Best Lower Body Exercises  & Simple Home Workouts in Telugu are clearly explained by certified fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA in the Fitness Blog.

Hi Guys Welcome to Venkat Fitness It’s Your Venkat .So Today’s topic is about how to maintain & gain your muscle in this lockdown So how to maintain & gain your muscles in this lockdown .Basically in the First Lockdown We have faced that So many people are in the transformation stage and unable to build their muscles due to the gyms unopened because of this lockdown after realizing this so many started concentrating on boosting the immunity & immunity system after the release of the lockdown an awareness is build on fitness & concentrated on their fitness activities and they are continuing it So many who are not fitness lovers also started their fitness activities in their own style So they started their fitness activities in their own style i.e. jogging, walking , or dancing what ever.

When ever their transformation journey is in the last stage or in the process again 2nd lockdown takes place In their mindset when I was in the final stages of transformation again the lockdown has been there. How to maintain this muscle gained by us doing the hard work or by watching videos in YouTube about HIIT Workouts , Functional Training, muscle building how to maintain the muscle gains by doing exercises in our home &how to maintain it is the question asked by so many people. So my reply to this Question is if you want to gain or maintain muscle first you should know about the training of volume.

What is that Volume ? As we discussed earlier basically volume means Reps , Sets & weights is equal to Volume. So the process of doing this volume in a systematic way is called progressive overload so if we increase the volume it is called progressive overload how the volume is increased by increasing the sets, reps & weights it will be increased or not is the confusion for many my answer is you can increase the volume in any way.

By increasing sets, reps or weights what matters is whether you are doing with intensity or not ! If you want to increase volume you can increase any sets , reps or weights .Some people will do drop sets to create the intensity some people will do super sets with out any breaks so like this with different methods styles & guidelines given by the trainer they will design their program. This program is totally messed up because of lockdown so people with mindsets who are messed up with these things my program is disturbed and may I will loose the muscle which was earned by doing hard work due to inactivity.

Due to no activity if we take foods then there will fat deposition or the fat accumulation will be deposited again is the doubt so my answer to this is Simply if you want to gain the muscle they don’t know about the training volume and also don’t know how to maintain it if you are a beginner for any muscle you should do 8 -10 sets of each muscle weekly that 8 – 10 variations try do the maximum compound movement variations if you can cover compound movements of 8-10 sets weekly for a muscle your muscle gains will be good.

For Example Monday if you had done leg exercises of 4 sets & again on Thursday 4 Sets when to apply the progressive overload ?. After 3 to 4 weeks you can add one set or you can increase 2 reps or you can add weights this is called progressive overload. In the case of intermediate person they can cover up to 10 -12 Sets weekly for each muscle with the compound movements and should hit the maximum levels by doing like this the muscle gains will be very good.

In the case of advanced lifters they can do 12 – 17 sets with compound movements the maximum acceleration levels of muscle is 12 – 17 sets What will happen if they do more than 17 sets ? We had discussed about muscle gains & maintenance What is over training ? by doing 17 – 25 sets it will be over trained if over trained there will be inflammation or joint pains or there is no enough muscle recovery over training is not necessary we should do it in a systematical way.

What to do to maintain the muscle ? as of now we discussed about gains what about maintenance ?. There are no gyms and proper equipment due to this lockdown What to do in this case ? If we take any food and their should be not fat accumulation in your body any compound movements if we target hitt workouts or targeted any major muscle groups your fat burning system will be faster your heart rate ,lung capacity & VO2 Max will be increased as we discussed earlier VO2 max means maximum oxygen consumption So with this VO2 Max Consumption fat burning system will be faster , heart beat will increase.

Each & every muscle activation will be good So if we can create this Electromyography activations or variations to our lower body. With out equipment or with dumbbells’ or barbells in your home What exercises are to be done with that equipment is our topic for toady you should not stop your workout or nutrition because of non availability of equipment & gyms So if you can arrange 2 dumbbells’, barbell or weights you can do the exercises in your home.

Today we are discussing about the lower body workouts . In the lower body there are four major muscles The First one is Vastus medialis another one is Vastus Intermedius , Vastus Laterails and the major one is Rectus Femoris so if we can stimulate this 4 muscles if we can stimulate this these longest muscles in our human body metabolism will be increased and also increase in the testosterone levels if they are any changes in diet or excess intake of carbs there will be no fat accumulation & fat burning system will be faster. So we will discuss these variations

The First Variation is CLOSE STANCE DUMBBELL SQUAT The targeted muscle is Quadriceps
The Second Variation is ROMANIAN DEADLIFT with SINGLE LEG
The Third Variation is BARBELL SPLIT SQUATS It works on our Quadriceps muscles
The Fourth Variation is ANGLE WALKING It works on Quadriceps muscles Leg should be at 35 – 40 degree angle
The Fifth Variation is ONE AND HALF RIP BACK SQUAT One Rep FULL SQUAT & one Rep Half Squat Targeted muscle is Quadriceps

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