Exercises for Stronger Biceps & Best Bicep Workouts in Telugu is Clearly Explained by the #1 & Best Hyderabad Fitness Trainer Venkat Madamala to Reach your Fitness Goals Easily & Correctly.

Hi guys welcome to Venkat fitness!! Today’s topic is how to build your bigger biceps to build your biceps, to increase it’s volume, strength or arm strength or to increase four arm strength and volume, I’ll tell you best variations today

To increase your bicep strength you need to know how many heads are there in your bicep There were two heads short head and long head in biceps. otherwise called as brachialis or brachioradial is, which is part near four arm

To increase volume and size initially we need to focus on longer head For this longer head what are basic variations? First variation plain barbell curls. While doing plain barbell curls you need to focus on with which part you are lifting with finger, or with palm or is wrist is bending. should concentrate on muscle tension

How much muscle contraction is happening, we should simply breath out during that period. During this process, when ever muscle contraction happened, while creating tension, while squeezing muscle, while dropping controlled 90% of people may move their body.  Our Body will slightly gets tilted and will bend, because of this muscle won’t lengthen resulting in less muscle growth. To avoid this try not to move your body

Second variation, Dumbbell curls. Alternate dumbbell curls, need to be done with minimal body and wrist moment, with maximum concentration on muscle squeezing. try as much as possible controlling drop, While lifting hold wrist stable and hit faster drop slowly.

The third variation concentration curls, While doing this so many cheat by taking shoulder support or will bend wrist slightly, this leads to good mechanical tension and a great muscle volume

Fourth variation is Drag Curls. Advantage of this is your entire focus is on muscle contraction with no injuries. full focus on muscle and just need to concentrate on elevation. this will increase you muscle growth and a better muscle definition.

Fifth and last variation is close rib chin ups. This will increase overall strength for biceps and four arms. you bicep and arm stability will increase tremendously. more over muscle will lengthen more

For many bicep insertion point is up to here, although there is a higher origin. Reason for this is not focusing on insertion point. not doing full range of motion exercises So never do half range of exercises or bending body. this stops lengthening muscle from insertion point. This may give you awkward looks while wearing a T-shirt.

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