Does Lifting Weights Stunt Growth?

Does Lifting Weights Stunt Growth? – There is a common myth that lifting weights can stunt your growth, especially in young individuals. This myth has been around for a long time, causing confusion and concern for many people who want to start strength training. However, the truth is far from this myth. In this blog post, we will explore whether lifting weights really does stunt growth and debunk some common misconceptions surrounding this topic. We will also discuss the potential benefits of strength training for people of all ages, and how to approach weightlifting safely and effectively.

Hi guys welcome to Venkat fitness it’s your Venkat Professional fitness trainer and your lifestyle coach. The most burning question asked by teenagers is will stunted growth happens if we do weight training or weight lifting? means will height growth be stopped is the question asked by many, before explaining this topic I will give you small examples Arnold Schwarzenegger height is 6’1, Lebron james height is above 6’5 approximately and also if you can see lot of basket ball players or football players, wrestlers are bodybuilders most of the people in them in them are all above 6 feet.

Does weight lifting reduce stunt height and stop growth?

Why I am telling all these things is by doing weightlifting or weight training your height growth will not be stopped that means Lifting Weights will not Stunt Growth but if we see in our India some of them have idea and some of them may not have idea. Coming to the gym without no idea bringing 16 years boy. They will tell in a way that our child height growth should not be stopped so don’t train him on the shoulder exercise lower body exercises like leg workouts.

Height growth will be stopped if he do leg workouts like this so many people will ask and tell these things. So for all these people what I am saying is height doesn’t stop as long as you do weight training and if you do pull up exercises height will not be increased because the thing we should understand this. By doing weight training your spine will not be compressed and the second point is by doing weightlifting your bones will be strengthen that’s it and your bones will not be shorten bones size will not be decreased.

Does Lifting Stunt Growth?

So you can happy you do Weight training or Weight lifting after 15’s whom ever you see it may be international fitness freaks or big big body builders all these people may start their weight training at the age of below 15 years means there will be a comparision for everyone i will tell you a simple example if you are going to gym to build your body Bodybuilding is luxurious Sport and 24/7 Sport and bodybuilding is a difficult sport you will compare the bodybuilding with the gym you go.

The purpose of you for going to gym is to build a proportionate body not for bodybuilding competition. If we see in the aspects of weight training, weight training or weight lifting is not at all for the competition for Olympics. In our case weight training is just to strengthen and stimulate our muscles, I will tell you one example few years back one article is released in a book and it is stated that all the olympic lifters are below 6 feet through the word of mouth it’s slowly slowly passed as for all the Olympic lifters there is no height growth in themcand they are below 6 feet.

Most of them is miss understand this To be a good cricketer they will use there height as an advantage, they can bowl well if they have a good height. When coming to the weight training aspects if the height is less then for the Olympic lifts and weight trainingtheir activity and weightlifting capacity will be increased like this they are strongly believing. So this is also an advantage if we see in the muscle building aspects like bodybuilding or muscle building.

For example if we are discussing with our friends regarding muscle building and muscle bulk. Firstly they will analyze us by looking at our arms and body structure how strong are the muscles and how bulk is he? these are the basic details noticed by them but in the aspects of muscle building and weight training. While talking about muscle building, weight training & weight lifting How big the muscles are is not a rule of thumb, the 2nd Point is the persons who are bulk will look short slightly but height growth is dependent on two factors.

Does Lifting Weights During Puberty Stunt Your Height?

One is in the growing age proper nutrition and also proper recovery and rest, in addition to this proper sleep of course it may be dependent on genetics. If we talk in a scientific way teenager’s growth is dependent on epiphyseal growth plates Epiphyseal growth plates especially in the in puberty time giving proper nutrient supply to the body and if give proper sleep and recovery to the body. For a male there growth will happen for 21-22 years by doing weight training or lifting the weights epiphyseal plates growth will not be stopped unless and untill if they are having any serious joint issues & injuries and in this rare cases only.

So in puberty time height growth is dependent on the habits, so there nutrition intake must be in a proper way & inaddition to this they must have proper sleep and rest. If they don’t have proper sleep that means diurnal animals and nocturnal animals are two types are there diurnal animals are humans basically they work in the sunlight and will be active. When ever sun sets slowly slowly body will go to relax mode and then they will take a sleep.

Nocturnal animals are not active during the sunlight, So nocturnal animals don’t have a proper sleep in the night time. So they don’t have a proper height growth and changes in their body composition. For Example their growth hormones levels will not increase in a proper way and also required amount of growth hormones will not be released in their body. The reason behind it is Saturated fats are very high than required amount in their body and in addition to the increase of fatty acids epiphyseal growth plate’s are damaged.So make sure atleast you have to sleep 7-8 hours daily.

So guys i hope i hade cleared your confusion, What ever exercise you do height growth will not be stopped or else if you do different different exercises and walking’s or if you eat different different foods that will not leads to increase in the height growth It will be dependednt on your genetics the quality food you have taken in your teenage and how you have given the proper recovery and rest and also depending upon your epiphyseal plates growth your height growth will be dependent & determined.

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