Best 5 Exercises for Lats & Top V Shape Back Workouts in Telugu are clearly explained by Certified Fitness Trainer Venkat Madamala in this post. Hi guys! Welcome to venkat fitness it’s your venkat, Todays topic is the most scientific way to train lats. How to train lats?

Previously, chest, biceps, triceps like these we targeted every individual muscle and hit them like wise, today lets see best variations in lats to explain best variation in lats i need to explain a simple method for you If we divide our back in four divisions, which are upper traps, lower traps flat mus dorsi, lower erector spinae muscle groups. If we divide like this First part is, upper trap/ trapezius. If you want to increase thickness we need to target this muscle Next one lower trap/ lower portion of trapezius, to increase it’s thickness we need to target this Third, latissimus dorsi which gives ‘V’ shape in the body. Last one, lower erector spinae muscles.

This is not a single muscle but a group of muscles By activating these muscles we get a good shape and symmetric look. Instead if you randomly pull some weight will increase your thickness but you won’t get a symmetric look or a proportionate body, and very hard to develop good shape if you follow these tips you can get a symmetric look with a ‘V’ shape easily.

First tip, Concentrate on retracing your scapula. not leaving your shoulder join at front retracing your scapula while pulling and rolling. Second one, In any pulling moment you need to take grip at yolo grip but not Olympic grip.

This increase overall muscle involvement both in upper and lower backs. Low biceps involvement Third point, whether you do pulling or rolling exercise, don’t feel that you are pulling with bicep Try to imagine that you are pulling with elbow, again don’t concentrate on pulling with elbow If you imagine puling with elbow gives you great muscle contraction.

Increases command over your muscle slowly day by day. So if you follow these simple tips you will get a bigger and proportionate back, symmetric look, V shape easily so now let’s see best variations in this…. From the low to upper chest, so targeted muscles are upper traps It works on your lower traps, 3rd variation seated rowing with rope, scapula should be back, retract your scapula.

When pull the weight you have to you have to squeeze your back muscle groups means latissimus dorsi Don’t release more stretch…again, Squeeze.. Its like a half stretch… 4th variation elevated dumbbell rolling, for latissimus muscles. back should be flat and look straight.

You have to squeeze with your back and all the way stretch. And the last variation rack pulls, with regular grip or alternated grip for your lower back lower erector spinae muscle group. slightly bend your knees, and back should be flat look UP.

Just all the way down and squeeze your lower back, So viewers the most scientifically way to train lats, the best 5 variations we have just had a look if you have any doubts while doing this, comment that below. we will get back to you reply soon. so like this video. like share and subscribe our YouTube channel Venkat fitness trainer so guys, Thank you.. See you soon…