Best Meal Plan to lose Weight Faster Hi Guys its your venkat  Welcome to venkat fitness  so today we are talking about fundamental series of nutrition part dinner. Most of the peoples are complaining weight loss and fat loss folks like how much gap should be between lunch and dinner. 4 to 5 hours that means evening 7 to 8 clock dinner should complete. so many giving complaining like if in the midnight if we get hungry means what should we need to do so in the sleep series we have learnt Fat Loss , Weight Loss and Muscle Loss.

We do a variety of exercise and design many programs to boost your metabolism. An increase in your metabolism means that you automatically increase your appetite. So in the evening dinner add crops, fiber, meat and add the health fats. What is the healthy fat’s red meat, Many people say that you should not eat fats at night When Fats Grow Crops High hypoglycemic fats are always eaten, fatty foods Junk foods are then increase as cholesterol. { Lose Fat in 30 Days

Health Fats Moderate Quantity Calorie Count Digestive Slow Digest And Sleep will not Disturb. so you can be active for morning Exercising Performances Are Also Good You Can Prepare Your Diet With Gee Brown Rice or else in lunch you can take chicken, fish and mutton as well. along with this add some fats vegetable must and should be in the lunch  if you don’t like to eat the rice in the night time you can eat sweet potato walnuts you can take you can finish your dinner like this.

Muscle transmission person metabolism will be in high, Night are the chances that come with being a little hungry That is what they should do means you can take proteins shake or else take the casein proteins, you can add the curd in the proteins shake and drink or you can take dark chocolate , almonds, dry fruits, glass of milk. Suppose you are in a weight loss body forgets to hydrate yourself 1 or 2 glass of butter milk add some Cinnamon Metabolism is boosted Body is hydrated Sleep Will Be Good Morning Will Be Active Minimum 7-8 Hours of Deep Sleep

Monitor the calories which you take in day or week all these will depend on the formula which is designed by the foreigners. there is lots of different foreigners and us. So take all these as a guide do not follow strictly same  How First Does Your Body Respond to What Foods You Monitor? For example, for some people, roti’s does not like for some mild content item do not like. First find out which foods your body responds to and which benefits it gives so guys today we have learn the nutrition series. anybody can say in which food proteins is there. What an attempt to tell why and how to eat. { How to Gain Weight for Skinny Guys }

If you like share it and don’t forget to subscribe my channel. please click on the bell icon for next up coming wonderful video’s . as well as in this training fundamental series This Nutrition Series is for weight loss only The Nutrition Plan I Give to Common People For Those Who Want To exercise Beginner And Lose Weight Loss Fat. There is no guarantee that anything will be set for everyone depend on your age and metabolic rate, BMI, Therefore a customised diet is individual to every human being. So guys i hope you like this topic see you i will be back with an another blog.