Difference Between BCAA & EAA Which one is Best & Suitable for You is Clearly Explained by Certified Fitness Trainer Venkat Madamala in this Fitness Blog.

Hi Guys Venkat Here Todays Topic is about Essential Amino Acids Last Time We Discussed About Branched Chain Amino Acids {BCAA}. What is the Difference between BCAA & EAA? Which One We Should Use For Better Results & Why should We use this & who should use this Can Every One Can Use & How much we should take? So the Difference between BCAA’S & Essential Amino Acids Means

As we discussed in the Last Time In BCAA‘S Leucine , Isoleucine, Valine will be there In this Essential Amino Acids how many Amino Acids will be there? So in Total there will be 9 Amino Acids in the EAA HISTIDINE, LYSINE , METHIONINE ,PHENYALANINE ,TRYPTOPHAN,THREONINE,LEUCINE ,ISOLEUCINE & VALINE. These 9 amino acids are very important here Essential Refers to very Important.

Why this important for any one we should know Who Should Compulsorily Take this Amino Acids means who are in calorie deficient they should take this the people who should not take this i.e. if you are taking enough amount of calories & if your nutrition time is on point they this it is not necessary for you if not its hard to take on point meal if it is hard to consume vegetables & fruits on time in your regular lifestyle then you can intake this essential amino acids but this is just a supplement.

Firstly you should focus on food & nutrition then you should go for supplementation Supplementation must be your last choice .The First Priority must be Food Intake , Nutrition, Quality Food & Nutrition Timing is very Important We Discussed Who Should Use, who shouldn’t use if they are in calorie surplus they should not give first priority to essential amino acids the priority which we give for carb supplements is not necessary for these EAA’s

Who Should Give ? The People who cant take time to time meal & the one who cant take vegetables & fruits regularly should given first priority to the Essential Amino Acids But first food then only you should go for the supplements the doubt is how much to take & in which time we should take? Basically these Essential Amino Acids most of the people will take after post workout yes we can take after post workout Some people will take during workout { Intra Workout} the people who undertake endurance training High Intensity Interval Training , Cross Fit & Functional Training for their muscle recovery & to enhance their muscle protein synthesis they will use during workout.

Some Other People they will intake between meal & meal because it promotes their health for the proper balancing of their muscle protein to recover the muscle protein through out the day they will take for meal to meal. When Ever You Take you should intake 10-12 Grams Per Day is Enough If your Diet is moderate & on time and then you can take 6-7 Grams is enough

So Guys I am Explaining You Clearly These Essential Amino Acids are for To Enhance Your Protein Synthesis for the recovery of muscle also to increase the muscle volume & also to Promote Positive Muscle Protein Balance to reduce the muscle fatigue & reduce inflammation & to increase muscle recovery these amino acids are used .

And the final summary is Which one is Better BCAA OR EAA In my View Essential Amino Acids are Better as we discussed in EAA 9 Amino Acids will be there & in BCAA only 3 will be there If you want to take you can take EAA .Presently in the market different brands of Essential Amino Acids are Available what ever it may be it must be used as Just as a Supplement This First Priority Must be Food ,For Sleep ,For Workouts if these are not happening for for then go for supplement I hope i had given an valuable information about Essential Amino Acids If You Like this Video Subscribe to my channel and Comment Your Suggestions for my Upcoming Videos So Guys See You See You Soon.