Do you really need to lift heavy weights for muscle growth?

Do you really need to lift heavy weights for muscle growth? Are heavy weights mandatory to achieve muscle growth. All these doubts will be vanished for you if you are finding an answer for Do you really need to lift heavy weights for muscle growth? in this fitness & health blog post by certified fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA.

Hello guys to reach your goals Is weight training {i.e heavy weights} are mandatory? Without doing heavy weights you can’t reach your goal or not? Without proper technique & peroidization will you raech your goal or not? Not only this, is post workout meal mandatory? What type of foods you must complsiorly take in your post workout meal? What type of chemistry your body will undergo while doing the exercises? This is the topic for today! Do you really need to lift heavy weights for muscle growth?

Do you really need to lift heavy weights for muscle growth &Development?

So this topic will be divided into 3 parts i.e 3 levels. From a beginner who recently started going to the gym to an intermediate person who has an experience for 1-2 years and also to an advanced lifter.In a scientific way i will give in depth information according to my knowledge If we see in a begineer point of view. Why begineer should do exercise & why they will do? While doing exercise what type of chemistry will undergo in your body?

If we observe what ever goal they have it may be weight loss, fat loss or else muscle building What ever goal they have, when ever they started exercise that means there body is in stress.After maintaining this stress to a certain time their body recovery will be depends upon the post workout meal they take. So for the faster recovery of their body to spike up their glycosine & insulin levels firstly they should focus on fast acting proteins & carbohydrates.

Fast acting proteins means milk, whey protein, fast acting carbohydratyes means white rice or sweet potatoes or else bananas. For the much faster recovery & to spike up the insulin level. In the 1st place it will be whey protein with Glucon-D this is a compulsory thing which you should remember. When ever a beginner completed his exercises, defnitely there will be a fatigue feel. In addition to this there will be muscle soreness or body temperature & heart rate will be increased slightly glycosin will be dropped.

Like this they will experience these conditions for the very first time what they should do is immediately after doing exercise, they should take fast acting proteins & carbohydrates.Do you really need to lift heavy weights for muscle growth? By taking this, insulin will spike up & body will go into the recovery state. The 2nd one, the intermideate persons who are having 1-2 years of experience what they should focus & what type of chemistry they will undergo while doing exercise in their body is basically while doing exercises whenever you started doing exercise your body temperature will be increased and also blood pressure will be increased.

After 30-35 minutes when ever blood pressure has increased muscle damage will be done. When ever muscle damage is done, after 35-40 minutes their growth hormone & cortisol levels will be increased. Whenever there is increase in growth hormones & cortisol level, defaultly insulin levels will be decreased.When ever there is drop in insulin, their energy levels will be decreased When ever energy levels are dropped they should focus on immedieately they should spike up their insulin levels or else to replace the glycosine is mandatory.

When ever you try to replace that glycosine after post workout cortisol levels will be balanced that means lowering the level of it normal condition of the levels of the growth hormone. In addition to this body temperature will come to normal condition insulin spike up will be done.To spike up this insulin, the 1st thing that should be done by an intermediate person is they should focus on fast acting carbohydrates. These fast acting carbohydrates means it may be Glucon-D or else white rice in addition to it Bananas, Pan cakes or else.

For this summer season the best is sugar cane juice by taking this Bananas, Pan cakes, white rice, sugar cane juice or else with whey protein with Glucon-D Insulin will spike up & glycosine will be replaced.Whenever glycosine is replaced muscle voulme will be increased happily. These muscle voulme will be increased only if there is a spike in insulin fast acting carbohydrates is mandatory for intermediate person.So intermediate persons must follow this tip.

The last one is about advanced lifter As we already discussed while doing exercises body will be under stress, and their body temperature will be increased when ever body temperature is increased, depending up on their activity cortisol will be increasedFor some people it may take 20-25 minutes or for some other it may take 40-45 minutes time for the cortisol levels to be increased.In that time, as we previously discussed their insulin levels will be lowered.

So when insulin is low automatically your central nervous system will undergo fatigue or else local fatigue will be happened but in the case of an advanced lifter.If we discuss this in a in depth way in a scientific manner the chemistry which is happening in their body while doing exercises is.Bascially in human body there are 2 types of muscle fibres Type 1 & Type 2 Muscle Fibres Kepping aside these type 2a & type 2b ,we will discuss about type 1 & type 2.

Type 1 Muscle fibers are called as SLOW TWITCH MUSCLE FIBERS- These SLOW TWITCH MUSCLE FIBERS are called as RED Do you really need to lift heavy weights for muscle growth? MUSCLE FIBERS. Type 2 Muscle fibers are called as FAST Twitch muscle fibers and these are called as White muscle fibers. In this type 1 & type 2 muscle fibers, motor units will be there these motor units for example. While doing exercises with light weights, defaultly type 1 muscle fibers activation & involvement will be more while doing exercises with heavy weights, defaultly type 2 muscle fibers activation & involvement will be more.

In the process of involvement & activation of the type1 muscle fibers long time sustanibility will be there with the exercises & activity but stimulating the type 2 muscle fibers. Low sustainibilty will be there while doing the exercises or activity the reason behind it is Of course Do you really need to lift heavy weights for muscle growth?, while doing the exercises it may be any weight training. The motor units in type 1 & type 2 muscle fibres recuit will be there.

Depending up on the weights you choose, muscle involvement will be there basically while doing exercises, muscle contraction will be there.While muscle contraction, myofibrils and myofilaments in the muscles will slide when these 2 are sliding.When they are sliding myofibril tear will happen, whenever it is happened This is called as MUSCLE DAMAGE. When ever you involved type1 or type2 muscle fibers more the motor uniits in these two will be recuited

While lifting heavy weights type 2 muscle fibres involvement will be there, like this it will play the role but in both recuit will be there in both motor units myofibrils and myofilaments. When ever muscle contraction is happened, these both will slide slightly Myofibril tear will happen, when this tear happened.This is called muscle damage. For this muscle damage, proper recovery must be compulsiory this muscle damage can be done in 3 proper technicalities.

Conclusion for the topic Do you really need to lift heavy weights for muscle growth?

Firstly when ever you are doing the exercises your body will be under stress metabolically in addition to this mechanical tension will be created in the muscles Muscle damage will be done. Next to this, your recovery will depend up on your post workout mealWhat is the purpose of doing exercise means to increase protein synthesis in your body, we will damage the muscle. After muscle damage you should immediately spike up the insulin level because whenever we spike up insulin levels, automatically cortisol levels will be decreased.

So insulin is a anabolic hormone when ever we spike up this anabolic hormone after doing exercise, Proper nutrient supply will be there to your muscles & body. If you get proper nutrient supply, muscle recovery will be there. So guys if you follow this process, in additional to your muscle growth 100% you will go to next level. If you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced level person what is the chemistry in your body while doing exercise?

Now we had discussed how the post workout meal is important after doing exercise we will undergo muscle damage while doing exercises.To recover the damaged muscle we will give the proper nutrient supply with the post workout meal only. The post workout must be included with fast acting proteins & carbohydratyes and also I will leave you link in description which comprises the combination of the proper post workout meal If you need it, you can download it So guys i hope you like this video See you guys… See you Soon

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