Best Tips for Fat Loss in Telugu || Endocrine System Explained

Best Tips for Fat loss in Telugu is clearly explained by certified fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA in this fitness blog post. And also an overview of Endocrine System is clearly explained.

Hi Guys Welcome To VENKAT FITNESS For lot of people there is a small dobut regarding is fat loss easy or being fit is easy? The thing all of you should know is lossing fat & being fit both are same things You can’t be fit without undergoing fat loss. If you undergo fat loss only, you will be fit If you are super fit & muscular means that they had achieved fat loss & fats in their body are moderate means that they are maintaining low body fat percentage.

So if you want to maintain your body in fat loss state or for smoother journey of your fat loss or else if you want to be fit.  These all will depend up on the ENDOCRINE SYSTEM in your body. So Today’s Topic is about ENDOCRINE SYSTEM I want you give the enough information related to fitness. So in this month i have discussed about ancestary habits, Basic Tips, & what type of protocol you should follow from morining to evening what changes will occur in life by following these you can check it on my Instagram account VENKAT.MADAMALA

So Today we will discuss about Endocrine System In our body different types of systems are there 10 -12 Systems like Digestive System, Respiratory system like this 10-12 systems are there. So if we see respiratory system even though they are attached. If we talk about respiratory system we can describe about the lungs & airwaves. If we see about the endocrine system.

In this different glands will work, For Example hypothalamus, pituitary gland and in adiition to it pineal gland and also thymus, thyroid and parathyroid. In addition to it pancreas, adrenal gland & gonads. If we consider endocrine system as chakras in yogaSo these chakras are the glands regulates the biological clocks, hormonal balances & changes. For a computer how CPU is importantFor our body brain is the CPU Hypothalamus will give signals to all glands which are recieving from the brain.

So if we consider Hypothalamus as president Pitutary Gland is Vice President. If we undergo training your coach is brain for your body Hypothalamus & Pitutary Gland will implement all the signals which are recieving from the brain. Hypothalamus will give all the instructions & signals to your body. So for example to increase serotonin & melatonin levels, when to increase it When to decrease the cortisol. All these signals are given by Hypothalamus, Pitutary gland will follow all the signals recieved from Hypothalamus.

So this Pitutary gland will recieve the signals and will bring that changes in your body. For example in the night increasing the serotonin and melatonin levels and decreasing the cortisol. In the morning increasing the cortisol levels & in addition to it Growth hormone levels will increase and slowly they will drop down. When it increases testosterone will also increases So for the proper functoning of all these things Your circadian rhythm & biological clocks should work in proper rythm.

The signals from hypothalamus to pitutary gland is nothing but hormones these are not visible to our eyes. The changes in our body will be done by these harmones So for example giving signals from one gland to another gland. From hypothalamus to Pitutary Gland. From Pitutary Gland to Thyroid, From Thyroid to Thymus, From Thymus to Adernal Gland. Like this they will give signals and brings the required changes in our body according to the biological clocks

In the night sleep will increase and also when ever exposed to light automatically increasing the cortisol levels. When ever the light is dull in the night time defaultly in our body serotonin will be increased & sleep will also increase growth hormone levels will be increased in the sleeping time. These all are the works of glands so these glands will work properly. If these glands are functoning in a proper way Obviously you will be in fat loss state & you will be fit.

I will give you simple techniques for you if you want to be in fat loss state & to be super fit if you involve these simple steps in your life It’s my gurantee 100% if you follow these steps. Your body will be in fat loss state & you will be super fit. In that the 1st Step isFor your body to be in fat loss state, it will depend up on 2 functions Thoose 2 functions are LIPOLYSIS & HYDROLYSIS.

So LIPOLYSIS means utilisation of fat into energy in your body HYDROLYSIS means coversion of water into LIPOLYSIS in your body. So if you are not maintaining enough water levels your body will be dehydrated When ever the body is not in the dehydration mode. The process of lyposis will be interrupted because of interruption fat loss will not be doine 100%. For a smoother fat loss journey, Electrolyte balance, Water intake & Hydration is Mandatory.

So when ever you had done the hydration Weight loss & fat loss will be done but.For many of them there is a misconcepotion about water. If we drink more water stomach will look bloated. If we tuck stomach is coming out. Before sleeping i am drinking water & after waking up my weight is incresaing by 1/2 kg or else my face is looking as it is bloated like this small small misconceptions are there Don’t bother about all these things.

#1 of Best Tips for Fat Loss in Telugu

If you are not hydrating not only your organs your body will also be damaged and your workout performance will also be poor. So what i am saying is for the proper functoning of your kidneys. To avoid fat accumulation & not to thickening your blood cellsYour body should be in a hydrated state. To be in the fat loss state TIP NO 1 Is The first meal which you take in the morning is important That means what is your first intake?

