Best tips to Get Rid of Man Boobs  & Top 5 Exercises to Reduce Chest Fat is Clearly Explained by Certified Fitness Trainer VENKAT MADAMALA In this Blog Post.

HI Guys Welcome to Venkat Fitness. It’s Your Venkat – Today’s Topic is how to reduce the unwanted chest fat. Most of the People have common doubts What are Man Boobs ? Is There any Difference between man boobs and Gynecomastia. For Some People from Childhood onwards the fat is accumulated at their chest & for some people baby fat another people will have hormonal changes.

So is there any chance of getting Gynecomastia with hormonal changes. Actually man boobs are formed from childhood or at the age of 10, 20,25,30 years or shall we get any certain age lot of people having a common doubt? Some People say that in my middle age 25 i am not having any man boobs there is no fat in the chest but they want to know the reasons why fat is accumulated. Some People are asking we have the chest fat from childhood onwards and how to reduce it?

Basically if you notice it for the children there will be fat in the chest i.e. is called milk deaths. Every one will have it Slowly coming to men and women there will be an increase in testosterone levels of men and decrease in the levels of progesterone, prolactin the chest enlargement will be decreased. In the Case when ever there is a higher level of prolactin and progesterone Testosterone is low and estrogen levels are high tissue enlargement will be is in the case of men or anybody.

So how can we control the enlargement of chest tissue – The First Step is our Dietary Habits. In our Diet We Should mainly focus on decrease the alcohol, unwanted sugars & fats means to minimize the intake of trans fats and to control or avoid the intake of processed foods and to add good protein food in our diet. When ever we have added good protein foods in our diet our metabolic rate will be increased & fat burning system will work faster so when ever we have added high protein food to our diet thermogenesis will be increased when ever there is an increase in thermogenesis our fat burning system will be faster.

If your fat burning system is fast there will be decrease in the over all fat. Spot reduction means not only in the chest fat & So many People to reduce their chest fat daily they will do chest related exercises and hit that muscle there is no need to hit the chest muscle harder if we target over all body each and every muscle fiber in our body intra muscularly fat , Subcutaneous fat to level it if we target over all body. The chest fat will get decreased if there are no hormonal problems avoid Alcohol because in most of the people there is a miss conception that we are taking only 200 calories and lightly mixing soda in it if not to mix water in it to decrease that calories . I will follow strict diet If I take alcohol I will choose fruits as the stuff.

Basically if we eat fruits or mutton biryani or what ever you eat If you are consuming alcohol it will directly go into our blood stream & it will convert into adipose tissue the calories which we are consuming are converted into fat our body will not utilize it that’s why the estrogen levels will be increased for those who are taking alcohol & decrease in the testosterone levels this is why fat accumulation will be processed & the third point is sleep.

Many People Don’t Sleep Properly they will not get good sleep due to hormonal problems. For Some People due to improper Sleep & Disturbed Sleep hormonal problems will arise and chance of getting Gynecomastia. When Ever We get Hormonal Problems we should Concentrate on the Sleep & there is similar co -ordination between them due to hormonal problems they cant sleep properly if we cant get proper sleep there is a chance of getting hormonal problems. Minimum 7-8 Hours Sleep is Necessary.

Some People are having doubt that I am taking Proper Diet and restricting the Calories also the unwanted fat is accumulating & chest tissue enlargement is also happening . While Checking we are taking enough maintenance calories. whether we are creating activity or not is important? we should create physical activity if we target over all body and stimulate each and every part then fat accumulation in our body doesn’t take place and the 4th Point is Workout. We Should Compulsorily do Workout & the 5th One is to hydrate the body.

To increase the Body temperature & to speed up the Fat burning System metabolism will be increased if it is increased automatically the body temperature will be increased So if it is increased there will be chance of dehydration. Daily try to take 3 – 3.5 liters of water if you consider these 5 Points there will be decrease in the unwanted fat in your body.

Now We are discussing about the Man Boobs & Chest Fat to reduce unwanted chest fat you should know small point Types of Heads in Chest you must know There are two types For Better Understanding Upper Chest & Lower Chest these are called pectoralis major and pectoralis minor so pectoralis major and pectoralis minor are Sternal and Clavicular Head Clavicular Head means Upper Chest Sternal head Means Lower Chest. Basically in men the chest fat accumulation is done in the sternal head i.e. in the lower chest around the nipple to reduce this chest fat we should mainly concentrate on the Pectorals majors & Sternal Heads { Lower Chest }. To target this majors we should choose best variations and I will discus with you.

The First Variation is Declined Bench Cable Flys – While Doing this Declined Bench Cable Flies functioning must be chest origin muscle & to stretch pectoralis major muscle & to squeeze the lower chest head while doing this variation the fat in the lower chest will get reduced. If you don’t have any source for doing cable fly’s You can Do Dumbbell Flies the functioning will be same to stretch the chest origin & Squeeze the sternal head then the chest in the lower fat will get reduced.

The Third Variation is Parallel Bar Dips – The Best Compound Movement by this Parallel Bar Dips the Shoulder Strength will be build. Over all Chest Fat will be reduced and triceps strengthening takes place also increase in the shoulder ability & Strength and also core ability will be increased and over all body posture will be nicely build.

Declined Bench Barbell Press – If you don’t have Barbell Sources then do Declined Bench Dumbbell Press So in this Dumbbell Press we should target the Stern costal Head to reduce the fat deposited in the lower chest we are doing this variation. So Declined Bench Dumbbell Press or Barbell Press We should focus on the Sternal Head the muscle will be stretched properly & to fastly reduce the fat tissue enlargement and the fat burning system will be faster.

The 5th Variation is Inclined Bench Dumbbell Pull Overs – It Works on the Lower Chest & Pectoral .So These Total 5 Variations are used to decrease the fat accumulation in the lower chest & also to decrease man boobs & Gynecomastia chances are there to get rid of unwanted chest fat can will be reduced in the systematic way. So many People ask is there any alternative for Gynecomastia Alternative is Surgery & also medication that I should not suggest you Your Endocrinologist will teach you in a proper way So Guys I Hope you like this topic…see you guys…see you soon…