Best Supplement for Muscle Recovery you probably don’t know

Best Supplement for Muscle Recovery is discussed in this fitness blog post. In this fitness blog post we will discussed about what is best supplement for muscle recovery how to use it, when to use it & how should use it will be clearly explained.

Hi Guys Welcome to Supplementation Series with VENKAT So we are going to discuss about the most important recovery agent The supplement which i am discussing today is very less discussed between your gymmates & coaches. So usually recovery agents means You had heard about BCAA, EAA, Creatine & Glutamine but to reduce your muscle inflammation & for your muscle recovery, to develop your strength.

Best Supplement for Muscle Recovery

In addition to this To build muscle strength & also to increase the muscle volume and to do recovery is very difficult. So for this type of recovery the best supplement is Magnesium Citrate or Glycinate.  So this Magnesium Citrate and Glycinate .The benefits of this supplements is especially in this summer What type of exercise you do.In this hot temperature you will get heavy sweat.

In our body water loss & electrolyte deficiency will occur so in addition to this. You may affected with muscle cramps or catches in addition to this While doing the exercises you can’t put your full potential. So what ever variations & weights you had done in winter season Why you can’t do the same in summer & lack of endurance what are the reasons behind it. The reason behind why your body is not controlling the temperature means Different Differnt reasons will be there in that one of the reason is magnesium deficiency

For you if water loss is more or water is going out through sweat from urine also it wil go due to this deficiency of magnesium takes place. If you include this magnesium foods in your nutrition your strength will be improved. It will help in your muscle recovery & muscle building. For the next day you will be able to perform in the peak level without any inflammation.Basically lot of people do groundworks, means outdoor So people who will do outdoor activites magnesium will be very helpful for them.

So it is not required to take magnesium supplements only, you can take the foods in which magnesium will be there.If there are no magnesium rich foods, then go to supplementation.This supplementation will vary from person to person, Taking 150mg – 200 mg is good but I will only discuss about the benefits & side effects of this magnesium supplement I will not recommend or promote any brand or supplement So in our videos basically we will only discuss about the benefits, usage & side effects of the supplements.

Benefits of Best Supplement {Mg Supplement} for Muscle Recovery

So the Magnesium Benefits are In this Hot Temperature especially in summer. Water loss will be more & endurance will be decreased Your muscle volume will be decreased because of body dehydration.So to fullfill or to recover from this Magnesium Citrate & Magnesium Glycinate will be very helpful.

So by taking this magenesium benefits will be there but Before starting the usage of the supplements You should take suggestions from your physician or fitness trainer and then you can start it. It’s my Opinion! So Guys i hope you like this video See You Guys…. See You Soon