Does EATING CARBS at Night Make You Fat?

Does EATING CARBS at Night Make You Fat? is the topic for today. I will explain all you queries of eating carbs at night in this fitness blog.If we take carbohydrates after 7 pm will it be converted into fat? By doing like this shall we weight gain & become fat is the doubt for so many people? Some people will tell after 6pm we should not take carbohydrates because fat will be accumulated. Because of this weight & fat loss will not be done they will also tell to their friends & they will follow it and they feel like they are getting results in it.

There is a concept behind this & most of them are forgetting it you should check the daily calorie intake of your diet. So this calorie intake is equal to maintentance calories or it is in calorie surplus or calorie deficit you must know it you should know about your daily calorie expenditure. If you are in calorie deficit you can happily take the carbs in the night time telling not to take carbs will be a big mistake

Misconception Behind Does EATING CARBS at Night Make You Fat?

It is a misconception that if we didnot take carbs in night time then i will loose weight ,It is an Evidenece less statement & there is no evidence. The point is whether you are in calorie deficit or not if we ask them who told about this information they will say that my friend, coach , gym mate or colleague told me like this they will say & it is a evidence less statement.

Here the point is taking carbs in night time is not a mistake but in which condition you must take is you must know the details of your calorie intake, you must be in any target. If you are in calorie deficiet you can happily take carbs basically why this statement has been popular because psychologically it is habbit. For example in night time some people in sleep they will woke up & they will walk some people will go to bed at 10’o clock but they will not get sleep unilil 2-3 pm.

If we check the studies why it is happening it might be because of their life style changes or because of their stress levels & job stress or else due to their medication like this different different reasons will be there. Due to these reasons their eating pattern will be changed they will not sleep untill 2-3 pm by watching tv or spending time with phone, they will eat the food item’s in the fridge & do time pass if the food is completed which is stored in the fridge they order through swiggy & eat all types of food items then they will sleep and wake up late in the morning.

When ever they woke up late in the morning, In the morning’s their appetite will be suppressed & they will not feel hungry and they will start eating the food in the night to break this only they will tell to avoid carbs. So if you take any type of junk or binge eating what will eat in the night time of a cheat diet are Pizza, Dosa or Idly, Chapathi’s, these are carbohydrates only know in additional to these, foods which are available in our home made sweets & foods.

Facts about Does EATING CARBS at Night Make You Fat?

So, basically all these are carbohydrates not high amount of calorie dense foods, but all these are carbohydrates. That’s why they will tell to avoid these carbs if you are in calorie deficit, you can happily take carbohydrates in the night time. Because of insomnia problem, these things will happen eating Disorder, you will not feel hunger. But you will feel to eat something in the night time. When ever you had changed the biological clock’s you will be affected with the metabollic disorders Change in the Appetite ,Hormonal Changes & Water retention due to this you will also gain the weight

So these many problems are there we should avoid the carbs in the night or else we should consult a proffessional or nutritionist and we should take the diet from them which will be very help for weight loss and they think in a way that they will not gain weight & fat. These type of people should consult psychiatrist, not nutritionist because they are not having the controlling power in the night time.

Because of this whever the coach or his friend suggestion is you can’t control yourself to eat in the night time they will tell him to Sleep early & try to avoid the carbs. So you cant reist yourself to eat. They will not like if they says all these thinks like should sleep early in a gentle way they will tell them to avoid carbs. So why i am saying to consult a psychiatrist because, weight gain or fat accumulation is not the major point.

Here the concept is sleep,because of sleep disorder only these types of problems will arise like Hormonal Changes, Metabolic disorders if you want to control or regulate your metabolism and appetite.These biological clock will help you very much so take lower amount of carbs in the night time.In the Calorie deficiet days taking carbs in the night time your sleep pattern will not be disturbed. So thats why most of them will tell to avoid carbs in the night time this statement is not popular today, this statement has been popular since 1950’s.

Conclusion for the Topic Does EATING CARBS at Night Make You Fat?

Basically what ever foods you take, there will be carbs in it Simple Simple foods are also made of carbs & by avoiding them. They will say it will help you in weight loss & fat loss by taking good protein & fiber foods your thermosenesis will increase. They state that it will help for fat loss and your fat burning system will be fast thats why they will tell to avoid the carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are not a dangerous thing wehich we should not eat basically there are 2 major issues, one is High calorie intake in the wrong biological clocks.

When ever you are taking the High calorie intake in the wrong biological clocks due to this only water retention, weight gain & fat accumulation will be happened. So try to change these things so i feel i clearly explained your doubt whether to eat or not to the carbohydrates in the night time. So Guys if you like this video Like, Comment & Don’t forget to subscrbe our YouTube Channel. See You Guys… See you Soon with New Topic’s.

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