Best Foods for Heart Health

Best Foods for Heart Health & also How to improve BRAIN FUNCTIONING in Telugu is clearly explained by Certified Fitness Trainer VENKAT MADAMALA. Hi Guys So in my recent videos most of the commented about why heart issues will arise? What to do to improve our heart health? Which type of foods we should take to improve heart health? To improve heart health & brain functioning which type of foods & nutrition plan we should follow? Is there any relation ship between heart & brain functioning?

If we see in a general perspective most of the viewers asked me to tell about the tips for heart & brain functioning.So my answer to them is basically to increase brain functioning or to keep heart functioning in a normal way. You should follow these two steps If we differentiate them in two categories, then the first one is the first thing you should do to keep your brain function properly that is sleep.

The first modulate for proper brain & heart functioning is sleep you may think why are you talking about sleep instead of the nutrition. Basically your heart or brain functioning your Sleep will take it in a proper way & it is the indirect module. Because first of all for your brain. To reduce toxins enough sleep is very important ,If enough sleep is not there, there are changes of getting mood swings, depression, & anxiety issues.

So sleep is the first thing if you can monitor your sleep your brain & heart functioning will be in a proper way. Adenosine chemical which is present in our body it will give an indication to the brain about sleep. So the increase of adenosine & Your Sleep cravings will be increased. To improve heart health sleep is mandatory 7 7 -8 hours of sleep is compulsory

To improve your brain health & brain functioning try to be socially connected. Don’t be in depression or alone try to be active & positive. Take a sleep for 7-8 hours & take Proper nutrition by doing this your brain functioning will be improved a lot! Till now we have discussed about indirect modules like Sleep, Depression & Social Connectivity.

So if we discuss about the direct modules all will say for the proper brain & heart functioning. Food is like a fuel & you should take it compulsorily if you dont have enough energy your brain functioning will not properly there. Some of them will say your brain will take the required amount of energy from the ketons & sugars. So here the point is your brain requires fat not ketones & sugars,here the fat’s not reffer to brown fat or white fat.

So Fats means essential fatty acids i.e healthy fats EPA & DHA. If we keep aside the water % in your brain. The cells, neurons are all made up of fats, essential fatty acids will improve the brain functoning properly. The two thin layers in the brain these are called as structural fats. The structural fats in the foods the brain will observes the required amount of it. Energy will be supplied to you by these fats take the foods which contains essential fatty acids & structured fats.

By doing like this you positive thinking will increase & depression willl be reduced you will be very active & energetic. Essential fatty acids in your diet like omega 6, Lot of foods which we intake consists omega 6 but omega 3 will be in low number of foods thats why consider taking omega 3 in your diet. Many of us know omega 3 means fish oil not only heart functioning, brain functioning will also improves with omega 3.

To avoid the heart issues Omega 3s will helps in balancing triglycerides & lipids. Omega 3s will be available in fish oil, fatty fish & salmon fish. It is also in the form of capsules, gels & syrups for the people who will not eat non veg can take krill oil chia seeds, Berries, flax seeds, wall nuts. So in these type of foods also omega 3s will be available.So many of them will have a doubt, how many calories is required for brain functioning per day?The minimum amount required is 400 calories.

Best Foods for Heart Health { Healthy Heart Tips }

For the people who are taking zero carbs & fats what i am saying is minimumu 400 cal/day is required for brain functioning. Don’t put any restrictions in your meal try to take healthy fats & carbs in your meal. Your depression will be lowered and a postive feeling will be created in what ever work you will do no chances of getting heart issues & proper brain functioning will be there.So another important food is Blue berries & these are rich in anti oxidants.

Due to this your brain & heart functoning will be improved with the help of blueberries brain & heart functoning will be improved because blueberries are in rich of anti oxidants anthocyanin & glutathione. So these anti oxdiants will help your brain & heart functioning. To reduce inflammation & to create deep sleep.To reduce muscle soreness & for the blood purification also these blueberries will help.

Top & Best Foods for Heart Health

Creatine foods are also very important so make sure that the food you eat contains creatine. Here creatine reffers to creatine foods not about the supplement like what ever foods you take chicken Mutton, Beef or Pork Eggs, Beans & dairy products. In all these creatine will be available. For so many the misconception about the creatine is if we take it will become like hulk if we intake that hair fall problems will arise, DHT levels will be increased sexual problems & harmonal changes will come all these are myths.

So the food which you intake has also creatine it will improve your heart health. Brain functioning will be improved & your heart health will be good so you can take but you can ask me For what purpose creatine will be used? Additionally why it is used ? For the one who has no enough energy & endurance. To increase their muscle voulme they will additionally take the creatine. So to improve your brain, heart & gut health one of the best food is cabbage.

Cabbage is really a good food, so cabbage or vegetables releated to cabbage family broccoli, cauliflower Lettuce, all these vegetables will improve gut health, brain functoning & heart health. It will also reduces the constipation problems. Most of the people may have doubt if the persons who are suffering with thyroid can take cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli or not? Yes if the people having thyroid intake cabbage vegetables will results in iodine manipulation that’s why you should consult your physician Enquire details about how much amount you should intake ? So other than that you will not have any issues.

So if you are not suffering with thyroid add these cabbage family vegeatbles to your diet then you will have the better results Last food is Amino Acids. Why you should take amino acids means your heart or brain. Especially heart is an organ & it is also a muscle. For your muscles how amino acids are important .In the same way for heart also amino acids are equally important.

For the heart health to be strong for proper work & functioning of the heart amino acids are very important. Try to take foods which consists of amino acids, try to avoid junk foods. 7-8 hours of sleep is compulisory.Don’t over thing & to reduce the stress. Try to do exercises for 20-45 minutes in a day & it will act as stress buster. In addition to this try to avoid processed foods & high amount of sugars
Sleep Early.

Conclusion :

For the person to be healthy firstly you should concentrate on essential amino acids Proper Nutrition, Sleep, Positiveness exercise try to include all these you can lead a healthy life style.So Guys i hope you like this topic in the next topic we will discuss about what is endurance? Types of endurance & how to increase it?

In the process of increasing the endurance, which type of variations we should add in our regular workout whether to add it or not & what about the breathing techniques are there are differnt stages in breathing? These all things will be discussed in the next video. So i think this topic is not so discussed by anyone. In my next video i am giving a clear explanation on endurance. So Guys.. See You… See You Soon…