Common HIIT WORKOUT Mistakes || HIIT Workout for Weight Loss

Common Mistakes You are Doing in HIIT WORKOUT  is clearly explained by certified fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA in this fitness blog post. Hi Guys Welcome to Venkat Fitness.Today we will discuss about High Intensity Interval Training.In this video we will discuss about how to do HIIT Workout & What is the process to do it? What are the Common mistakes made by the people?If you are doing the same mistakes from next time onwards you should correct thoose mistakes previously we had done videos on HIIT Training but Deeply we had not discussed about the process to do it & the mistakes, how to do it properly.

In this video i clearly discuss thoose topics Lot of people while doing high intensity interval training it may be regular diet or intermittent fasting & what are the differnces between these two? Most of the people will think when they are undergoing HIIT Training if thet follow intermittent fasting there will be a good fat loss. I am going to clearly explain about this I am not telling HIIT Training is not good or waste or no fat loss I am going to tell about the mistakes you are doing.


Most of the common mistakes is hiit training means they will do 1 minute on & off exercise or else 30 seconds on & off exercise. Here any Individual is not putting their maximum effort they are not reaching their 100% potential. By not doing this your fat burning system will not be faster If you concentrate on time or time span your mettabolisim will not be boosted. You metabollic rate will not work on 1 minute on & off because your body doesnot know about numbers & time the only thing the body knows is about FATIGUE. While doing weight training you are about to do 6-20 Repetitions the metabolic business which operated for doing these 6-20 Repetitions while doing HIIT Training same metabolic business is operated.

While doing HIIT Training your body will use carbs as energy in the same way when coming to the weight training Most of them will think that doing intermittent fasting in this HIIT Training which leads to fat loss thinking like this & they will do 1 minute on & off exercise dont do this While doing HIIT Training you should do it up to your maximum effort & then you should take the recovery the most common mistake done by others is depending up on the time & time span you will not achieve the positive results.

For any individual they will have differnt potential when compared to others For example if you can run 2 minutes nonstop & i can run for a minute nonstop For person to Person energy & maximum efforts will be varied No one should do one minute on & off & they should concentrate on they should put their maximum efforts & after giving their 100% potential they should take the recoveryrecovery is not limited to certian period of time.

For your better understanding if an individual asked to do cycles in 15 -20 seconds they will be exhausted after putting their 100% potential they will be tired if not like this if they are doing for 2-3 minutes it seems that they are not putting their 100% effort anybody can’t do if they are doing like this means they are not putting their 100% efforts they are only foccusing on the time & time span. You don’t do this this mistake what you should do is You should do your 100% that might be 10 seconds or 15 seconds take recovery and again do it for 10 seconds or 15 seconds.

By doing like this fat loss will be done & you will achieve the positive results Don’t concentrate on time. HIIT Training means not concentrating on the time you should do your 100% effort and they you should take recovery. So what ever training i.e hiit or weight training whatever you do you will save your muscle and undergo the fat loss. recovery and speed will be differnt in the cases both will have the same process If you do properly fat loss will be there in any mode of training.

Most of them will think while doing HIIT Training if we follow intermittent fasting then there will be fat loss while following intermittent fasting in HIIT training your body will utilises the carbs as energy ketons & fats are not utilised as energy & it is not proven. My suggestion for you is if you are doing for fat loss i will suggest steady state cardio for you. If you regularly do steady state cardio for 20-25 minutes if you maintain your heart rate up to 55 to 70% your fat loss will be good because here ketons and fats are utilised as energy in this steady state cardio are high as compared to the HIIT Training.

So in HIIT Training don’t do it for 1 minute on & off. Do it to your maximum and take recovery and again do it to your maximum level by doing like this then only you will undergo fatloss & your thermosenisis will increase. If you want to loose fat by following intermittent fasting you will get good results in steady state cardio when compared to HIIT Training.So guys i hope you like this video if you like this topic please comment your opinion & Don’t forget to subscribe our channel See You Guys… See You Soon…..