Does Exercises required to Boost Immune System ?  & HEALTH TIPS IN TELUGU Is Clearly Explained by Certified Fitness Trainer VENKAT MADAMALA In this Fitness & Health Blog.

Hi guys welcome to venkat fitness, It’s your venkat so todays topic is about immune system. relation between immune system and work out Do we need to do exercise for a strong immune system? To increase your immune system if we do exercise how does our body responds? How many types of response processes are there? and immune response types? All these are covered in todays topic

if you eat good food and wash your hands for every half an hour your immunity won’t increase you will be safe, that’s it. Now, what are the benefits of stronger immunity lets see. Basically if we have weak immune system people say some virus or bacteria may effect what is immune system? we need to know.

Immune system is connection of different enzymes organs and cells, all are working in one disciple manner All these working in a proper manner is termed as immune system so, what are the types in the immune system? Two types..

1. Non Specific Immune Response

2. Specific Immune Response

If any bacteria attacks our body it will respond in two types .The first one non specific immune response, If a bacteria attacks our body it creates inflammation because to fight against that virus, which was non specific immune response second one is specific immune response. We have T cells and B cells in our body .To produce anti bodies in our body and to fight against it these T cells and B cells will help We will see more about that in up coming video.

So point here is, How much time we need to exercise for a stronger immune system How many days in a week.. 5 days? 3 days? daily or twice a day? many have doubts So, basically what ever exercises you do, like running, jogging, cycling Arabic’s any kind of weight training, cross feet, main moto is to improve cardio health which means promoting good heart health. this help in avoiding heart problems/ diseases.

Basically, whatever activity you do your body temperature will increases, improved thermo senisus when thermo senisus increase it increases fat burning rate. You should get fresh feel after exercise, if you got this then only your body have endorphins which are happy hormones. if that feeling was not created something is going wrong If you do 2,3,4 hours of exercise, you don’t get any fresh feel instead you feel exhausted or you may ending eating and sleeping a lot. This adds unwanted stuff to your system and resulting in larger adipose tissue but with zero benefits.

Basically activity is for being healthy with a great immune system Studies says, any kind of activity will flesh unwanted bacteria from your lungs This was proven too. As hearing all these if you do 4 hours of exercise daily,
You immune system wont become stronger, in-fact it get even weaker For example what ever exercise you do, cortisol gets released once it get released your body will go to anabolic state, at this stage endorphins(happy hormones) releases you should know this stage. Your bodies knows how much activity, exercise to do body records everything. How many calories you burnt today, you don’t even need a watch

when your body demands rest you should value it. instead thinking for a stronger immunity if you do 2-4 hours a day of exercise/ gym you will be weak. that’s why if you work for 5 days a week do that, or one hour a day, but you feel weak after exercise do 45 mins only if you feel 45 mins even stressful do it for 30 mins only. If you are getting stressed for 30 mins do it 15 min, no problem at all.

The point over here is, the time doesn’t matter but, doing exercise matters a lot Early in the morning when your friend is still sleeping you did 15 min exercise that better than your sleeping friend So concentrate on that, instead if you do over training, you make your immune system weak Because body is going from catabolic state from anabolic state because of higher cortisol release.

what is anabolic state? It creates something. Catabolic stage means it’s breaking something Doing some damage in our body. so always try to keep your body in anabolic state this increases thermocylisis, faster fat burning system and leaves you fresh feeling after exercise After hearing all these too if you want to do exercise 2-3 hours a day do you face any problems? yes, if you don’t understand your body and over train it, what ever muscle you hit by going in to catabolic state all the wise blood cells in your body go to that muscle and tries to repair it

In this time your body immune system will be weak, and higher chance of bacterial or viral attack That’s why don’t over train your body. Moderate amount of exercise moderate amount of protein, moderate amount of sleep. doing anything moderately is enough. doing 30 mins a day that OK! feeling stressed in that 30 mins just do 20 mins. if its still high for you do it 3 days a week Firstly, don’t torture your body. Hear you inner voice, because everyone have different stress levels

Basically exercise itself is stress path you shouldn’t take additional stress which means, your respiratory system or cardio vascular system immune system or digestive system all these systems will be in stress. As all these were in stress you are adding additional stress So keep it in mind and do required exercise only.. So guys, final summary, moderate amount of exercise, moderate amount of food for improving immunity we came to know how important exercise is… so guys, i hope you like this video. If you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet please do it immediately and please hit the bell icon for any updates and notifications Comment about future videos in comment box below So guys, see you, see you soon…