believe in scientifically proven variations only. Let’s talk about them today. How much weight you are, obese you are, you can do these exercises in home itself They don’t have any side effects. Moreover, In this nutritional series to reduce abdominal fat getting a six pack we have different exercises.

I’ll explain about them in near future Today, lets know about how to reduce abdominal fat in basic variations If you take a water bottle, Many say as they have heavy fat near belly ask me what to do to remove all fat. If it need to be immediate we can chop it off will that be feasible?? NO.. So, Practically fact in belly is like dirt in the bottom of water bottle So to remove the particles or dirt we need to pour off all the above water Can we remove that dirt with out pouring water out?? Like wise, Abdominal fat Rectus abdominal, Middle abdominal, Transverse abdominal. Transverse abdominal is bottom area Which is located below the novel, to reduce fat in this area first targeted Muscles is rectus abdominal Upper abs.

Best variation for upper abs is regular crunches. When we do regular crunches functioning will be at shoulder plates. Or neck functioning, or just alone will flex. For a very few abdominal Muscles will loaded If you get command on this Muscles, if you can function through these Muscles you can do more than 10 repetitions. To do that you need to concentrate on muscle squeezing on muscle contraction. while you need to concentrate on Breath Out. Exhale all the oxygen out from your lungs. While doing down where muscles are in eccentric mode, not in concentric mode, While you stretched your upper back, inhale the air. Don’t forget this This is basic variation crunches.

Second, for middle abdominal simple variation is Seated Knee Tucks. This Seated Knee tucks, although you are high on weigh with less flexibility stiffer lower and upper backs, or with huge stomach this variation is hard to do So what to do then as an alternative? Doing single leg rise by single leg targeted muscle is Middle abdominal. Transverse Abdominal you should feel like lifting with lower abs. Load on legs should be very less and shouldn’t involve upper back support.

When you hit middle abdominal then do Breath out one after another leg. Third variation is transverse abdominal. For this basic variation is at sleep position leg rises. How many people do it properly? 99 out 0f 100 do it wrongly One do it right. They do it because, they don’t take lower back support doing leg rises with the support of pelvis, resulting in higher abdominal involvement.

It reduces abdominal fat faster. When ever you lift with pelvis doing muscle contraction up to rectus abdomen and then breath out. while stretching drop in control This result in higher muscle ability, course strength and faster lower belly fat loss 4th variation abdominal hold. To reduce abdominal muscle fat, increase abdominal strength to increase course stability and strength, first you need higher muscle command.

That’s why fourth variation abdominal hold which is squeezing and holding abdominal muscle Release slowly… Squeeze Hold Release slowly, Breath out while squeezing fast. Slow inhale, Fast exhale and squeeze your muscle And last variation is plank. as weight is more unable to do planks, or more upper body weight or less had strength, Triceps can’t handle my own weight for all these reasons people can take knee support and do modified planks Always target abdominal muscle while doing modified planks. Planks are not to increase lower back stability but to increase abdominal strength and stamina.

To increase course stability, Most do mistakenly lift their backs, leans down or only involving lower back with no abdominal involvement. Like this if we control our core, we can build our core strength very well With high core strength you can lift higher weights at ease. Moreover, you can maintain Great posture and good form in every exercise can avoid injuries, better lower back strength, When core strength is increased each and every muscle builds faster as you have better gut health. apatite increases, and a better digestive system. So, when you reduce abdominal fat not only elevating abdominal muscles, but overall health will be improved.

A great digestive system, higher apatite, can digest every food faster, and you outfits will be proportionate Fatty arms and chest with abdominal fat won’t have any benefit What ever your volume is the proportionate body matters a lot So guys ,I assume these abdominal variations will help you a lot If you like this video don’t forget to comment, like and share See you guys… See you soon Stay Tuned to Venkat Fitness Trainer.