Best Steps to keep your Heart Healthy ❤️

Best Steps to keep your Heart  Healthy and Healthy Heart Tips in Telugu is discussed in this Fitness Blog Post. So Welcome to The Fitness Blog By Professional Fitness Trainer in Hyderabad VENKAT MADAMALA. So lets get into the topic of Best Steps to keep your Heart Healthy.

Hi guys welcome to Venkat fitness. So till now we have discussed about nutrition supplementation and also and also discussed about workouts, heavy intensity workouts, cardiovascular exercises and weight training or else about muscle building weight loss and fat loss like this we have covered different different topics, so in addition to this we are planning to do recovery series in the future.

The topic for today is From the pandameic most of them are in a fear to do exercises or they are in a fear to do cardio. There is a misconception that we may get heart attacks by doing exercises daily or else heart muscles may be weak, or immunity will be lowered Like this these type ofmisconceptions are started from the pandemicIf any of them get heart issues, so of them will tell this is due to doing gym. To what extent it is true? For how many hours we should do exercise? Weekly how many days we should do exercise? What is moderate amount of intensity exercise?

Best Steps to keep your Heart ❤️ Healthy

What should be the frequency of moderate intensity exercise and also What should be the frequency of the vigorous exercise? is the topic today. If we consider our body as a engine Heart is the main part in our body. To improve or maintain heart health in a proper way you should do exercises regularly. If you don’t do exercises then only your heart muscles will be weak there will be improper blood flow. For Example for above 40 years persons, doctor’s will tell them your arteries are becoming narrow & at the same time blood flow is also decreasing so they will reccomend to take standard 2-3 pegs alcohol.

If you take them daily in large quantities then you had listened properly but you are not implementing it in a correct way. In the same way, exercise is also same. Doing exercise is good, but we should ware of how much we should do.So what american heart health organization stated is the persons who are doing moderate intense exercise daily 30-35 minutes of exercise & 5 days in a week is enough.If you have a habit of doing 5 days do it in a productive way for daily 30-35 minutes of exercise & 5 days in a week

Do it in a productive way without any distractions for 30 minutes daily that means for a week approximately 150 – 160 minutes per week this is enough and also some of them will do vigorous training & they will not do muscle hypertrophy. I will only do high intensity interval trainings & crossfits they want to get more sweat & if it is not an intense exercise i will get no get that kick to do exercise, For the people who do vigorous exercise 25 minutes is enough doing daily is not necessary.

Between workout & workout atleast 24-36 hours recovery is enough means the people who are doing vigorous exercises should maintain frequency 3 times per week Approximately 75-80 minutes per week. If you do in a productive way, it is enough here a doubt can come for you What is moderate intensity exercise? or else what is vigorous exercise is a doubt for you? So moderate intensity exercise is, for example Now we are talking about the heart, if we take cardio as an example.

If you had done jog for 3-6 kms/hour that means you had done jog for 30 minutes, If your maximum heart rate is maintained at40 – 60% for 30 minutes that is enough. So coming to intense exercise or vigorous exercise 6 – 8 kms/hour. If you do exercise productively for 25 minutes that means if you can do jog for 25 minutes. If you hit 65-85 % of you maximum heart rate,then it is enough. You will achieve your target & you can improve your heart health your triglycrides count will be decreased & your cardio vascular endurance will also be improved.

So if you do heavily it will be supressed as we already discussed earlier over the limit doing exercises or eating. If the reactions are vigorous then you must face the consequences.Here a question can be arised for you i.e what is maximum heart rate? To know this maximum heart rate, 220 – your age.You should check like this. For example if your age is 30, 220 – 30 = 190 So here 190 is your maximum heart rate. If you do moderate intense exercise, maintaing 50-60% of your maximum heart rate is enough for 190.


While doing intense exercise, maintain 65-80% of your maximum heart rate from their onwards you must follow the basic protocol. Not only exercise and also about the recovery to your body How you are hydrating your body to not to go to the inflammation state? How you fix your sleep and in addition to this You must check with the nutrition supply whether it is in on point or not Check what are your stress levels up to? Atleast for once in a 6 months, check the tests of your cpr levels & lipid profiles and also check with Troponin T & I levels.

By monitoring your stress levels 100% your heart health will be improved no heart problems will arise.When will heart problems arises means,By eating bad foods and Due to your sedentary life style long sitting hours, in active life style and also due to heavy alcohol consumption nicotine consumption & smoking heavily. Due to this type of reasons only heart problems will arise, If you follow the regular protocol which we discussed, then no heart problems will arise 100% you can strengthen your heart muscles 100% you can increase your blood flow.

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