In this Fitness Blog Post Certified Fitness Trainer VENKAT MADAMALA Discussed about the Best Food Diet for Runners  & Types of Energy Systems in Human Body is Clearly Explained.

Best Food Diet for Runners

Hi Viewers Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS – So Today’s Topic is Food Diet for Running, Marathon Running or Cycling What Ever. So LISS Workout low intensity steady state workout & People preparing for marathon running so many People repeatedly asking the question that is I am Preparing to Practice the running which diet should be taken for the long distance running ?

So in this DIET which we should intake highly whether the Carbo hydrates meals Protein Meals or Fat Meals is the confusion for all and asking me to give a clarity on this my answer is if we intake any Macros. Macros in the Sense take Proteins or Carbohydrates before Intaking them we should know What is the Energy ? If we consume any food we must know what is the Energy ? What are the Energy Systems ?How it will work ? We should know the types of energy systems and their working after knowing the types then we can clearly discuss on it So why I am explaining about these energy systems because because you will get any idea for which diet should be taken for different type of exercises.

Best Food Diet for Runners { Proteins , Fats & Carbs }

How much Portion of Fats, Carbs & Proteins to design by our own and to get an idea of it I am doing this video. Coming to the point So What is Energy ? To do any work we must have energy and power. For Example to talk & to use the mobile phone energy and power are required Our Body will receive that energy from the food we consume The food which we consume is converted into glycosine and it will converted into energy and supply energy to our body So Scientifically we call it ATP.

ATP Means Adenosine triphosphate. Basically Energy Systems are of 3 Types So the first one is ATP – CP System means CREATINE PHOSPHATE System Second One is LACTIC ACID System & the 3rd one is AEROBIC ENERGY SYSTEM. The First System is ATP – CP System So in this ATP -CP system the energy shall not be supplied more than 10 seconds to your body For Example when we are doing Short Butt Exercises Short Put or Sprints. While doing short time exercises the energy is not supplied to your body more than 15 seconds but good amount of energy will be supplied to your body in these 10 – 15 seconds while doing this exercises in this system.

So the 2nd one is LACTIC ACID System In this LACTIC ACID System for example in this system the energy supplied to your body will be from 10 seconds to more than 90 or 100 seconds maximum to 2 minutes our energy will be stable So this Lactic acid system will supply the required amount of energy to your body. For Example Weight Lifting ,Power Lifting 400 , 500 , 600 , 800 meters Jogging or Running So for this kind of activities this lactic acid system will create that energy and it will be supplied to your body & the third one is Aerobic Energy System.

Best Food Diet for Runners & its Importance

Aerobic Energy System means Long Distance Running Marathon , Swimming , Cycling these kind of activities. So some people will do 100 or 150 Kilometers Cycling so for all these type of people for their energy not 10 or 20 seconds so to complete their marathon 3 to 3.5 hours time is required the energy is required for 4 hours and this will be supplied by aerobic energy system. If Your muscles are engine in the car then ATP is the FUEL with you fuel car will not run and in the same way without ATP Body will not move.

In your body if nutrients or glycosine is low activities like long distance running fats & fat cells in your body & the adipose tissue will be converted to energy. In Case if Fats are low in your body proteins are converted into glucose converting fats and proteins is not that much efficient .Because Your body knows the first preference will be given to conversion of glucose into energy .If not in that case in the long distance running in some times proteins , amino acids fats are converted into energy.

So in Proven Studies when a Person intake mixed data which is the combination of equal fats , carbohydrates & proteins it is proved that his his performance is dropped for just 2 hours that means he cant do running for more than 2 hours .Another Person Consumed High fats by intaking high fats for 30 minutes energy is produced by carbs & 45 minutes energy is produce by fats .For 1 & half hour he is exhausted & stopped running The Final person has taken high carb diet this person by intaking the high carb diet the marathon which he aimed is successfully completed by him.

I will clearly explain you the reason because the glycosine storage is full the muscle soreness will be low In the research also it is proved that by intaking high carb diet muscle soreness & lactic acid formation will be low the higher energy & glyscosine levels the energy will not be exhausted and they will reach their long distance running goals. Simply the diet for short butt exercises and for sprints good amount of proteins & moderate amount of carbs fats according to your body weight then you can successfully complete that activity also the people who are willing to 400,500 or 600 meters intense exercises their protein intake must be body weight * 1 gram protein body weight * 1.5 grams of Carbohydrates & Coming to fats it must be taken as of their body weight in grams they can successfully finish their activity.

Final Summary of Best Food Diet for Runners

Coming to Marathon & long distance running should especially take the carbo hydrates 2 grams of carbs per body weight & Protein 1 gram per body weight and fats 0.5 to 1 gram per body weight if you take required amount of fats to your body they can successfully complete their required activity .So Viewers if you are trying to do marathon running i think you got a clear idea about what diet you must take and also about the energy systems I hope you like this video if you like this video. Share , comment & don’t forget to subscribe this channel .See you guys…See you Soon…