Benefits Side Effects of Whey Protein Explained in Telugu by Certified Fitness Trainer VENKAT MADAMALA.

Hi Guys Welcome To Venkat Fitness It’s Your Venkat . So Today’s Topic is Most Commonly Asked Question Which Whey Protein Should be Used? How many Types of Whey Protein are There? What are the Benefits & Side Effects of Whey Protein? So which brand Whey Protein Should be Used is the most common doubt & should whey protein must be used? Lot of People have a Confusion whether it is Used for Weight Loss, Fat loss or for muscle Building?

So To Break this Confusion You must Know what is Whey Protein? Whey Protein is Nothing but Milk Product / Dairy Product . If you boil the Milk While Separation If the Milk is Broken it is divided into Water & Paneer so This Paneer is Called Casein Protein . In this 80 Percent of Protein will be available So this water is called Whey Protein In Labs, this water is Purified & it undergoes further process and removes the unwanted sugars from these waters & will add flavor’s to it Like Vanilla , Strawberry , Banana , Chocolate & Coffee Flavors and will turn into powder form and in this way they will sell to us as WHEY PROTEIN.

You may get doubt that we can directly take that separated water If we Directly take this in there lot of sugars will be there and it may cause damage to your health We Should do not like that in the lab process purification will be done and processed into powder form & they will add flavors to it So Guys Who Should Use This Whey Protein? For Weight Loss , Fat Loss or Muscle Gain People should use? any one can use this .There is no Age Limit for This Whether if you are in Muscle Building or Weight Loss you can use this Whey Protein If There is No Lactose Intolerance for You Lactose Issue Means Stomach Bloating when if you intake any lactose products causes to rashes , Itching & causes Elergitic Feeling , Stomach Bloating , Constipation Problems No Free Motion these all are the Problems of Lactose Intolerance.

These are Caused when the intake whey protein and some other tell there is bloating of stomach and i am feeling very heavy and they don’t feel hunger these are caused for the people who have lactose intolerance So people having these lactose intolerance problem which protein they should intake is the common doubt You will get the Doubt why this Lactose Intolerance will be Caused? So in our Human Body Lactase Enzyme will be there.

This Lactase Enzyme doesn’t have the ability to digest the excess protein & it will be converted into lactose intolerance, constipation problems So if you Intake Excess Protein it will lead to Lactose Intolerance Problem & if not today there is a chance of this problem arising in future & moderate amount of protein intake is very important .So people suffering with this lactose intolerance which protein should be used?

How many Types of Proteins are There? Basically there are 3 Types of Proteins . The First One is Isolate Whey Protein In this Isolate Whey Protein 90 % of Whey will be there & it is in the Purest Form this is Little Bit Expensive .In this Lactose will be low because the presence of 90% whey in it muscle gain will be faster & it is the purest protein. The 2nd Type is Concentrated whey Protein In this Concentrated whey In this 70 – 80% whey will be there & lactose will be a bit high In Isolated whey lactose will be low & in concentrated whey lactose will be a bit high These is the the difference between these two and the another one is hydrolyzed whey hydrolyzed whey means pre digested whey protein. Hydrolyzed whey & pre digested whey are same

When Compared to Isolated & Concentrated Whey this Pre Digested way can fastly digested So if you guys ask me which protein i will suggest? if you have any lactose issues I will suggest hydrolyzed whey If you don’t have any lactose problem you can use concentrated whey. The Benefits of this concentrated whey is having a little extra amount of carbs 3-4 Grams of Extra Carbs will be and this concentrated whey will be suitable for you if you don’t have any lactose intolerance.

Coming to this Isolate Whey most of them will think it is for weight loss or fat loss and women’s must use this isolate whey so these proteins are best for fat loss any of the protein is a whey protein If you Don’t have Lactose Intolerance you can use any Protein & then what about Dosage How many scoops per day is the most common doubt Some People will take Daily Morning one Protein Shake & before night one protein shake and they think we can do weight loss fat loss or muscle building .This is not Correct Supplement is not a Meal Replacement Powder Whey Protein is not a Meal Replacement Powder You should take the food intake properly.

You Should have a Clarity about the Calorie Intake For Example if you need 2000 maintenance calories according to your physical activity , life style & stress levels If you are in Muscle Building & your target is 2000 calories intake and put on lean muscle if you cant intake this 2000 calories then in addition to it you should use this whey protein Maximum 1 0r 2 Scoops & is enough & if not avoiding meals and taking supplements.

Supplement is not an meal replacement Powder & It is Just an Extension of your Food or may be your Calories So when should we use this Supplement If your calorie or protein intake is low or in case if you cant take the meal you should use this supplement. Only if you take supplements you cant get minerals vitamins & good proteins from the foods we intake like white rice , chicken, broccoli , paneer or eggs you can vitamins and minerals to your body Is there are any side effects with these whey protein?

Basically Whey Protein is not an Chemical because it is a milk product there will be no side effects The Side Effects are if you intake 10 Scoops Lactose Intolerance , Bloating , Motion Problems , Constipation Problems & rashes on the skin these will happen there will be no side effects with the whey protein and you should use this if you have any need Daily 1 or 2 Scoops ,For any target you have can use it lightly Some People will have Slight Lactose Intolerance Problems what they should do? They Should use hydrolyzed whey 1 Scoop after Workout & it is enough Basically all think there will be side effects when we use Protein but no there will be no effects So Protein is a Kind of Amino Acid & the King of Nutrient is Protein.

Our body is made full of Amino Acids &Meat Protein is the King & Essential for Nutrients That’s why the COVID Patients will take protein foods. In weight training & fat loss they will say take protein foods & also in the sick conditions basically is there is any change in your body that will be muscle loss. Depending on your muscle fat burning system will be faster & higher metabolism. So PROTEIN is the KING so you can take any protein. You will have a doubt there are lot of brands in whey protein which one we should use? for this my answer is when you visit a shop you will see lot of brands & it all mention WHEY PROTEIN.

One of it Price Will be 1500 & the others are 2000, 2500 & 3000 So if we choose 1500 Box So we will choose the cheap ones because it is also same as 2.5 LBS . When ever the price is decreased there will increase in sugars & carbohydrates then maltose dextrin content in that carbohydrates will be higher and protein content will be low in that they will clearly mention the maltose dextrin percentage in the ingredients list & it means it is a carbohydrate supplement carbohydrates will be higher & you will eventually gain the weight & how to check in others in the nutrition information if if it is mentioned concentrated & that structure will be concentrated whey if it is is isolated whey it structure will be isolated whey

How to find Out the Duplicate One? it is hard to find out the duplicates & if we clearly observe 80% percent will be spelling mistakes & also stickering buying from the genuine dealer will be good .Also in addition to whey can we use amino acids like BCAA, EAA , glutamine , creatine ?? These all are given our trainer in the list protein is also a kind of amino acid & also whey supplement

How to use this Branched Chain Amino Acids, Essential Amino Acids, Glutamine & Creatine why should we use this , can we use this or there will be any side effects or benefits & what is the difference BCAA & EAA? when we should include them in our diet & how much dosage should we take will discuss them in coming videos So if you like this Video Comment Your Opinion & also comment about which videos should be done .If You aren’t Subscribed Subscribe Now….See You Guys……See You Soon