Best Ways To Reduce WATER RETENTION and what are the reasons and causes for WATER RETENTION is clearly explained in this fitness blog post by VENKAT MADAMALA – Proffessional Fitness Trainer in Hyderabad. So lets get in to the topic 3 Best Ways To Reduce WATER RETENTION with proper and scientific reasoning.

#3 Best Ways To Reduce WATER RETENTION

Hi Guys Welcome To VENKAT FITNESS. If you are in a weight loss challenge, you are your friends may have faced a personal experience. First we will discuss about what are the problems faced by many of them after losing an approximate weight of 1 to 1.5 kg’s in your weight loss challenge. For example if you have travelled for 1 week to 10 days after travel if you check the weight you may gain weight you will be disappointed for the wait gain.

The reason behind the disappointment is the increase of weight. Due to this only you may think you gain weight or fat accumulation. So what you should focus on this is for the long sitting hours in your travel water retention or water spill over is caused on over that muscles in your skin. That’s it! So here fat accumulation or weight gain is not happened you should only remember that water retention is happened. Now lets Disscus about Best Ways To Reduce WATER RETENTION in detail.

Coming to the case of some people they will regularly do jogging and walking but their diet will not be on point They don’t know about the daily calorie consumption. But they do walking regularly after checking their weight for a month their weight will be increased by 1 kg to that of the previous month This people also will be disappointed. I am doing walking and jogging with heavy efforts but my weight is gaining? Due to this they will take suggestion from other’s and in that suggestions they will state that your body is dehydrating by doing exercises daily this is also a misconception.

By doing exercises daily dehydration will not be done, First you must check with your calorie intake. In this topic only we will discuss about dehydration and what is the cause of it later. In the case of some other people what they will do is on their friend’s suggestion if they completely about the sodium intake and if we reduce the water comsumption Water loss & fat loss will be done.By doing like this easily weight & fat will be reduced and we will come to the normal position.

They will cut Sodium and water completely. By cutting this Sodium and water totally, then only your body will go into dehydration mode. Whenever your body goes into dehydration mode you will face the problems of mood swings muscle cramps and muscle caches. These are the symptoms of body dehydration so no need to do like this. In the case of some other people i will not do all these things i will consume high sodium foods and also I will take heavy water intake, I will drink two litres of water at a time I will not do breakfast in the morning.

Directly I will take lunch and I will consume 1000 – 1200 calories, I will not feel hungry if I take one meal daily. These people also will face problems & that is if you undergo over eating or over reactions. Your body will not receive it, your body cannot absorb it positively, your body requires proper nutrition supply time to time and, you must know that nutrition timing. Most of the people will tell while doing exercises we should take water consumption and we should hydrate the body during exercise.

Some of them will say that while doing exercises we should not drink water, If we don’t drink we will get six packs fastly. There is no relation between cutting of water and six pack. While doing exercises if we don’t drink water only we will get muscle cramps. Some of them will wear sweat jackets and thermal jackets daily they will run for 5 to 6 km, I have lost 2 kgs in 1 week. By wearing these jackets I’m losing weight By wearing this weight is increasing and fat loss is also occuring This is also a Misconception.

Due to this weight loss and fat loss will not be happened water levels in the body has been decreased that’s it. If water level has been decreased in your body due to this the side effects in the coming days are proper mineral supply will be reduced in your body.That means required amount of sodium magnesium and potassium levels will be decreased due to the cells of body will be dehydrated. To break all these type of misconceptions I am doing this video If you want to undergo weight loss follow this simple protocol.

What you should know now is, What is water retention? Basically water retention is whatever solid sodium chloride foods you are taking after entering into our body it will mix with some fluids and it will go into isotonic state and if it enters into the isotonic state water spill over will happen in your skin and in your muscles so this is called water retention. To Eradicate this water retention super delicate balance is very important.

If you can balance water and sodium equally Puffiness in your face, Your jawline, vascularity and muscle tightness. So all these things like vascularity, tightness will be increased so in this there are three ways if you follow this three ways. Water retention will not be happened in your body. For example the day after you completed your travel on the next day take 300ml of regular water and in that squeeze half lemon in that and mix with Dandelion root by mixing that and taking it will lead to toilet ofently. So due to this the additional fluids in your body will be flushed out.

So due to this 100% water retention will be decreased this is a natural ayurvedic treatment. Due to this there will be no side effects and also some of the people are having a doubt they will undergo water retention while doing diet and exercises daily. These people should focus on the magnesium foods that they are taking they should check the levels of their magnesium intake and magnesium levels deficiency of magnesium leads to water retention. So take magnesium foods and add magnesium glycinate supplement in your diet so some people as we already discussed today.

Conclusion for Best Ways To Reduce WATER RETENTION

By doing exercises with sweat jackets they will think that water will be decreased in their body water will not be decreased. Minerals in the body like Sodium Potassium will be decreased. Due to this muscle cramps and body dehydration will be done and in addition to this your body will go to the cortisol level. Due to this also water retention will be happened. To overcome this to sweat out heavy is not at all necessary. Do moderate amount of exercises focus on proper calorie intake and the bottom line is remember to undergo weight loss or fat loss.

Proper sleep must be there and check your vitamin D levels, In addition to this also check your magnesium levels also check that you must be in on point nutrition regularly you should do 30 to 40 minutes of exercises and while doing these exercises. Try to take your body into hydrate state or else it will go to catabolic state and cortisol levels will be increased.

Hydration means try to consume 400 to 500 ml of water while doing exercises. So many of them will tell that while doing abs workout or exercises we should not drink water if we drink water we make in bloated stomach or else they will tell water storage is occurring in your body. All these are misconceptions consume water while doing exercises and especially don’t forget to hydrate your body. So how much to consume is that per your body weight.

For 1 kg body weight approximately you should consume 35 to 40 ml of water That’s it So Guys. I hope I have simplified and explain the topic about water retention & best ways to reduce water retention. If you like it please like the video and comment Subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch the video about Best Ways To Reduce WATER RETENTION. See You guys See you soon. For more fitness & health tips follow me on instgaram @venkat.madamala.