Best V shape Exercises for Men in Telugu & Shoulder Strengthening Exercises are clearly explained by certified fitness trainer venkat madamala in this fitness blog so lets get in to the topic now.

Hi Viewers Welcome to Technique Series of Exercises with your Venkat. So Today we are discussing about the Topic Shoulder Technique Is there any technique for doing shoulder exercises ? we saw a good v shape pictures and people tend to see that pictures if these exercises are done to get a good v shape if we done that exercises how we can get the same back ? By seeing this if beginner started doing the shoulder exercises only injuries’ will occur because if you are not concentrating on to increase the shoulder ability & muscle strengthening & if you lift heavy weights only one thing will happen to you & that is injuries.

By doing shoulder exercises with heavy weights most of the people has undergone glenohumeral joint injuries Almost 80 -85% of people are suffering from this injury Almost people having 10,12,14 years of experience cant do some variations. For Example Parallel Bar dips Inclined bench barbell press, Wide grip pushups, Wide grip Pull Ups like this type of variations cant be done by them because of the injury of glenohumeral joint by not getting this type of injuries & build our shoulders and to create good v shape can be done with simple techniques & exercises.

Some people will say that to have a good v shape is it related to genetics? Can we build v shape with exercises ? is there any possibility of getting it ? What is the relationship between V shape & genetics? In simple words. To be in a symmetric look when we wore a good suit or when wearing a formal our v shape must be massive while tucking up the shirt , shoulder should look wide is the desire for lot of people. To get that v shape you should concentrate on building the shoulders & to increase the maturity of the shoulders the 3d look of the bodybuilders shoulders.

If you concentrate on the 3 heads by giving them the equal priority you will get a good v shape and symmetric look if we se from any angle i.e. from front, side & back without injuries. No one will born with the V shape we should build them & we can get it through by doing exercises genetically 99.9% will not born with the V shape. In few cases if there genetics are so so strong then they will have that v shape Those are very very rare cases So these glenohumeral joint is presented down the shoulder muscles So the beginners to increase their shoulders and it mass will do the heavy weight exercises they will extend it up to the glenohumeral joint injury.

So not to get into these injuries In the simple exercises the 1st Variation is on the inclined bench. To do the shoulder press as like that of the chest press with the neutral grip angle must be 75 – 80 degree. By pressing like this you can exactly isolate the Anterior deltoid by isolating that muscle you will easily understand the range of motion , technique & command on that muscle maintain the slow tempo while dropping it while lifting don’t do o extension so while doing the hyper extension Joint mobility will be damaged don’t overly spread the joint & you should know where the muscle tendon is up to.

For any variation With moderate weights do more than 6 & less than 12 reps These variations are exclusively for intermediate & advance persons not for the beginners because for the beginners i had done many videos with some basic variations first you should concentrate on the muscle mass .Now I am telling these for the one’s who had already put on muscle mass & does not having a symmetric look

These are the variations for them in these technique series So the back rear deltoid & medial deltoid The best variation back lats pull down So you get a doubt that fitness federation has banned this variation why are discussing about it ? so if you clearly observe we are doing back lats pull down only but but we are taking the grip less than that of our shoulder width by 3 inches each side while stretching not over the stretch stretching up the muscle to extent where we can stretch if you focus to do on the muscle to contract we can easily hit & isolate the rear & medial deltoid without injuries we can easily build the deltoids in a rounded shape.

The last & best variation for anterior and medial muscles is Arnold press. Arnold press is introduced by our Arnold Sir this variation is designed by him for the purpose of his body building this is one of the best hybrid exercises for deltoids. In this there will be two movements one is lateral rise & the other one is dumbbell press movement at a time we can isolate both anterior & medial muscle fibers Some of them will not understand the functioning & technique of this Arnold press & they will not feel it & know whether the muscle contraction is done or not.

These people can do lateral rises to this as a super set they can do the military press It is also one of the best exercise. So Guys while doing the exercises try not to do less than 6 & not more than 12 Repetitions. While doing exercises take moderate amount of the weights Take care on not to get into injuries. In this technique series we are doing with the moderate & light weights if we get a good command on muscles we can slightly increase the weights initially if we start with heavy weights we will end up with injuries if you are any intermediate or advanced person you should know the tempo technique & execution command over that muscle then only you can properly develop that muscle.

So to get v shape or broad shoulders there is no need to lift heavy weights if we can concentrate on 3 heads you can achieve wonderful results. Do these variations with 3 to 4 sets So comment down your ideas on which muscles , angles tips & techniques should be done in coming video’s See You guys…. See you Soon