Best Shoulder Exercises for Men in Telugu is Clearly Explained by Certified Hyderabad  Fitness Trainer Venkat Madamala in and also Clearly Explained the Deltoid Strengthening Exercises.

Hi Guys, Welcome to Venkat Fitness! It’s your Venkat So, today’s topic is how to build deltoid strength So many wants to know, what to do for massive shoulders How to convert my shoulder like a ball, How many reps and variations? What are techniques and education? How to hold a dumbbell? What are Olympic and yolo grips?

Like these there were doubts in comments section For all these doubts only answer is, To create a shoulder ball all three heads anterior, medial and posterior heads which are rare deltoids to build them all we need to do basic variations compulsorily. What are basic variations? How should be education while doing these How muscle involvement should be there.

That’s today’s topic 1st variation, Dumbbell military press. While doing this you need to concentrate on medial deltoid While hitting medial deltoid hitting 1:2 ratio is advisable. In 1 sec muscle should hit and 2 sec controlled drop. while dropping focus should be on stretching deltoid In eccentric mode concentrate on deltoid muscle or tricep muscle If you have more triceps involvement, deltoid muscle will be lesser involved so, targeted muscle is medial deltoid. while doing grip and arm should be 90 degree. You will get elbow or triceps support by default. if its wide like a extension work out muscle stretches a lot. This results in injuries in long run That’s why keep you arms in 90 degree, hit faster target as medium deltoid

Second variation is for anterior muscles which are located in front area. For hitting anterior muscles, plain barbell or easier barbell front lateral rises Take very moderate amount of weights, Need not to do heavy weights as we can’t hold this scapula by default. Shoulder rolls out this doesn’t activate your anterior muscles Just traps involvement is higher because in upper back bigger muscle is trap.

In inferior, superior and middle heads as anterior deltoid is small will be less involved This stops that muscle in involving but only traps involvement. focus being scapula back lift with anterior muscle, drop in 2 seconds. Third variation is rear deltoid Best variation bend over side lateral press. A begins while doing side lateral press while lifting up in concentric mode, One rep will be at 90 degree other 80 degree and 70 degree so on will improper lifting bad educations leads to, waste of time and injuries only. If you concentrate properly the rare deltoid press, it will be activated and strengthen By default as strengthening definition will also be increased.

Fourth variation simple variation, side lateral rises While doing side laterals 99 out of 100 do mistakes because of involving four arm too much while lifting. Four arm or wrist or bicep involvement While lifting up keeping elbows down. this leads to activation of four arms or biceps or triceps and neutral deltoids. for activation of deltoids always concentrate on lifting elbows Always remember that you are lifting above elbow and dumbbell outside head out wards.

Last variation, targeted muscle traps, trapezius the big muscle. so, best variation for this Dumbbell stretches, This is also mistakenly done by many, by bending neck forward or bending shoulders forward bend and lifting deltoids up. This gives a feeling of muscles stimulation but that dent happen. strength will increase but if you want muscle formation increase muscle strength, defined back proportionate back back muscles contraction should be proper first. rhomboid major, infraspinatus concentrating in major and minor groups if you start after muscle contraction with muscle command and faster muscle definition.

Today we did 5 variations with these, you can build or reduce muscles. reducing muscles means reducing fat in the muscle to to form definitions with these 5 variations you can do miracles. so guys I hope you like this video. If you like this topic don’t forget to like share and comment see you guys… see you soon….