3 Best CHEST EXERCISES YOU Should Be doing

3 Best CHEST EXERCISES YOU Should Be doing to build chest muscle is clearly explained by Best Fitness Trainer in Hyderabad VENKAT MADAMALA. Hi Viewers Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS. So in this Technique Series Today we are going to discuss about the CHEST MUSCLE

Basically if you are a beginner, intermediate or in advanced level how to stimulate the chest muscle in scientific way is the topic for today We had previously done videos on chest muscle but the confusion is for many is also doing the chest exercises, it’s not stimulating & the muscles are not getting harder muscle is not pumping.

After completing exercises, I am not getting any feel of that exercises regarding that muscles on the next day there is no muscle development Am I doing wrong or there are any corrections or what is that technique? Are there are any tips like this so many people are raising these type of points that’s why in this technique series. Let’s Discuss How to isolate the best scientific way of chest muscles you can use this technique whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced person.

So Basically if want to follow any technique or stimulate any muscle Firstly neural drive is important & while doing the exercise you should know about the muscle origin & insertion from starting to end so while doing that Exercises from where you should start from lifting & what is that strength curve you should know about the Range of motion of the muscle contraction.

And the #Point2 is so if you are doing any exercise you must follow the pre exhaust principle & if you follow it you will get command over that muscle while muscle contraction doing the muscle isolation will be easy. If you see the chest body anatomy it will not be like as bicep in a single line it is formed in different angles. Chest is formed from shoulder joint to the rib cage so for these muscles if we hit the different heads in different angles.

As we discusses that the clavicular head , sternal head & the chest plates can be easily developed in a proportionate way So Tip no 1 is while doing the exercises what you should do is Don’t forget to retract the scapula. Tip no 2 is you should focus on to stimulate the muscle the most common mistake is they will do hyper extension with half rips.

Do it in full range of motion & if you know your active range of motion do up do that by doing like this the muscles will be stimulated Chest up & do the exercises like this the chest will be stimulated. So today we are doing the exercises not with the compound movement or bench press we are doing in the isolation movement Why Because So in this technique series to get the additional results we have created these variations.


The First Variation is INCLINE BENCH NEUTRAL GRIP HAMMER PRESS By doing this both clavicular head & sternal head will be stimulated So while doing this what I will do is After completing one set with 10 -12 Repetitions I will follow only simple technique I will choose one antagonist variation. Antagonist variation means opposite muscle Lat’s & in Lat’s the good variation is pull up’s & i will do 1 pull up by doing this 1 pull up my back will be stimulated chest pump will be very good. Do this 1 pull up with slow tempo if you can’t do it then just hang hold it for 10 – 15 seconds & then do controlling drop that is enough.


The 2nd Variation is PLAIN BENCH DUMBBELL FLYS & here the point is I will not do the DUMBBELL FLYS in this motion {as shown in video} I will do in the dumbbell press as we do the dumbbell press will grab the dumbbell in that position & then I will fly it. By doing like this the lateral head will be stretched & sternal head will be squeezed While doing this movement you should focus on retract the scapula & while muscle contraction breathe out.


The Last & 3rd Variation is PLAIN BENCH BARBELL PRESS & it is a Compound Movement So we wont do this PLAIN BENCH BARBELL PRESS in a regular method what we will do is while doing the exercise we will hold it while coming up. I am not holding it in the up holding it in the down for 2 seconds I will maintain the tempo in 2:2 ratio by doing like this muscle isolation, definition & muscle density will improve For the muscle maturity to happen how much load we had put on is the most important thing So while doing this exercise maintain 2: 2 ratio I will lift 2 seconds & drop it in 2 seconds After completion will drop it & hold it for 2 seconds.;

So by doing this 3 variations totally what you think that the chest muscle is not developing 100% with these 3 Variations you will get good results Why because if you observe here we are not focusing on the heavy weights doing with the moderate amount of weights & we had taken the command over that muscle we had seen how to isolate it So Guys I hope you like this video If you like it please like the video, comment, share it & don’t forget to subscribe my channel if you are not subscribed See You Guys…. See You Soon