Best Foods to Eat Before and After workout and Pre Workout & Post Workout Meals are Completely Explained in this Post. Hi guys, welcome to Venkat Fitness , Today’s topic is about nutrition timings So, Many are asking me about what meals they need to take in pre and post work outs.

What diet need to be taken for fat loss and muscle gain? These are questions from several comments and messages Firstly, What ever food you take it will have some calories there is no food in this world with out calories. Although you took a grain of rice it has calories. But, you need to check whether your consumption is in proper timing or not.

Some people says they take red bull which makes them to do one more hour of workout Yes they can do that, but your blood and muscle will be in survival mode In survival mode all of your blood will try to recover the muscle and brain functioning but, won’t concentrate on your digestion system. { How to Reduce Weight Loss & Fat Loss }

While this process what calories you take that will convert to fat and convert to adipose tissue. this won’t burn your fat Some people take Milkshakes, fruit juices. some say Ice creams increase your muscle size I don’t understand this at all…Balancing your insulin levels is crucial You need to spike insulin in proper time. After exercise everyone’s glycosin levels will drop. Any kind of physical activity, what ever volume you do, intensity you do functional training you do, Arabic exercises you do, Dance you do, What ever you do calories in your body will burn 100%. While in calorie burning body temperature rises, speeds up calorie burning and glycosin reserve start utilized.

To restored this energy dropped you can take completely carbs or carbs after work out Instead lot will say they are in keto diet, and want to do exercise with empty stomach After exercise I’m less hungry and will take 5-10 almonds. or a green tea or a black coffee Some other will be in fat loss schedule, Our nutritionist only advised me to take these detoxified drinks only by take 2-3 drinks a day and no solid foods at all.

Few others will add a meal for every 2-3 hours in the day, like eggs chicken etc., Doing exercise from 6 months with a clean diet, adding good foods like sweet potato added oats in break fast, eggs after 2 hours and for lunch brown rice and chicken evening meal as roti and fish, by doing this diet, daily he’s doing 45-60 mins of exercise, Taking a gatroid in between the exercise for energy after 25 mins. He said me this In this schedule he is burning 500-550 a day. 10000 steps a day. After a month of close monitoring he is still the same weight. But, this schedule was been same for all 4 members, who are his friends and room mates all others got good results except this person, after our monitoring we came to know the key is no one else had a drink in between exercise. but this person added getroid(drink) Taking red bull some times as he wants to be more energized for a work out.

For more muscle mass take 4 egg whites instead of prescribed 2. Doing extension exercise doing the same exercise for 20 more minutes instead of 45 min An intermediate level person can burn 300-350 calories by doing any cardio vascular exercise in 40-45 mins But this person took 1 hour for same 300 calories. this is least work out (low intensity stead state cardio) This doesn’t increase your fat burning rate. moreover calories intake is increasing body is going into stress mode. What ever exercise you do your body release cortisol hormone which is stress hormone.

It can be 45 min, 55 mins, 60 mins depends on your body condition To control body cortisol post work out meal is very important After you woke up cortisol starts increasing, what ever physical exercise you do cariole will increase it is natural high intensity work out or basic work out what ever it may be. So, as cortisol is already increasing if you give some sugars or complex carbohydrates to your body like white rice, potatoes or sweet potatoes insulin gets balanced and glocin levels will restore dopamine and ceritonin levels will drop and melatonin increases by evening and body starts relaxing which moves you to sleep mode 100%. so many do cross diets and make their body dehydrate and consumes too much caffeine, and enjoys disturbed Sleep, you need to remember if your body wants to go to rest mode you need to maintain your celitonin levels which happens only if you add carbs/complex carbs in post work out. { How To Prepare Proper Diet Plan in Telugu }

How it should be taken? in what time? what quantity should be taken periodically This is the main topic of this nutrition series, with supplementations like whey protein, glutamine so ,topics like ecws, what were essential amino acids, so many people are asking different questions? What are different proteins in whey protein? what are plant based proteins? For all these questions only answer is my nutritional series videos.

So guys you may watched so many people who had 4-5 bananas in between exercise or fruits/juices or takes 100-150 grams fish, or chicken some takes whey protein. in this time blood has some other duties to do, it can digest all these So you need to concentrate that blood is recovering damaged muscle where ever it is you need not to pump up additional calories which will only convert in to adipose tissue According to studies, the minimum number of meals that need to be consumed in a day is minimum 4.

Although you are in muscle building or weight or fat loss or weight gain 4 meals are enough your body can utilize that portion only. your trainer may ask you to take 3000 calories taking 1500 calories as a brunch as you don’t have time in day in office and taking 1500 meal in the night again won’t gives you any benefits. Zero benefits. No muscle gain , No fat loss Not even better work out performance For your muscle gain or fat loss or weight loss you just need to take 20g of protein per meal.

Just having 20-35 grams of protein in every meal is good enough depending on your work load For moderate work out 20 g of protein is enough your body can’t take anymore if you take an entire hen it will leads you to fatty adipose tissues but not into muscle the minimum amount pf proteins is very important anything excess will convert to body fat a lot of people thinks having 6-7 meals a day will give them higher muscles, 7-8 meals or higher meals is not proven in any studies, this just makes them drowsy makes them lazy, inactive with very poor exercise performance. I only suggest 4 meals/day or with a small snack daily 5 meals is enough. so guys nutritional timing is very important

In this timing after work out not spring insulin levels too much, or at least maintaining insulin at a moderate way have serious disadvantages in can be cross diets or other diets, maintaining and balancing insulin levels is very important Take foods as per time and consume proper foods. take pre and post work out meals compulsorily Protein deficiency will always make your muscle loss as you know, why you are not consuming protein after work out?

Lucien supply is curial for muscle growth, what is this Lucien supply? what were best protein foods? What are nutritional timing? we are going to cover all these in this series… so, Finally the summary is, eggs, chicken, fish, brown rice and white rice, we know all of these but, not many know their proper time of consumption. like what need to be take before and after exercise?

What is nutritional timing? how much protein need to be consumed per day? meals/ day? what are whey proteins and amino acids? we are going to learn in this series…. hope you have good idea about nutritional timing now.. simply, you shouldn’t spike your insulin too much balance your insulin.. If Lucien supply is decreased you won’t have muscle growth. To avoid protein deficiency always have proteins in every meal. I hope you like this topic guys!! see you see you soon.