Best Abs Workout at Home

Best Abdominal Exercises at Home and the top 5 variations is clearly explained in this fitness blog by certified fitness trainer venkat madamala, so lets discuss the topic of best Abs Workout at Home{5 Top Varations}

Hi guys what’s up it’s your VENKAT, Professional Fitness Trainer and your lifestyle coach So in fitness training, basically lot of them will give priority to fat loss and next it may be transformation, sixpack or else flat stomach but finally center of Attraction is FLAT MUSCLES Abdominal, and they will discuss about this abdominal. For a person to undergo muscle building, weight loss or fat loss they will feel easy, but to undergo transformation and achieve six pack or to lower their belly fat.

They will feel it as a Difficult Task, difficult Task because. For most of them the doubt is by following diet and exercise daily doing cardio and working hard my body transformation is happening but the centre of attraction, flat muscles are not responding we are stopping at that point & we are not going to the next level. So what i am saying for all these people is how is your consistency upto? and also for what muscle group you are doing the exercises? and 100% you should focus on it.

Best Abs Workout at Home { #5 Variations}

Now we are discussing about abdominal variations by completing one set, the will take recovery for 1 to 1.5 minutes so while doing isometric exercises and taking recovery for 1,1.5, 2 minutes and checking your phone and taking over phone and again hitting. Due to this your heart rate is not increasing because of your abdominal exercise so by not keeping your body in the fat loss zone your desired target, it may be flat stomach or sixpack how can you achieve it? You can’t do it.

What i am saying is while doing exercises if your target is to reduce the abdominal fat basically for abdomnal fat or for flat stomach or if we want to discuss about abdomen, all of them will think abdominal is. It is not 4, 6, or 8 pack a normal individual also will do a proper exercise because of to strengthen & strong the core and abdominal muscles. To improve the stability of your lower body & hip flexors 100% core involvement with their so while doing abdominal exercises How many of you are taking low recovery time?

How many of you are feeling peak contraction? Whether how many of them you know for what muscle group you are exercising?Most of them don’t know. So to know this while doing exercises you should know about range of motion and strength curve while doing exercises you should have the proper grip on your contraction point. The functionality of abdomen is to crunch & curle the upper body this is the functionality of abdomen. We can hit it in different form’s for Example the muscles will not be stimulated or activated while doing crunch & curl.

Top Abdominal Muscle Exercises you should try for flat stomach

It will be done in your squat position or in the holding execises like plank while doing plank exercises also abdomen muscles will be involved & stability will be improved. The strong indication for a good capability, ability and if you have good abdominal muscles stability if you have done plank exercise for 1 minute with proper form plank may look simple but while doing exercise after 20 seconds you will feel that one minute time is so long you may feel difficult to do it for one minute.

If you want you can try don’t underestimate the plank. It is a very powerful exercise while doing plank you will get to know about your core strength & ability. So in addition to this what many of them will feel is to burn the belly fat we should do abdominal exercises and to reduce the side fat we should do oblique exercises. For your bicep growth we will stimulate our bicep but here to reduce the overall body fat. If you want to form a thin waist line and to reduce or cut the abdominal fat end of the day you must be in calorie deficit.

Proper nutrition must be there and in addition into this weight training must be included in your exercise pattern and also cardio vascular exercises & in addition to this if you do abdominal exercises, the desired benefit for which you are looking will be there for 100%. So in this program I will tell you 4 to 5 simple exercises i will tell you the exercises which are done in gym and if you don’t have a proper equipment or environment i will tell you the exercises which can be done in the home.

Basically i will discuss about the funconality & benfiits of done and how it must be done in a proper form? I will be also discussing about the mistakes. So in this i will discuss the basic variations which you all know in that the first variation is LEG RAISES. The LEG RAISES can be done on bench or on mat first we will discuss about the mistake. The common mistake done by many is after lying down they will raise the legs up 99% of the people will do raise the legs like this i am Straightening my hip flexors and raising my hip flexors.

But here the point to be remembered is even if you are doing leg raises you must feel you are doing crunch to activate, stimulate & close the muscles between ribcage & hip and the muscles which are helpful in this process are abdominal muscles. So that’s why to engage this muscles hip flexors in ribcage are closed. So this also felt as crunch in the upper body when ever the crunch is done, breathe out lower back arch is done by bringing it further down and due to this in the begining, it will be good.

They will be feel that stress & load is creating on the abdominal muscles but after 1 week they will feel lower back pain and for this the range of motion is enough. When ever muscle contraction is done you may get the feel of muscle shivering then breathe out. So while doing this exercise not only abdominal muscles light involvement of upper arm thigh muscles will be there abdominal impact will be more if your lower the nvolvement of upper arm thigh muscles. The same variation can be done as hanging leg raises with equipment.

In this also same, no need to raise more and straight the hip flexors. So the next basic variation is CRUNCH. It may be done on bench or floor. The motto of crunches is to engage the upper abdominal muscles but not at all pulling the neck, involving the shoulders and also should not do by closing the elbows. It is the process of bringing ribcage to the hip & elbows should be wideSo this is my range of motion. To close more than this we should bring legs forward or else we should do like this by doing like this there will be no positive benefits for me.

So it’s not the point how high you get up here the point is how are you engaging your muscles & how much stress you are creating on the muscles? So while doing exercises don’t pull your neck and look straight while muscle contraction is done, then slowly breathe out. So this same variation can be done with rope functoniong an feel is same closing the rib cage & hip flexors. So when ever the closing of the body is done compulsiorly don’t forget to breathe out.

The last and final variation is PLANK while doing PLANK your elbow’s must be equal to center of shoulder line and your posture must be in a single line. By not hurting the elbow’s do it with a cushion mat here the cushion is there back should be flat and look up. So i had done it for more than a minute and you should also try once so if you do this basic variations with out mistakes either in your gym or in your home.

Flat muscles improvement will be there & your abdominal muscles will be strong flat stomach, transformations, 6 pack will happen, of course you must follow correct nutrition plan & you must be in calorie deficit. Proper weight training must be there & you should involve cardio vascular exercises and also do this type of abdominal exercises as we discussed till now.

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