If we ask any one what is your fist intake i.e solid or liquid they will tell the dialogues like drinking bed coffee, tea is a habit. My day will not pass if i don’t drink a coffee. The day will be very dizzy for me they will be no focus while doing works so keep all these words aside After waking up if your first intake is coffee Stop it Immediately! Because who ever taking coffee will feel good on that day You will defnitely face the problems in the future

Slowly your body will go into the acidic state When ever it goes to the acidic state Acidic & Gastric Problems, Burps, will arise and also your gut will be weak. You must take the intake of liquids which will take your body into the alkaline state. The first drink which you should take is Normal Water. If you want to go in advanced state take pinch of pink salt in the normal water or you can take apple cider vinegar. If you take these type of intakes your body will go into alkaline state.

Due to this your fat loss will be in a very smooth way In addition this you will not get any acidic or migrane problems Body dehydration will not be done. In the ancestary habits point 2 is VITAMIN D, So these VITAMIN D sources are very important. So daily if we are in the sunshine for 10-15 Minutes Between 6 – 9 in the morning is the best because the Vitamin D Rays will fall on our skin From the skin it will goes to liver and it will synthesis there and it will go into our body & blood.

Due to this there will be no vitamin deficiency & then muscle growth and also for your brain functoning & muscle development This Vitamin D not only for brain functoning & muscle development also for your joint’s health. In addition to this to build stronger muscles and to create positive vibes and also helps to avoid the mood swings If you are not able to do in the morning at least in evening’s After 5’0 clock try to be in the sunshine for 10-15 minutes.

It is also not possible because we live in the area’s where is no sunshine We live in the cold countries then Take food sources which contains VITAMIN D like wall nuts & avocado Try to take VITAMIN D supplements. Try it by taking your physician’s helpThe best source is not taking gells & capsules Try to take shots or injection you will get 100% additional benefits. So point 2 is vitramin d source, Take care about Vitamin D deficiency To maintain positive mind state or to focus on what ever work you are doing.

#2 of Best Tips for Fat Loss in Telugu

To avoid the mood swings, To be active throughout the day, To improve your muscle health or joint health VITAMIN D is mandatory.So next tip is eating pattern style How is your eating pattern style? We are south indian people and after waking up in the morning we choose foods like Upma, Dosa, Idly, Bonda Uthappam or else noodles Semiya upma. We choose these types of foods Very few people will choose egg whites in the early morning or else bread toast its hardly 1 to 2 %.

Unless regular gym goers, Normal persons will eat these types of foods only as we discussed earlier because morning food is mandatory.They will tell break fast is an essential food to be in a fatloss state or to to undergo fatloss.You are doing breakfast or not is not a point here. In intermediate fasting we will maintain eating window hardly for 6-7 hours They will take the breakfast after 11 or 12 their the breakfast is missing. Here the point is which type of foods you are choosing whether they are good nutrient foods are calorie dense foods.

So if you eat upma obviously it is a calorie dense food It is a high calorie food and you are consuming simple carbs. If you eat idly then you are consuming simple carbs  you eat Dosa, it is some what better that means you are in calorie deficiet. If you eat bonda, in this maida & oil will be there What i am saying is Doing breakfast at 7’0 clock is very good What type of food we are taking is really matters! Focus on the calorie intake.

So to undergo fat loss you must focus on calorie deficit Eating Time Doesnt Matter here Daily after 6 pm i will not take any meal Even though i am not losing the weight Before 6 they will eat all the foods, this is not the point here! To undergo fat loss you must be in calorie deficiet. So in addition to calorie deficiet What ever meal portions you are taking How much protein you have involved is the 2nd point So protein sources is made for fat loss.

When ever you have involved protein sources your body will go into the thermosenesis state Your body capacity will be increased to undergo fat loss. Your fat loss state will be very smooth. So take protein sources it may be chicken or mutton or vegetables sources. What ever it is taking protein source in the meal is very important. By adding protein sources in your meal, thermosenesis will increase & fat loss will be done Bottom line in the video is Take Vitamin D Sources.

Conculsion for Best Tips for Fat Loss in Telugu

Put your body in alkaline state & eating pattern So what matters is what type of foods you are taking & how much calorie intake you are taking? Dont put things like during this timings only i will eat & i don’t eat during these timings.Whether you had done intermittent fasting, keto diet or else For every 3 hours you had done glycosine stores fullfill Your body doesn’t know all these things.

What your body knows is whether you had done calorie deficiet in fat loss or not Remember this point & in addition to this daily Moderate amount of exercise regularly for 30 – 40 minutes 100% being healthy & fit and also fat loss will be done. Follow these tips for 3-4 weeks If you follow these tips you will get 100% positive results No doubt about it If you like this topic Like, Comment & Don’t forget to subscribe our channel See you guys…. See You Soon