4 Best LEG EXERCISES for Mass & in addition to those Hamstring & Quadriceps Exercises in Telugu is clearly explained by Certified Fitness Trainer Venkat Madamala in this Fitness Blog. So lets deep dive into it.

Hi Guys the Best Mass Building Exercises for Legs & in addition this to form the definition Which Exercises & Variations are to be done is the topic for today’s video. We will clearly discuss about through which variations we should start the leg workouts & why we should do it ?So previously we had done videos on leg exercises.

Those videos are done for beginners But in this technique series of leg workouts are especially for intermediate & advanced persons & for those who wants to build massive muscles or to form definition these variations will be 100 % useful. To get a Proportionate body or look. We should give the same priority to the lower body & upper body & should maintain that frequency. If our foundation is not strong & if we are doing heavy stimulant exercises 100% there will be no support from your lower body.

As a result you workout performance will be weak To get symmetric look we should give priority to the lower body In our upper body triceps & biceps are important in the same way. In our legs quadriceps & hamstrings have same equal importance. For your better understanding Triceps consist of 3 heads lower body tricep muscle is called as quadriceps this is called as lower body tricep lower body tricep is quadriceps & lower body bicep is hamstring.

Quadriceps comprises of 2 muscles in the biceps & 3 muscles in the triceps If we only concentrate on building these quadricep muscles we will not get that proportionate look If you want to increase the leg volume or to get that massive look. We should give equal priority to quadriceps & hamstrings then only your lower body will be in a proportionate look If you see most of the people in gym they will exercise with very heavy weights.

Especially in leg workouts heavy weight squats or lying leg press doing heavy weight squats on the smith machine doing knee lock & hyper extension .Doing with all weights in gym & in addition to that 2-3 people sitting on the machine after doing all these for 6 months then also there legs will look thin. If we question them then they will say their friends are saying it is due to genetics it is due to my genetics & my lower body will not improve only my upper body will improve Like this they will feel demotivated & will reduce doing the leg workouts & exercises.

Weekly doing these workouts for 2 times After 6 months or 8 months if there is no development then they will do weekly once then once in 15 days & next monthly once. They will neglect lower body & only do exercises regarding the upper body For these type what I suggest is frequency must be twice weekly for them why the lower body will not be stimulated Why they will not put on the muscle mass & why the definition is not formed If we hit the different muscles in the different heads & angles we can easily achieve our target.

Top 4 Best LEG EXERCISES for Mass

Now I am introducing the best variations So the first variation in Best LEG EXERCISES for Mass is BACK BARBELL SQUATS So in this BACK BARBELL SQUATS two types are there One is high barbell squats & the other one is low barbell squats So this high barbell squats are used to build the muscle mass these high bar squats are used & low barb squats are used to build strength.

Today as we are discussing about hypotrophy what are the mistakes not to be done during these high bar workouts means while going up we should not do the hyper extension of the legs & the knee joints maintain that muscle contraction while going down the squat position in the eccentric mode your concentration must be on quadriceps.

If you bent or tilt the upper body by default there will be glute involvement rather than quadriceps If glute involvement occurs then quadriceps will be in neutral state. Keep your back straight while going down don’t tilt the back while doing the squats push the hip back if you feel the heel in the opposite gravity then you can exactly stimulate that quadriceps while coming up breathe out.

#2 Best LEG EXERCISES for Mass in Telugu

The Second Variation in Best LEG EXERCISES for Mass is HACK SQUATS With Barbell HACK SQUATS With Barbell is a very popular exercise. Basically it is an OLD School Exercise It is a very Popular exercise during 1960 – 1985 Every regular & classic body builders strongly believed in this exercise This exercise was introduce by tom flax.

He have the best ever legs in our fitness community his legs are very proportionate & massive what he say the reason behind his symmetric look is barbell hack squats lot of people say that for the proper leg formation this variation is the reason 100% muscle activation will also be there So while doing this exercise you should focus on first you need to bring the balance & increase the weights do with the light weight & while doing the exercise how we stimulate the legs & how we strengthen it What is the active range of motion not tilting that lower back & hip & not bending the upper body front keep it straight & if we can isolate the quadricep muscles you can achieve your results.

#3 Best LEG EXERCISES for Mass

The third variation in Best LEG EXERCISES for Mass is Split Squat or Split Bulgarian squats the common confusion is while doing this Bulgarian squats where to keep the weight in front or back leg is the doubt some people will keep weight on front leg & back leg bending the upper body they do the exercises without knowing the activation the simple tip is while coming up in this squat position feel that your total weight is on the front leg while coming up feel you are going back then your back will not bend & it will be in straight then the front quadriceps will be isolated 100% maintain the slow tempo while coming up do the muscle contraction & coming to the last variation.

The Fourth Variation in Best LEG EXERCISES for Mass is Seated leg curls & it is the best exercise for hamstrings the benefit in seated leg curls while doing it easily you can contract the hamstrings in addition to this if you can tilt your toe angle to the outer side gluts & hamstrings will be involved the definition of these muscles will be easily formed. So in this seated leg curls you can hit the hamstrings wonderfully & isolation will be done properly

So guys totally in the 4 variations we already discussed how a beginner can build their leg in our previous videos So this video is especially for intermediate & advanced persons with the massive look & definition if you do these variations you will equally get that massive look & definition. So if you have any doubts in this variation you can comment in the comment box if you like this video please like it & subscribe Don’t forget to share it guys See you Guys…..See You Soon