Best 6 Desi Foods for Transformation Hi Guys, welcome to Venkat fitness, it’s your Venkat Today I would say for the Best Six Foods to Be May Body Transformation in Fundamentals Training Today. First One Meet Like Mutton, Chicken Or Else Healthy Fats Like Salmon Fish And Veggies In stomach for Micro Organism Veggies Only. Veggies contains fiber on Nutrition and Minerals as well as so don’t forget to add Veggies to each of your meals. As we saw in the previous episode, the food we take will not directly effect into body and we have to add berries along with these. A Berries Blue, Strawberries A Kind of Berries you take, Infula Minatory Foods Can Help Berries help a lot in body recovery and muscular recovery without putting the whole body in the inflorescence state.

So it contains proper nutrients. So if you want body transmission  you need to do first concentrate on your body and concentrate on desi foods. do not concentrate on man made foods.Suppose you took trans fats for example alcohol. Your body does not know whether to convert it into energy or not. If  You Take more trans fats The Fat Lumps Form in your body. so once they are created it is very difficult to remove. So the first food you should concentrate on in Nutrition is Indian Foods Like Rice Chicken Fish Mutton Eggs Etc. You will not find high quality food in super foods. you can see only in the Indian food. { Full Body Workout at Home Free PDF }

Indian foods are very popular for our genetics so we are concentrating on these You can easily transmit your body while preparing at home. next one is sleep how much should sleep and for all other questions you can check the sleep series video’s previously we have learnt. if you have missed those series you can go and check the sleep series video. next serious is maintain the  training log.  if you are in beginner or intermediate maintain the training log if you maintain the training log because of how the progressive overload is increasing. and you can check the measurement as well so you can have an idea on your complete body. Next Principal Mindset No matter what program you are in, all you have to do is concentrate on how to design an exercise routine.

How to design a blueprint should be What is the routine today What is the routine tomorrow What is that version in this routine How many repetitions should be set Three Things Workout nutrition Plan Supplementary Plan These three things have a very good relation If you want to break any relationship you will not be able to achieve the intended target. We have to be realistic if we want to target That is why the three relationships are strong for Muscle and Mind. Next Point Strength How to design an actual workout route. [ How to do Abdominal Exercises ]

Concentrate on that point when doing particular variations. The muscular activates the muscular action when the actual exercise is done, Mechanical tension now builds. There are three types of strength curve: First Bell Strength Curve Second Linear Acid Strength Curve and Linear Descent Strength Curve.  How to design your workout How to have an exciting arrangement if you have a minimum idea Your body transmission is very easy. My first command should be on the strength curve when the bell curve will apply when you will get idea means barbel call biceps you can identify the bell curve easily  so coming to type two strength curve linear eccentric strength curve next one is linear eccentric strength curve

So guys what is the summary in our topic today is to improve gut health Also, when you are under a lot of stress, relaxing and exhaling will make your workout performance explode. Along with this concentration is on sleep and mindset No matter what program you are in, your mindset must be strong. Follow the plan which was given by the coach at least 3-4 weeks then you can identifies the result. try to add the Indian food in your daily life diet. anta inflame tries antibiotics and increase the energy levels as well as muscle recover also while doing the exercise need to concentrate on follow the schedule. the next coming video’s  how to design the workout plan for 6 weeks. So guys, subscribe my YouTube channel and thank you for sharing and liking my videos.